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  1. Clifbell

    A Comparison of four Southern California Timeshares

    Over a four week period, I stayed in four different timeshares from north of San Diego to south of Los Angeles. I feel really fortunate to have been able to stay at these four wonderful timeshare properties. I would go back to any one of them again, but I am curious which of the four you...
  2. Z

    Massanutten Timeshare Give Away

    Selling our timeshare!!!! We are moving and will not be able to use it any longer. It is paid for in full, and we will pay the transfer fees. You will only be responsible for the yearly maintenance fees which run about $350.00. *please post the details, vs a link to another resale site.
  3. simpsontruckdriver

    Staycaytions in COVID-19

    I decided to take my wife out for a night away, seeing as how we live outside Orlando. Hotels nationwide are throwing out incentives like crazy! For instance, Best Western (where we are staying) is throwing out plenty of bonus points for any stay. Maybe a timeshare, if you find one nearby in the...
  4. tc

    Has anyone traveled recently and developed health problems (Covid or otherwise).

    Just wondering if anyone personally has developed health issues as a result of recent travel to a timeshare or other travel (Covid-19 or other conditions).

    Interesting timeshare verdict

    The following is from Missouri Lawyers Media, which has a paywall. I figured some on this board might be interested in this. Judge sides with couple ‘duped’ into club membership By: David Baugher February 28, 2020 An Idaho woman will receive about $29,500 in damages after...
  6. S

    Free - Hilton Las Vegas Strip (HGVC), Floating Week

    Free - Hilton Las Vegas Strip (HGVC), Floating Week, 3400 points. Buyer to pay transfer fees. Available for use in 2021. Please contact for additional information.
  7. S

    Free - Sanibel Lighthouse Resort & Club, Week 50

    Free - Sanibel Lighthouse Resort & Club, Week 50 Buyer to pay 2020 maintenance and transfer fees Please contact for additional information.
  8. I

    Cove at Yarmouth Timeshare Fixed Week

    Have unit 135 week 30. Looking to give away for free. Had it since it was built but retiring now and no longer want it. I'm working with Newton group transfers but haven't given them any money yet. I'm so far skeptical and probably won't use them. Anyone interested let me know...
  9. simpsontruckdriver

    Jackie "Queen Of Versailles" Siegel has regrets

    The Siegels (owners of Westgate timeshares) have been building their mansion for the last 11 years. She regrets it, now that they want to focus on drug addiction - and bilking timeshare visitors.
  10. dleroux000


    Anything in Orlando for a week checking in Wednesday 11/13 and checking out 11/19-20 . Send me a direct message or email direct at backupemail9256@gmail.com Dale
  11. P

    Free Vacation Village at Weston Deed

    Week 23, Even Years, maintenance will be paid for 2020-2021. Beautiful location and beautiful resort! (https://www.tug2.com/timeshare-resort/default.aspx?Vacation-Village-at-Weston-Weston-FL&ID=12818) 2 bedrooms (sleeps 8 in 1 King, 1 Queen, and 2 sleeper sofas), 2 bathrooms, and a kitchen.
  12. M

    Unlimited Vacation Club - 6 months in and want to stop payments

    I want to stop payments on the UVC timeshare. This is what happened. A "Friend" signed up for the timeshare in February 2019 - she has "mental health" issues and jumped right in and purchase the Pearl package in addition to the Flyback option. A month into her timeshare she called me...
  13. C

    Hilton Grand Vacations Default and Resale Purchase

    We attended a HGVC presentation earlier this year and purchased 3500 points every other year for $11,000. After doing some research online we learned that we had made a huge mistake. Fast forward a few months and we are now closing on a better deal for twice the amount of points with a better...
  14. T

    Unload Wyndham Timeshare

    I currently have 665,000 points deeded at Ocean Blvd Myrtle Beach. What is the best way to essentially give these away? We just want out. Thanks for any help.
  15. Grammarhero

    $10 Williamsburg Plantation resale TS or just rent?

    Been looking and considering Williamsburg TS for 3.5 weeks now. I love the place and can come back yearly. Here are what I’m considering 1) Williamsburg Plantation, EY week 30 7/27/19 to 8/3/19, 4LBR/4BA/F12, $10 sales price, $874 MF, buyer pays closing and transfer costs (TUG ad attached) 2)...
  16. Grammarhero

    Want to buy this $3 resale Varsity Clubs South Bend TS but TUG Ad disappeared.

    After speaking with my little sister, she says the most she can travel with her daughter was to Varsity Clubs South Bend in the summer, maybe an EOY visit although I may purchase an EY TS. I just visited Chicago for two (2) days. I barely scratched the surface of Chicago and miss the place. I...
  17. K

    Keep or Cancel?

