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vida vacations

  1. L

    Hilton sale for Vida purchase

    We own a Hilton timeshare with access to 22,000 points. It’s is paid off and the maintenance fees are paid through December. We used some RCI points through that membership to travel to the Vidanta in Nuevo Vallarta this past November and really loved the experience. We sat though the...
  2. J

    Limitless Vacation Rescind

    Hello everyone, My parents bought into Limitless Vacation and now want out. They purchased it on 7/29, so about 2 days ago. I’ve been doing my research, and I understand that we should mail in our rescind letter before the 5 day time period is up. Does anyone have the address of where to mail...
  3. T

    How Would You Go About Buying Vida?

    I am interested in buying a week a year at The Grand Bliss Riviera Maya. This is a Vidanta location. My wife and I went on our honeymoon there and love it. We sat through the timeshare meeting and did not buy. I wanted to come here for advice before I did. Is it worth it? What price is a...
  4. D

    Just purchased a Vidanta “Travel Club” membership and wanna know how bad my deal is?

    So yesterday I got the long presentation like everyone else in this forum seems to have gotten. They sold me 1bd room Imperial Jungle Aqua 2ba 1wk, 2 paramount weeks, 2 vida weeks, 1 bonus week, free membership to sfx, free membership to club freedom for a year then reup every year for $495, and...
  5. C

    Purchased a timeshare with Grupo Mayan in 2007 and am using it for the first time

    A little backstory, me and my wife purchased a time share with GM( now Vidanta Vacations) in PP in 2007 and we came to a property in Cancun this week. We have not been able to use it regularly due to the fact that life has sort of gotten in the way, and we started a family, etc. In preparation...
  6. V

    Vidante ownership & Vida dollars _HELP NOW!!

    I am currently at the Grand Luxe in Rivera Maya — we have owned timeshares for years and very happy with our current TS which we use via RCI and points - traded here for 3rd time in 8 years - and love Vida resorts - but not sure what to do about the pressure offer — is it really worth the new...
  7. H

    Help with vidanta and private reserve travel club (merged)

    So i purchased private reserve travel collection membership through vidanta for 4500 on the 7th of October. They would not let me see the website so they said i could call them and do a sample booking. I asked very specific questions about using the websites including dates and resort names. I...
  8. rboesl

    Isn't this a privacy issue?

    I recently received a card in the mail from RCI Travel Packages that I needed to make a phone call the activate to get complimentary savings dollars. I went through a long discussion with the person who was activating my card. What he was describing was eerily familiar. It sounded like the Vida...
  9. P

    Grand Bliss No Vacancy

    Last February I had an Interval International exchange confirmation at the Grand Bliss in Nuevo Vallarta. I had spent the previous week at El Cid Marina in Mazatlan, it was my first trip to Mazatlan in 20 years. After a delightful week in Mazatlan, I arrived around midnight at the central bus...
  10. P

    My Vidanta Story

    It was late Summer in 2007, the end of a long work day in Iraq when I decided to surf the net. I saw an incredible deal to purchase a one bedroom at the Mayan Palace for less than a single year's maintenance fee. I immediately decided to make an offer, and I was the winning bid. I don't know...
  11. P

    Vidanta at Puerto Penasco (aka Rocky Point)

    I know Vida Vacations now has two timeshare resorts in Puerto Penasco (the Mayan Palace and the Grand Mayan). When I attended an upgrade presentation in April 2010 I was told the property will include a Grand Bliss. Does anybody know if construction has begun on Grand Bliss or Grand Luxxe...
  12. V

    Vidanta Sales Presentation Questions

    I have owned with Grupo Mayan and Vida Vacations for more than 10 years. All of our ownership are old contracts with 10% transfer fee and the Vacation Fair weeks included. We purchased them fairly inexpensively from other owners and never from the resort. As always, Vida Vacations asked us to...