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  1. C

    Westin flex conversion to mvc abound club points

    Does anyone now how much 20000 voi westin flex points is worth in mvc club points if coverted from vistana to abound (this is ztanard/min blocj size of flex that can be converted in 1 year to club points) Or is there a standard westin flex to club points conversion ratio for westin flex to...
  2. D

    Newbie Looking for Timeshare Advice on MVC!

    Hello everyone. I just joined and am looking for guidance on timeshares within the Marriott Vacation Club network, and timeshares in general. I don't own any timeshares, but do own a deeded fractional ownership vacation property. I've been considering a timeshare for many years, but haven't...
  3. A

    Urgent help needed - Marriott resale week through presentation [OceanWatch Ultimate Occupancy]

    We bought a resale week at Marriott directly through their sales presentation as part of hybrid bundle of points plus week. We are told guaranteed ocean front but when contract papers came they read ocean view but ocean front as ultimate occupancy when available. Is that normal? I want to...
  4. T

    Potentially signing MVC WKOR

    Hello! I want to have your opinions on if this is a good deal. I just learned about this wonderful site last night and was up reading as much as I could. I have been traveling the last three years via the MVC promotions. We did our presentation yesterday, my husband is nearly sold on it as our...
  5. M

    New MVC Aruba Ocean Club Owner - received Interval promotion offer to get an "extra 7 night resort stay"

    All, I could use your advice... We are new MVC Aruba Ocean Club owners and in 2024 would like to try exchanging for another location, ideally out of the U.S. We were leaning towards exchanging with Interval to have greater options for our exchange. Today we got a card in the mail from...
  6. L

    Inheriting weeks from Mother-in-Law. Is it worth it?

    Hi Folks, My mother-in-law owns two legacy weeks (2150 point value for one and 2475 point value for the other) at resorts in Park City (we live nearby). The weeks are enrolled and so they are currently convertible to points if desired. She wants to give away the two weeks to a family member and...
  7. P

    Favorite/useful social media accounts?

    I'm excited to learn more about MVC destinations and Interval exchanges - and I'd be curious to know if anyone has favorite accounts on Instagram, TikTok, or blogs, in addition to these forums that offer great travel "inspiration"! I don't spend a ton of time on social media, but when I do, I'd...
  8. A

    Seeking on Kauai 1/13 to 1/22

    I'll try to make this as concise as possible. My girlfriend and I live on Kaua'i. We've been taking care of our elderly neighbor for the past 7 or 8 years. Recently he broke his hip and he's in a short term rehab unit before we can get him back to his apartment. His landlord told us his...
  9. S

    Selling Marriott deeded week and trust points

    My husband and I bought a gold week at Marriott's Shadow Ridge in 2001 and then bought 1000 trust points about 10 years later. We have loved using the timeshare and trading for other vacations but the kids are grown and we just aren't getting the use we used to out of it. So...where the heck...
  10. N

    Interested in Marriott Vacations Worldwide financials and markets Updates?

    This is a great update on Marriott Vacations Worldwide financials, demographics, markets - includes updates on MVC, Westin, Sheraton, Hyatt and Welk, and Interval... https://ir.marriottvacationsworldwide.com/static-files/1f003fef-f67d-420b-aa1d-e742fad7d963
  11. N

    US Marriott Points vs Asia Pacific Points, or should I be looking at others like Hyatt, Hilton or Welk points?

    I am a Bonvoy Platinum and looking into buying into Marriott Timeshare for Marriott Points to trade in during prime vacation weeks (skiing week 51 or 52, President's weekend, Spring break/Easter vacation, summer mid June-first week of August or Thanksgiving). What is the best Marriott points...
  12. lmnanea

    MVC Deadline to elect points

    Hi what is the deadline to elect points for MVC Weeks for 2022 usage? Thanks
  13. P

    Marriott Vacation Club - Planning to buy and need guidance

    Hello Everyone - We recently stayed at Grande vista and attended the 90 min sales pitch and purchased a MVC destination 1500 point package at $21k and $1157 MF. Perks were 3000 points + Another 1500 after 18 months. Luckily stumbled at this site and realized the blunder we had made. Luckily it...
  14. F

    Grand residence club Lake Tahoe studio - 13-20 august. 800 usd.

