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  1. andrewjjtimeshare

    Harborside Resort Atlantis II 2 bed lock off

    Up for grabs is this Harborside account details are below. Buyer’s First Year of Usage: 2024 – Free Closing Usage: Annual Float Unit: 2 bedroom 2 bath, sleeps 8, Lock Off, Full Kitchen Worth 95,700 StarOptions Float Week# 18-34 & 47-49 Gold Season Estimated Maintenance fees & Taxes...
  2. B

    WKORV or WKORV-N. New to timeshares.

    Hello, I'm been reading on this forum a bit in the last two weeks after getting introduced to timeshares at WKORV during a sales presentation 6day/5night stay. Clearly I'm not going to purchase anything from the developer (insanely expensive for the benefits), but resale seems like it could work...
  3. T

    Atlantis Harborside- difficulty booking using home float week and staroptions

    New to TUG and timeshares. Thank you to everyone who contributes their knowledge and experiences, I have been learning a lot and trying to fully educate myself before we dive in to timeshare ownership. Considering buying an atlantis harborside 3 bedroom lockoff resale unit. My questions (among...
  4. S

    Transferring Staroptions from Former Owner to New Owner at Sheraton Vistana Village, Bella, Mandatory

    I need help. Bought SVV resale direct from owner. She has 44,000 staroptions to transfer to me. The property purchased is a Sheraton Vistana Village, Bella Phase, Mandatory. What is the process to transfer the points from her to me?
  5. R

    New Vacation Club Owner with possible Buyer's Remorse. Help appreciated!

    Hi All, New member to the TUG community and Vacation Club Owner. This past week we purchased the Sheraton Flex Vacation and can really use your guidance and expertise on the offer we received. We are not sure if we made the right decision. It was an emotional buy to be able to travel more...
  6. T

    Newbie. Wondering if I should rescind. Help appreciated!

    Hi, new member here! Currently staying at Vistana Villages in Orlando and was invited to a presentation yesterday. Long story short, purchased Sheraton Flex deeded ownership w/25,800 star options/points annually starting in 2022 and a bonus of 50K points this year. Unlimited getaway weeks and...
  7. D

    Points Dump

    [redacted to comply with forum rules.] I let the birth of my newest little one distract me from banking my SO in time, also slightly blame COVID for the distraction too. All set to expire Dec 31st, 2020. [redacted to comply with forum rules.]
  8. S

    Cancelling a Staroptions reservations

    Just looking for help. We are to go to Maui using our star options last week of May 2019, however, my mother in law has been taken into the hospital this past weekend and the doctors have told us it won't be long but she is a fighter so it could a day or it could happen in two weeks. So the...
  9. gritmuncher

    StarOptions Expiring

    It seems that my 16,800 StarOptions are expiring at the end of the year. What can I do with them? Can I convert them to Loyalty Points, if so how? I tried to do it on the Dashboard but that did not work. Anyone have another idea?
  10. D

    StarOptions Extra 44,375

    Missed the July 1 cutoff to bank my StarOptions and have 44,375 remaining for the calendar year 2018. Any ideas what to do with those StarOptions, can I see them? I really don't want to lose them. Thanks.
  11. P

    Need advice about offer

    So, I'm new to timeshare. I've never owned one, but I do know about some timeshare systems. I got persuaded into a timeshare presentation at Sheraton Vistana Resort. (On the plus side, everyone was very polite and patient. I didn't feel super rushed to decide...even though the offer was for...
  12. Jayco29D

    Would Marriott combine MVC with Vistana?

    Does anyone think Marriott would ever combine Marriott Vacation Club with the Vistana timeshare program? They did it with Marriott and Ritz Carlton destination clubs. They are linking Marriott Rewards with the SPG points program. So I wonder if they might combine the StarOptions program with...
  13. A

    Sheraton Broadway Plantation - 2 BR GOLD - FREE + $250!

    Free to a good home: 2BR villa at SBP in the Plantation phase. Every year and floats in the gold season: 1, 7-8, 44-46, 48, 51 and 52. No lock-off. First use is for 2019. MF for 2017 was $954.40. No Starpoints or Staroptions. This unit is a great trader in Interval and it has the Starwood...
  14. F

    Westin St. John Owner Star Options

    Hi, I just joined this forum. I recently purchased a 2BR Hillside timeshare resale at WSJ. (Still waiting to close) It is fixed week 2 with 176,700 StarOptions. How difficult might it be to trade the StarOptions for a smaller unit but longer stay in the same Platinum Plus season? Has anyone...
  15. KevSki

    Resale question

    We are in the process to buy a mandatory Vistana Village Bella for cash. Does anyone know how long it takes for the process to complete? Do you think we will be able to use the unit or StarOptions in 2017? There is no week reserved by the owner in 2017.
  16. dioxide45

    2017 Reservation Strategy

    Pulling this question from the old thread I resurrected. I have a few questions about our strategy for booking 2017 StarOption reservations. We currently have a 13 night Westin Lagunamar reservation for may using 2017 StarOptions. We are also looking to go to Maui the first week of December in...