    Hello. I know NOTHING about timeshares, but travel internationally and domestically within the US often. My fiance and I went to a presentation and....guess what signed up! It is an every other year timeshare valued at 10500 pts with RCI (double pts and rci fee waived every year), we paid 6200...
  18. G

    Bought a timeshare and have company possibly scamming

    Hello all, New here, but I will get to the point. I purchased points via a spot in Mexico for 9k around 4 years ago. I posted to sell it 2 years ago on couple sites, but nothing came of it. Fast forward to last week. Got a call from all services travel saying they want to make me an offer and...
  19. Rachman

    How do escrowed eBay Sellers make money?

    I was looking to purchase a timeshare on eBay and see the bid for a few ideal Timeshares were only $1. In addition some are offering gift cards and closing costs paid in full. What is in it for these unattached sellers/brokers (ex. J&J Timeshare & Timeshares4U) who have no affiliation with the...
  20. J

    I am developing a new rental platform, what features would owners want to see?

    Good Morning! I am developing a new rental platform, we will be live in 60-70 days. In development, we have an owner centric platform that charges ZERO fees to the owner, all you'd have to do is tell us how much you want for a week and we have been developing a dynamic pricing model to mark up...
  21. V

    Free Orbit One Vacation Villas, Orlando Fl. Wk 25

    Hello all, I hope I'm doing this right! (my first post) Orbit One Vacation Villas just opened up this year after being repaired/renovated from hurricane Irma a few years ago. Yes these past years were the most money I've paid on a vacation we never used. The kids are grown now and we're not...
  22. J

    Purchased & 1 Day left to Rescind at Grandview Las Vegas - please HELP and comment

    Found this site and realized I might have made a mistake. Please leave a comment and what your thoughts are on this deal and if I should Rescind or if I should keep it. Grandview at Las Vegas Total price $16,000 USD Usage: Annual Fixed annual week 4: They said I could change this anytime...
  23. I

    Foreclosure reported? Sheraton

    Hello, I came across this site when trying to research and get questions of my own answered about my Sheraton timeshares; I actually have 2 one in Florida and the other in the Bahamas. I was wondering if anyone knows if I stop paying my maintenance fees and if it was foreclosed on would it end...
  24. S

    Wanted: Florida 2-bdrm March 9-16 (week 10) days flexible

    Looking for a last minute timeshare/vacation rental in Florida. Must sleep min. 5 people with 2 bathrooms. Prefer east coast beach location (Miami, Pompano, Fort Lauderdale, etc), but will consider Orlando/Kissimmee, and gulf coast beaches (Fort Myers, etc). Please private message me if you have...
  25. ryuuichimitsukai

    Ryuuichi: What Should I Buy?

    Hi TUG fam. My name is Ryuuichi, and here's my survey. 1) Is there a vacation destination you wish to visit most of the time or on a regular basis? if so where? We spend a lot of time in Southern California and San Francisco, so those are usually well visited. 2) Do you want to visit your home...
  26. S

    Wanted: SE Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale) 2-bdrm March 9-16

    Looking for last minute rental a 2-bdrm/2-bath for March 8 or 9 (week 10). Prefer Miami area (Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Hollywood, etc), but will consider Fort Myers Beach area, and Kissimmee/Orlando. Thank you.
  27. G

    We messed up

    We bought "points" at that horrible presentation from holiday Inn Orando Resorts last year. We are well past our 10 cancelation days, we just kind of forgot we did this in the first place. How do we get rid of it? We tried contacting them but they gave us information on selling through them...
  28. Mike Skywalker

    Orlando, FL-Blue Tree Resort 2BR/2BA-5 Min From Disney

    Blue Tree Resorts at Lake Buena Vista - Orlando, FL 5 Minutes from Disney! Star Wars Land aka "Galaxy's Edge" is coming end of 2019 2 bedroom suite - 2 bath. Accommodates up to six people. Mike’s Contact info Email dj.seaquest@gmail.com Cell 847-621-4862 Please leave a...
  29. Capt Ol

    FREE [Sheraton Vistana Villages] Bella Florida Timeshare 2019 Maintenance already paid

    My wife and I are looking to give away our Bella Florida Condominium timeshare. We have recently retired and are no longer able to travel to the USA (we are from the UK), we just want it off our hands. BELLA FLORIDA CONDOMINIUM 1 BEDROOM, SLEEPS 4 USING LOUNGE WEEK 17 UNIT 02303 MAINTENANCE...
  30. pwrshift


    Due to family illness I can't use my Marriott BeachPlace guest room this year. It contains a 1 King bed plus Sofa bed, TV, Balcony, Kitchenette, for the week of February 24 to March 3, 2019. Marriott's current rate for the guest room that week is $354USD per night or $2,483 for the week...