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  1. C

    Massanutten’s eagle trace at Killy Court

    Free. Will pay transfer fee. 2 bedroom with lockout. Sleeps 6. Red floating week. Not a bad season in the mountains of Virginia. 2024 maintenance fees paid ($750).
  2. I

    Massanutten Resort

    2 bedroom Eagle Trace at Massanutten unit, floating week annually, no blackout periods. $750/yr maintenance fees. Pay 2024 fees and enjoy this year!
  3. TUGBrian

    Massanutten resort to see huge expansion!

    Saw this posted on the massanutten facebook page today!
  4. Volkyro

    Massanutten First time buyer - What Should I buy?

    Hi all, new member trying to gather as much info as possible before making any purchases. My family and I visited Massanutten (in an Airbnb) last ski season, and we would like to return every year or at least every other year. I've been looking into timeshare options, but there is a ton of...
  5. K

    Regal Vistas at Massanutten, Aug 12-Aug 19, 2 Bedroom/2 Bath, 6 pp $800

    Regal Vistas at Massanutten for 7 nights $800 Check in Date: 12-Aug-2023 2 Bedrooms unit with one attached car garage. Note: Resort fee is 7.75 U.S. dollars per bedroom per night charged during checkin by resort (not included in the rental fee above).
  6. Lovinglife_30

    Free Shenandoah Villa Massanutten Week 16

    I need to giveaway my Massanutten Shenandoah Villas week 16 timeshare. It's a great Spring Break week and has traded well for me. Sleeps 10 or can be traded as two separate units, currently they are refurbishing the units. It's free of a mortgage. 2023 maintenance fee was paid, 2024...
  7. andrewjjtimeshare

    Free Summit at Massanutten Week# 45

    Summit at Massanutten Buyer’s First Year of Usage: 2023 Usage: Bi-Yearly* - Free Closing & Usage Unit Info: Float Hillside Unit: 2 bedroom, 2 bath, sleeps 12, Full Kitchen Week info: Fixed Week#45 Saturday Check in, *This account is Bi-Yearly meaning the owner gets a...
  8. Naria2004

    Understanding reservations for Massanutten owners

    Hello all! I'm a Massanutten Summit owner and used it for the first time this past fall at Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the week we went things were kind of dead because summer activities had already ended and winter/skiing activities hadn't started yet. I went to try to make a reservation for a...
  9. K

    Free: Summit at Massanutten. Floating Week. Sleeps 12, 2 lockout units 4bed/4 bath floating week

    Seller will pay the transfer fees. Maintenance fees: $539 yearly Please text 540.808.2782 NB: Unit is available every-other year at listed capacity or yearly by banking one of the two lockouts through RCI. Massanutten Resort Amenities: -Indoor/Outdoor WaterPark -Skiing -Adventure Park...
  10. lotus921v

    Looking for a Massanutten 4br peak season to buy

    Where is the best place to find one? I’m looking for weeks 26-31,52. I’ve looked on redweek, buyatimeshare, eBay, and have been googling resale sites and don’t see any of the peak season ones. Any advice?
  11. M

    1 bedroom Week 6 @ Massanutten Resort, VA: I will pay all fees to transfer

    Looking to transfer Week 6 (February) at Woodstone at Massanutten Resort in VA. The maintenance fee last year was $425.50. It is due each January. My husband and I bought it within our first year of marriage in 2008, and we have been too busy raising 5 children to ever use it. My husband is...
  12. cookiechambers

    Free Summit at Massanutten 4BR

    Summit at Massanutten, an RCI Gold Crown property My husband and I are giving away our deeded annual fixed-week timeshare. 4BR unit – this is 2 – 2BR lockouts (1 upper & 1 lower unit) You can use one and bank or rent the other, bank both, or use the full 4BR unit and invite friends/family to...
  13. T

    Massanutten is Listening to Owners about Tree Cover!!!

    We've been complaining for over 15 years about the heavy tree cover in front of the units blocking the views. The resort planted mostly maple and pine trees that reach 70'-80' in height and block the views that we covet. For years, I've been writing, talking, and campaigning to get the tall...
  14. T

    Top of the range Massanutten - Woodstone - 2 Luxury RED weeks-6 people (or 12 for 1)

    FREE CLOSING Week 41 - Columbus day week Fees $790.00 Season Red Bedrooms 4 Lockout Sleeps 12 Sadly we can no longer use this unit having had it for 20 years so must move it on. All units are regularly updated and it remains a top end resort. In the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains and...
  15. andrewjjtimeshare

    Free Eagle Trace at Massanutten with TWO years free usage

    Eagle Trace at Massanutten Buyer’s First Year of Usage: 2022 – Free Closing & Usage in 2022 and 2023 Usage: Annual Unit Info: Float Unit 2 bed 2 bath, sleeps 12, Lock off, Full Kitchen Week info: Float Week#1-52 Saturday/Sunday Check in Estimated Maintenance fees & Taxes...
  16. lalahe

    Things to do near Massanutten?

