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  1. ChicagoDave

    Passed Hyatt ROFR on 2 Purchases

    I just completed two resale purchases where Hyatt waived their Right of First Refusal. Is there a database where I can update the sale information? The only one I see is @Kal but it’s a PDF document on his website. I originally signed a contract for 1,500 annual portfolio points at $30,000...
  2. E

    No Refund After Bluegree ROFR From Online Seller

    Back in March, I won an ebay bid for a 20k points bluegreen TS. After winning the bid, I started working with "A Family On Vacation" to purchase the TS and transfer the deed. After a more than 5 months of waiting, bluegreens decided to exercise ROFR. Since at this point my purchase contract was...
  3. O

    How do I avoid getting ROFRed buying resale at SDO?

    I want to pick up another couple 2BRs at SDO. I like the resort and I've generally had success renting the units I don't use. It's been several years since I bought any resales at SDO. I've heard the Vistana/Mariott is much more aggressive about exercising ROFR now after the merger. Does anyone...
  4. S

    eBay resale points question

    Hello! A little over a year ago, we purchased the smallest Bluegreen (BG) points package with charter benefits and now decided to look to add points on the second-hand market. Yesterday we won an auction on eBay for less than 11 dollars for around 7,000 additional BG points and were surprised...
  5. SteelerGal

    WKV Pricing

    After months of refusing to check EBay and Redweek, I looked on Friday to find several WKVs for sale. Several one bedrooms at super low prices. Is ROFR still in effect? And do you believe printing for 2bdrm WKV will go below $13k?
  6. L

    Sample Notice of ROFR?

    Would anyone please be so kind to share a sample notice of ROFR to the seller (e.g., Hilton, Marriott, etc.)? What should be included in the notice, besides the price of resale? Thanks so much.
  7. SteelerGal

    Looking to Purchase in CA Desert

    So we decided to buy in the Desert. Desert Springs II or Shadow Ridge. Annual Red Season. The Shadow Ridge just failed ROFR @ 2650. So I know we will have at least get closer to $3k. However now my concern is I am finding options w/out a reservation or if there is one, they want an...
  8. G


    Just received notice that the WKRV waived their ROFR. (I added it to ROFR.net) My wife and I purchased a 2BR EOYO starting 2021 for $3,000 at the end of July. Excited as we are first time ts buyers. TUG has been extremely informative, very thankful for all the post and forums available. We...
  9. redgirlraven

    Hyatt and ROFR

    Hello, I just purchased a Hyatt Ka'anapali timeshare and am still within the cancelation period. I am wondering if anyone has recently successfully sold/purchased there without Hyatt excersising their ROFR? I see similar properties on resale marketplaces for much less than what I am paying and...
  10. S

    Westin Kierland ROFR ?

    I'm in the process of buying a 1 bedroom premium...platinum float at WKV. From what I have read here there is no ROFR. However I received an email from the Escrow agent advising me she is sending Vistana the ROFR documents. She assures me this is the case. Can anyone confirm if WKV has a ROFR...
  11. R

    Westgate Right of First Refusal--have they ever exercised this right?

    I want out of my Westgate Smoky Mountain property. We own a 2 BR every odd year. They have ROFR if I get a buyer. My question: Does anyone know if they ever actually buy it back this way? I'm sure they wouldn't if I had a buyer for $2K, but what if I got a buyer for $50 (and buyer pays the...
  12. escanoe

    What do you consider "sales price" for ROFR & Comparison Purposes?

    I am not really sure what people include in reporting "sales price" for ROFR purposes or for doing $ per point comparisons. I have an ROFR offer in for somewhere between $809 or $3,653.41 depending on how one considers it. It is for a 1BR+ platinum (6,200 EOY odd year points) at Anderson Ocean...
  13. J

    2Questions-WKORV N

    Appreciate any opinions: We have a friend who wants to sell his units. He has: 1. An EY, 2 bed OV, floating. 2. An EOY Even, 2 bed OV, floating. What are the lowest prices seen to pass ROFR? Should we try to do this before the August 1 merger? We will run this through Syed as many here have...
  14. RNCollins


    I attempted to purchase from Sumday: HICV Panama City Beach, Florida Fixed Week #31 Biennial odd beginning 2019 Price: $ 499.00 ROFR was exercised
  15. P

    Need Help trying to Buy HGVC - ROFR and RCI

    Hi, I need some advice and answers for my situation. I'm trying to buy 4800 Vegas Blvd with Hilton through SaleMyTimeshareNow. I got a great offer accepted for $2000 BUT Samuel with Selling Timeshares says there is no way that it will pass ROFR. Is he right? Is there not any chance it will...
  16. D

    Adventures Portfolio Buyout (ROFR) offers

    Is anyone familiar with this company & their offers to buy in-deeded timeshares (in Mexico)? We'd like to sell our El Cid membership, and know that there's a lot of scams out there. Help & info greatly appreciated! Thanks! Deniece
  17. J

    Just passed ROFR

    HGVC Club on International Drive / Orlando 3BR / 3 Bath / Gold Season / 5800 points Purchase price $2500 Maintenance Fees $1288 ROFR Waiver request submitted 9/18/17 Estoppel & Waiver received 10/11/17
  18. Oceans82

    ROFR Waived - Hilton Boulevard. Good Deal?

    Hilton waived ROFR on August 22 for the HGVC on the Boulevard - Las Vegas. I paid $7,500 for 7K points Platinum season and the $562 Hilton activation fee. All other closing costs were incurred by the seller. The maintenance fee breakdown is $826.83 + $159 (Club Dues) = $985.83. What are your...
  19. D

    Does Grand Lodge on Peak 7 exercise their ROFR?

    Does anyone have feedback on whether they exercise their ROFR and how aggressively. I have been trying to sell my spring/Fall week in the smallest unit for 2 years now and finally lowered the price to $499 just to dump it. Now I've heard they aggressively exercise the ROFR. Very frustrating that...
  20. md8287

    Can I give my HGVC to a friend or will it get stuck by ROFR?

    I own two weeks with HGVC. I no longer want my unit and would like to give it to my friend (non-relative). If its a gift will it get through ROFR? I would like the paperwork to reflect what we are really doing and prefer not to say I'm selling it for $x just to get through ROFR. Thanks in...
  21. PacifiCoaster

    Question About Purchasing Marriott Resale at Newport Coast Villas

    We are trying to learn more about possibly purchasing a resale week at the Marriott Newport Coast Villas, Gold Season, Annual. We are not interested in the DC program, because we really like the NCV (having stayed there via II Exchanges and Getaways in the past). We have already read a...
  22. J

    what is included in the $/point breakdown?

    Hi Guys! I'm debating purchasing a timeshare on ebay for the HGVC. I've been researching this forums for days (great info!!) but can't seem to find the answer to this question. When people state the 7000 point timeshares go for ~$1/point does that mean for everything including the closing costs...