    Hello due to a last minute change I am not able to use my grand residence club week. Happy to tenti it out to a fellow tugg rather than have it rented by Marriott at a much higher price. Let me know if interested.
  15. iowaguy09

    Marriott Bonvoy Double Elite Night Credit on Owner Stays

    I commented on another thread that I called Marriott Bonvoy specifically to ask about the Bonvoy Double Elite Night Credit Promotion prior to our recent 8-night owner stay at WKORV and was told that in their T&C all references to MVC refers to all of the timeshare properties (including Vistana...
  16. S

    Seasons question

    We are in the market to purchase a MVC in Aruba, looking at posting for sale there is a big swing in prices for the same location. Also the seasons are listed as Red or White not familiar with what that means? Thanks
  17. SenorBlanco

    Current state of timesharing---opinions /poll

    Good morning! Spent a lot of time over the last few days going through the incredible information contained here trying to educate myself in the timesharing vernacular. Quite honestly, from what I'm gathering there appears to be a sense of uncertainty around a few items in the industry which...
  18. SenorBlanco

    HGVC vs MVC - Pros and cons

    Found the site, proceeded to put my first post in the wrong place (sorry, admin), love the site, joined the site! Considering options, spent a few hours looking and honestly haven’t found a good comparison between HGVC vs MVC. (Feel free to link if I just haven’t come across it). Initial...
  19. SteelerGal

    ROFR active all year

    Because I am primarily a Vistana owner and was under different ROFR policies, I wonder if MVC ROFR team is active all year long? Does MVC aggressively review every deal? Curious. TIA
  20. CPNY

    MVC cypress harbor in Orlando room configurations

    Looking to book an II getaway and the dates that work for me only have the cypress Harbor available. There are three of us traveling. Can someone tell me if there are two queen or full beds in the second bedroom? Is it one bed and a pull out in the second bedroom along with a pull out in the...
  21. P

    Marriott Ko'Olina visit this summer

    I visited the Marriott Ko'Olina property this summer. This is a nice place for little kids. It's also a nice place if you're with friends or other family members. But as a single family without little kids, it's not as desirable as it once was for us. The good: Excellent pools, big, warm...
  22. CPNY

    Universal Studios Orlando Announces new “Epic Universe” theme park

    Exciting news to hear about the these park. It was once in the plans to have Universal Timeshares. I would have def purchased a Universal Orlando TS. Sadly there are no longer those plans. But still exciting and as an annual pass holder I’m excited...
  23. CPNY

    Vistana Resale - Choice of Exchange company?

    im a current Vistana owner at HRA and SVV Key West. Both use Interval International. I’m in the process of picking up an every other year in the Bella phase. I noticed on the estoppel that the exchange company is RCI. Some questions. Do i have a choice in which to use? Do I have to have an...
  24. L

    MVC and II Cruise Exchanges

    I noticed that II offers Disney Cruise Line as an exchange option and have a pair of questions. I made my way through the many pages of 'booking' a cruise to find that the particular number of DPs I chose to use on the particular (non-holiday) DCL cruise and cabin I picked ended up valuing the...
  25. D

    MKO: Trade Value

    I am planning to split my two bedroom at MKO for 2019. I will already have use of a kitchen during our stay so wondering what kind of trades might be available if I use our Deluxe room and later trade the 1 bedroom with II. Or what trades might be availalble if I deposit Deluxe room? Thanks for...
  26. T

    Marriott wants to transform the Sheraton experience

    I know the hotel is separate from the timeshare side. However, I wonder if this is promising for what MVC will do with Vistana - since there is coordination between the hotel and timeshare brands...
  27. T

    St Kitts, The Caribbean’s New Luxury Hotspot