    We will be there the week of Thanksgiving and wondering if anyone has any suggestions for things to do and places to eat anywhere in the area? I don’t mind day trips. So far I have: - Mount Vernon - Monticello - Luray Caverns any other day trips or things anyone can suggest? Thanks so much...
  17. S

    Just purchased at Massanutten - need urgent advice!

    Hi I am a first time timeshare owner and today I nervously signed on the dotted line to ‘own’ Woodstone Luxury (week 1) at Massanutten. I am not entirely interested in coming to Massanutten again, but am owning this mostly for the points which I would like to use at other locations through...
  18. A

    Free Woodstone at Massanutten - transfer/closing costs and 2022 maintenance included

    Yep, we will pay closing/transfer fees and the maintenance fee for 2022! This is an every year two bedroom unit. Low maintenance fees of $485 per year. It is 35000 points for the even years (full kitchen) and 33500 for the odd years (partial kitchen). Nothing is owed on this unit, and the...
  19. Z

    Massanutten Timeshare Give Away

    Selling our timeshare!!!! We are moving and will not be able to use it any longer. It is paid for in full, and we will pay the transfer fees. You will only be responsible for the yearly maintenance fees which run about $350.00. *please post the details, vs a link to another resale site.
  20. B

    Woodstone at Messanutten

    I would like input from the community on a timeshare I purchased today for $5990. The property is Woodstone at Massanutten resort in Virginia. It's a floating unit, week number 40, luxury partial kitchen. My maintenance fee is $237.25 annually. It's a bi-yearly with a bonus week annually from...
  21. B

    At Massanutten now - need advice

    I have owned Eagle Trace for over 12 years. Love the resort as it is somewhat local, but not the weeks trading power I currently have. Went to the owners breakfast on Tuesday and was shown Woodstone and Regal Vistas. After a long negotiation, final offer was Regal Vista, 1 unit, annual, 58,000...
  22. escanoe

    2020 Massanutten Resort Fee Update & Woodstone MFs

    The fall Woodstone owner's newsletter is now posted online and attached to this post. It announces they are making changes in the resort fee for 2020 by switching from charging "per side" to "$4.25 per bedroom per night." I assume that is for owners and non-owner RCI exchanges will pay a higher...
  23. M

    $1 for red week Summit at Hillside Massanutten

    We have an entire unit (12 people) that can be split into 2 weeks (half of the unit). The unit is paid off and account is up to date. Our family and travel has changed and we don't use the week(s) any more. https://www.massresort.com/stay/lodging/the-summit/...
  24. C

    Massanutten questions

    Bought the following timeshare in Massanutten. Obviously already realized we got fleeced $5000 buying it from the developer, when people eare giving them away free, but aside from that, is it worth keeping if we actually plan to use it? Biennial Floating week 42 2 Bed, 2 Bath, Woodstone...
  25. M

    Massanuten Mountainside Villa August 21 to 24 2 bedroom sleeps 8 $300

    We are renting the last 4 days of our week at Massanuten. Spacious two-story resort condominiums sit atop Massanutten Mountain on the site of the popular Massanutten Resort. Enjoy the natural wildlife in a peaceful setting that is in close proximity to golfing, mountain biking, water park...
  26. madex

    Summer week, July 27-Aug 3 @Massanutten, Woodstone 2BR/2BA, 6 ppl

    Enjoy our corner, deluxe, upper level unit. 2 Bedrooms (one king-size and another with two twin-beds, queen sofa bed). 2 full bathrooms. 3 flat panel TVs (cable) Partial kitchen, otherwise it is fully equipped for six ppl. Convenient BBQ grill on private balcony/deck, L/R (with sofabed). D/R...
  27. Rhiannon 2016

    FREE timeshare 2 units 4 bed 4 bathroom [Massanutten resort Virginia]

    Massanutten resort Virginia. Water park, golfing mountain biking. Restaurants, beautiful resort. Week 39, keep one side rent out other side. Willing to pay closing cost. Yearly maintenance 850. But rent out one side it pays for itself. Interval or RCi exchange will give usually 2 weeks for 2...
  28. C

    Just Bought at Massanutten, Should I Rescind? (April 2019)

    My boyfriend and I found that we are very bad at saying no when we went to a timeshare presentation. We ended up buying a week at Massanutten Resort in VA for $9,900 with $372 maintenance fees plus one RCI bonus week, two gold cards, and the usual flat rate exchanges to other resorts around the...
  29. B

    Selling Massanutten Timeshare

    Does anyone have advice on selling a Mountainside Villas timeshare? I own unit/week 171/49, and would like to sell the timeshare along with the maintenance fee obligations to someone. Thanks!
  30. carl2591

    Freebies offered for tour at Massanutten thanksgiving week, 2018

    When we check in on Sun vs our regular check in day of sat we were, of course, directed to the parking pass desk. When we arrived they started with the "you and owner or exchanger" spill.. we were offered 4 water park passes or 4 golf passes for a tour.. we declined and went to unit. the next...