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Paul E Morgan

Sep 26, 2017
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Resorts Owned
Vidanta Resorts - Grand Luxxe Residential Loft
The Royal Haciendas
Villa del Palmar
Cabo Villas Beach Resort
American Resorts International - ARI's Holiday Network
It was late Summer in 2007, the end of a long work day in Iraq when I decided to surf the net. I saw an incredible deal to purchase a one bedroom at the Mayan Palace for less than a single year's maintenance fee. I immediately decided to make an offer, and I was the winning bid. I don't know why, but I assumed this was a sub-standard timeshare, so I used it solely for exchanges.

In February 2010 I visited a newly purchased foreclosed timeshare at Rancho Banderas in Punta Mita. Rancho Banderas was a nice family resort, and I loved their restaurant. Unfortunately, it was way too far from Nuevo Vallarta, much less the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta. One day I took the bus down to Nuevo Vallarta, as I wanted to see a model at the Mayan Palace, so I would know what I owned. I walked past my building (I recognized the color from the pre-purchase photos. I was told to go to the Grand Mayan. Unfortunately, I was stopped at the gate and told the only way I could view the model was to attend a sales presentation. The next morning I arrived in a taxi (which Vidanta paid for), and Carlos was assigned as my sales person.

Carlos was an older gentleman, and his Son Carlito was beginning a career also as a sales person for Vidanta. Carlos told me Vidanta was established in 1974 by Senor Daniel Chavez-Moran, and that the Chavez family is one of the wealthiest families in Mexico. We toured the grounds, and in those days it was mostly ground (as most of the buildings have been more recently constructed). He told me of the plans for various restaurants, timeshare condos, etc. By this time I had fallen in love with the Grand Mayan, but he also showed me the model for the Mayan Palace. Never during our meeting did I mention that I was an owner at the Mayan Palace, and I am amazed that their computer print-out did not indicate that I was an owner (as I assumed they recorded my driver's license number in their computer database. At the end of the day, I decided to purchase a timeshare at the Grand Mayan. And why not, I only owned 7 or 8 timeshares at the time (although I only mentioned 3 or 4 to Carlos).

Six weeks later I used a bonus certificate and drove from North Las Vegas to the Mayan Palace at Puerto Penasco. I was shocked when the staff began pressuring me to attend a members update. After all, what could be new in 6 short weeks. Finally, I agreed to attend the presentation. The Sales Lady used great pressure, and I eventually agreed to upgrade with more equity trade-ins to the Grand Bliss (which was under construction in Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya). The Sales Lady stated there would be Grand Bliss units constructed in Puerto Penasco and Los Cabos (to date there are no such units). I really felt pressured into the purchase, and I felt I needed more time to make an educated decision. So I decided to cancel the purchase. I set my alarm clock, and I was checking-out prior to 6:30 AM on the 5th day. My departure was one day short of the intended check-out date, but I wanted to rush back to the United States to send the letter Registered Mail Return Receipt Requested. I arrived in Needles, California about 3:15 PM, and hurried to the Post Office to send the letter rescinding my purchase. While in Puerto Penasco, I went to an internet cafe (off property) to prepare my letter of rescission. I didn't want Vidanta to know of my intentions until I was across the border. After returning home, I sent an email to the equity trade company to cancel that arrangement (within the 10 days allowed). Then I awaited for my time to deploy in Afghanistan.

While in Afghanistan I returned to Nuevo Vallarta for a week, and attended another member's update. This time I did agree to purchase a one bedroom unit at the Grand Bliss. Many of the buildings Carlos had described had materialized, while others were under construction. I knew I wanted to return to Nuevo Vallarta on a regular basis. The deal included 2 Equity Trade-Ins: Rancho Banderas in Punta de Mita, Nayarit (which is a few miles north of Nuevo Vallarta) and American Resorts International in Maria Alm, Austria. Global Vacations Trade timely transferred ownership of the Rancho Banderas membership. If memory serves me, Global Vacations was unable to complete the trade of American Resorts International at that time, and I retained ownership. I saw Carlos during this visit, and informed him that I had begun the process of consolidating memberships. His response was that he hoped I would return soon for further consolidation.

My next encounter with Vida Sales was on February 8, 2016, when Kara Munoz provided an owner's update presentation in Nuevo Vallarta. By this time the Grand Bliss had opened, as had several buildings of the Grand Luxxe. Everything Carlos had promised had materialized. I agreed to upgrade to the Grand Luxxe Residential Loft (0 BR, 1.5 BA, 2+2 CAP, with a kitchenette. The unit size is smaller, and I have the option of staying at the Grand Bliss (which has a larger kitchen and a smaller maintenance fee). The deal included trading in: Condominio Solamar Inn (in Mazatlan), Bel Air Collection (various Mexican locations), and Westgate Towers (Kissimmee, FL). I later decided to buy-back Condominio Solamar Inn, as it was less costly to keep the timeshare than to execute the equity trade. Today (September 27, 2017), ownership has nearly been complete to transfer Westgate Towers back to the Developer. Bel Air Collection has yet to be transferred.

Nine months later I was at Riviera Maya (north of Playa del Carmen). I had spent a week at Villa del Palmar in Cancun, followed by a week at the Royal Haciendas. Now I was at Vidanta (staying at the Bliss Jungle) for the last 6 days (it was an Interval International exchange). Once again Vidanta staff insisted on a member;s update, and Max was assigned as my sales representative.

Max crafted a deal where the equity trade company would take: Cabo Villas Beach Resort (in Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico) (1 BDRM Odd years); American Resorts International (Maria Alm, Tirol, Austria) (Studio Even Years); Villa del Palmar (Studio Every Year); and the Royal Haciendas (1 BDRM, Week 1 Even Years) and my ownership at Vidanta would double. I really didn't like the deal, as I felt I was giving up far more than I was receiving. Eventually, I agreed to sign the paperwork. Fortunately, I returned home on the 4th day and rushed to the Post Office to send the letter of rescission on the 5th day registered Mail Return Receipt Requested. My letter was promptly transferred to the Mexican Postal Authorities, but it took 5 weeks for delivery in Mexico and more time for the return receipt to be delivered to my Nevada residence.

I don't have an interest in attending anymore Vidanta sales presentations.


TUG Member
Jun 10, 2015
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First, thanks for your service!

Second, I might gently recommend that you don't attend a sales presentation anywhere. You may have a hard time saying, "No."


TUG Member
Jun 10, 2015
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Resorts Owned
Mayan Palace Regency
Dear Paul E Morgan ,
Welcome to TUG . This is a great forum to share information on usage of what you own in order to,have great & relaxing vacation experiences and learn .

Vidanta is an interesting company , and remains family owned with the 2nd generation now in active management .
They choose to continue to grow as a company by actively building new facilities and adding relationship / partnerships like Cirque des Soliel and Hakkasan Group .

I am happy owning a little house ( Mayan Palace 1 bedroom suite ) in a " growing neighbourhood "

I knew very little when we bought Vidanta ( Grupo Mayan at the time ) 10 years ago.
( I found TUG a couple of years later) We bought at the PV - Marina location on our first visit to Puerto Vallarta for a cousins wedding .
<It could have been somewhere else - perhaps a resort that 10 years later is rundown and getting no upkeep .>
Vidanta keeps all their properties in top condition , which is a good thing as a owner of a Mayan Palace TS contract .

Join TUG as a member & keep visiting .
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