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  1. R

    Liberty Consultations John Kirk seller/broker dispute, not as he or Samantha said it was

    I responded to a TUG marketplace ad to buy an advertised resale week. It was a “transfer company” broker who responded, John Kirk and Samantha Badrinarain. I verified that the sellers name was indeed the owner by doing my own due diligence (looked up county real estate records) and verified...
  2. A

    Tips/Advice for receiving ownership transfer from family member?

    I have just learned that a family member would like to give me their BG ownership, as they are no longer able to travel easily. I do not have details of their contract yet, but I know that it is probably Title E, no loan, likely at The Fountains in Orlando, FL. Maintenance fees are...
  3. S

    Transferring Staroptions from Former Owner to New Owner at Sheraton Vistana Village, Bella, Mandatory

    I need help. Bought SVV resale direct from owner. She has 44,000 staroptions to transfer to me. The property purchased is a Sheraton Vistana Village, Bella Phase, Mandatory. What is the process to transfer the points from her to me?
  4. T

    Vistana confirming Timeshare Transfer

    Howdy! Question on Vistana Timelines. I just closed on SVV in late June and closing company sent docs to Vistana to confirm the transfer on their end. According to the tracking info I received, Vistana received all documents required on July 19. I haven’t heard anything beyond this point. I’ve...
  5. S

    Word of Advice: Selling for Free

    Hi TUG. Im very happy I discovered the forum today, yet I wonder if I could get an advice from the community. Context: My family and I made a trip in 2015 to Cancun (Mexico), which lead to the "unwanted" buy for timeshare in a resort. After years of frustration (we never used the time share...
  6. R

    Transferring a timeshare at Grandview las vegas

    Hi, I’m looking to transfer my timeshare (grandview Las Vegas). I found someone to transfer to, she is under the impression that after the transfer is done she will need to have a meeting a grandview where she will need to buy a membership to use the deeded transferred week. Is this true? If...
  7. AW1988

    Need guidance: Hilton Grand Vacation Timeshare out of Vegas - Wesley Financial, LT Transfer, etc

    Hello Tugbbs community! I have come to ask for a deep help, and offer the sincerest gratitude to any and all whom can help me. I truly mean that. So without further adieu: To keep a long story short, back on 8/31/2013, I along with my x-girlfriend made a terrible mistake when we were younger...
  8. Grammarhero

    Warranty Deed Notarized 1.4 Yrs Ago

    I am slightly frustrated. I bought a TS last month from Sumday. Sumday’s partner, Greatway Services, sent me the attached Warranty Deed, mistakenly backdated and notarized as March 14, 2018. Even the notarized seal memorializing such transfer expired on January 18, 2019. I think the buyers...
  9. erinnr

    Premier Membership?

    Hi all, Can anyone please explain to me what a “Premier Membership” means with Worldmark and does it transfer with sale? Thank you!
  10. MSMS

    Club Wyndham Plus VIP & resale CWA points

    Wanting to acquire more points toward a higher CWA VIP status however VIP program clearly states that "Plus points associated with ownership must be purchased directly through Wyndham or acquired by "Immediate Relative" of member... Purchases of ownership interests made from private individuals...
  11. A

    Has anyone used “Resort Closings” to handle resale timeshare purchase?

    We are buying a Cliff Club week at Snowbird in Utah and the seller prefers to use Resort Closings in Montana to do the transfer because the agent has used them many times and is comfortable with them (says they are close by, fast and inexpensive). I don’t have a quote for closing costs yet, but...
  12. pjlibby0218

    Transfer ownership amongst family should be easy...right?

    So hello everyone! My mother is getting the usual run around when calling Wyndham. We bought her remaining loan and paid it off, now she wants to transfer the ownership to us. She was told that it takes weeks to get this done (which is I guess fine) but that when she does it, any vacations she...
  13. J

    Transfer of deed to adult child BEFORE "estate"

    Hi all, Trust most of you are well, and fully enjoying the incredible amount of info available here! I was searching for what I thought/think is indo on a question I can't seem to directly locate: My wife and I purchased (YEARS ago) a Vistana floating deeded arrangement: 1 week, only ODD...
  14. V

    Transfer and Points Use Help

    New to Tugg and would appreciate thoughts on the following. My sister has offered me her Wyndham timeshare. It’s platinum VIP with 1,000,00 points. UDI contract with Grand Desert in Las Vegas as home resort. It’s my understanding that we can’t transfer it without losing VIP status because I...
  15. charlja

    Pool points LOST!!! Wyndham Ovation Transfer to hiers

    I am livid. In January, before all of the Wyndham rule changes, I had pooled my 2018 points. I then decided in April to research the Ovations Tribute program, to transfer my VIP ownership to my two daughters and husband. I asked lots of questions via phone calls. I made notes. I was told...