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sheraton flex

  1. M

    Looking to sell Westin Flex vacation club ownership

    Considering the deed back, but exploring options before we commit. Where to begin?
  2. S

    Sheraton Flex - newbie resale questions

    Hi all! I'm a newbie and need some advice. We bought Sheraton Flex at Steamboat Springs and are going to be rescinding tomorrow (we bought for $26k: 67,100 options, they gave us 134,2000 options to be used in the first two years, and 6 certs to buy 330,000 Bonvoy points for about $2,200 each)...
  3. R

    Newbie here and want to become informed

    So... have several questions. .. we are going on our first vacation in 2 weeks. Westin North in Maui, I thought I was using my points that expire but apparently they took my staroptions. Is there anything I can do or am I just having to suck it up? It says I have 64900 points that expire in...
  4. R

    New Vacation Club Owner with possible Buyer's Remorse. Help appreciated!

    Hi All, New member to the TUG community and Vacation Club Owner. This past week we purchased the Sheraton Flex Vacation and can really use your guidance and expertise on the offer we received. We are not sure if we made the right decision. It was an emotional buy to be able to travel more...
  5. S

    HELP - VISTANA new user looking to retro!

    Hey All - I'm new to the forum and looking to get some expert advice. Just started reading up on retro deals and realizing why its been so hard for me to get the resorts I want when I wanted them due to all of these elite members - so naturally I want to be one now :) I own odd years at Westin...
  6. D

    Cancelled Vistana contract; follow up Qs

    hey all, A couple weeks ago my husband and I purchased a Sheraton flex plan and later that night, something wasn't sitting right with me about it. Within a few days, I checked the Vistana website and there was NOTHING available. I mean literally not a single random weekday for as far out as I...
  7. C

    How to cancel Sheraton Flex long after recission period

    Hello, I purchased a Sheraton Flex plan (51,800 points- even years) at Vistana in Orlando, FL a the beginning of 2017. I have since been unable to book anything through Vistana or Interval International. Booking through Vistana at any resort that is not 'in my priority' is nearly impossible...
  8. controller1

    Two Resorts added to Sheraton Flex

    Received an email from Vistana today stating Sheraton Mountain Vista and Sheraton Lakeside Terrace Villas at Mountain Vista have been added to the Sheraton Flex program. This now means Sheraton Flex has eight home resorts. Sheraton Mountain Vista Sheraton Lakeside Terrace Villas at Mountain...
  9. T

    Sell StarOptions in Vistana Signature Experience Flex

    Hello, We wish to sell our 81,000 StarOptions. Maintenance fees $1232. While we've read several threads here on the forum, we're exactly not sure how to go about this. Our home property is listed as Sheraton Flex and includes: Sheraton Vistana Resort, Sheraton Vistana Villages, Sheraton...

    Sheraton Flex Maintenance fee due date

    When are Sheraton Flex Maintenenance fees for 2018 due? I am seeing some indication that it is Sept 1 2017. That would be different from the January 2018 due date I have seen for other Vistana properties.
  11. dioxide45

    Recorded Sheraton Flex Trust Documents

    Thought I would break down what I have found out about the Sheraton Flex Trust by pursuing the recorded documents in Orange County Florida. Here is a link to the actual trust document as recorded in Orange County Florida 20100149464. Breakdown of resorts currently conveyed to the trust and the...
  12. DeniseM

    Flex Options F.A.Q.

    Written by okwiater: