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marriott vacation club

  1. C

    Renting Marriott Vacation Club Vacations to Offset Costs

    Hi All, I have been researching Marriott Vacation Club Points for a little bit now. I have been seeing many pros and cons of the programs, and one major con seems to be the yearly point fees. I was wondering if anyone with Marriott Vacation Club Points have experience 'renting' or 'selling' a...
  2. Clifbell

    Review of Sales presentations in a pandemic

    I have managed to tour WorldMark, Vistana, Hilton, and Marriott in the last 2 months. This is for two reasons. First, my house is being upgraded and therefore I needed places to stay. And secondly, I needed to use my points. I was very curious how the timeshare presentations had changed from...
  3. Z

    Selling our [# Deleted] MVC Points

    What is the best way to sell our two deeds? I called sellmytimeshare.com and they want $2000 up front. Then I called a broker from California and he said his fee was $3000 but only after we sell. I know I'm screwed no matter what we do, but what is the best way? Is Red Week any good? Or...
  4. W

    Exchanges on legacy Marriott program (merged)

    Looking for some advice. I’m considering buying into a legacy platinum week at Marriott Grande Vista. 3 bedroom every other year. Plan is to use 2 bedroom unit and exchange the lock off portion on II for use on my off years(I think I would be exchanging a studio?). Is this a good plan? Would...
  5. T

    Marriott Vacation Club - Additional Points (New Member)

    Aloha! New member here, I have been browsing and really appreciate all the honest unbiased opinions! We just had an amazing trip at Marriott Vacation Club in Lahaina, Maui! We booked the week second hand at a great rate. My wife and I have 6 kids and it was the first time in a long time we...
  6. C

    ILG (Vistana Flex) and Marriott Vacation Club - Now what? Owner update?

    Has anyone listened to an owner update to find out how the Marriott purchase of ILG will impact Vistana Flex moving forward? I'm curious since I'll be staying in a Vistana resort next week and I'm wondering what will be shared if I do an "owner update".
  7. S

    MVC encore cruise certificate

    anybody else use a cruise certificate? If so any recommendations? We were “informed” at the original presentation and the follow up encore sales presentation that we would be able to book a 7 day cruise basic inside cabin guarantee with the certificate. After activiting the cert, using the...
  8. TravelTime

    Marriott wants to transform the Sheraton experience

    I know the hotel is separate from the timeshare side. However, I wonder if this is promising for what MVC will do with Vistana - since there is coordination between the hotel and timeshare brands...
  9. TravelTime

    Link between Marriott Hotel side and MVC

    I just booked a reservation with my DC Trust Points. It is showing up in my Marriott Rewards hotel account. However, the reservation I booked with my post-2010 week does not show up in my MR Rewards account. Folks have said Marriott hotel and MVC are separate companies. So why do my DC Trust...
  10. WBP

    Marriott Vacations Worldwide (VAC) purchase of Interval Leisure Group (ILG) discussion!

    Moderator Notes: 1. Open threads in the two other forums directly impacted by this acquisition here - Vistana Signature Experiences, Marriott Vacations Worldwide to Acquire ILG to Create a Leading Global Provider of Premier Vacation Hyatt Residence Club, Marriott and ILG 2. Discussion thread...
  11. S

    MVCI Encore packages

    Hello, Has anyone that booked an Encore package with a cruise as the perk? How did the process work? What cruise line, ship and destination did you use the trip on? Did you upgrade cabin levels? If you went on NCL, were you able to upgrade through NCL bid process or did you have to go...
  12. Jayco29D

    Would Marriott combine MVC with Vistana?

    Does anyone think Marriott would ever combine Marriott Vacation Club with the Vistana timeshare program? They did it with Marriott and Ritz Carlton destination clubs. They are linking Marriott Rewards with the SPG points program. So I wonder if they might combine the StarOptions program with...
  13. H

    Marriott St Kitts Deed Transfer

    Has anyone done a deed transfer in St Kitts recently? If so, how long did it take? Any recommendations for good companies or lawyers to use for the closing and transfer process?
  14. T

    Has Marriott ever allowed enrolling post-2010 private resale weeks for a one-time fee (not Bundle)

    We have multiple enrolled weeks; trust points; and post-2010 private resale weeks. A friend with enrolled weeks states he received an email in 2011-2013 period allowing him to enroll post-2010 private resale weeks for a one-time fee (maybe $695?) He did enroll them and now all weeks are...
  15. A

    Where Most of You Started

    Hi All! This is my first time posting as I just registered. I've lurked for over a year and am to the point where some advice would be great. My wife and I are in our early thirties and are considering how we want to vacation for the next several decades. We have sat through 2 Marriott...
  16. Fairwinds

    Manor Club

    Greetings from MSE; Place is looking good. Today we played a relaxed afternoon 9 on Blue Heron. Tomorrow we'll visit Colonial Williamsburg with passes (haven't done that in about 20 years). And we are really looking forward to 18 on Blackheath (my favorite) Sunday morning and then on to Grand...
  17. dioxide45

    Lakeshore Reserve Update

    We returned last week from our third stay at Lakeshore Reserve. This was our first full week stay. One other being only a couple nights and the other being five nights. We had exchanged in to a dedicated 2BR unit. I had requested Messina prior to our visit but we ended up with a fourth floor in...
  18. mendota1

    Newport Beach

    We will be staying at Newport Coast Villia-Marriott staring December 1. We fly into LAX on November 29th. Looking for ideas on things to do, places to see, somewhat cheaper places to sleep for those two days. Any thoughts ? We will have a rental car. Thank you.
  19. michigander

    Anyone at Myrtle Beach to give update on condition

    Anywhere there now to give us an update on how it is looking? Marriott says it is "running normally", but of course, I'm a skeptic. Are all buildings completely opened? How's the indoor pool look (since its on a low spot)? Thanks!
  20. MOXJO7282

    HUGE 2017 MF's increases at SC Resorts / "Disaster Recovery" [Multi-threads merged.]

    [Re OceanWatch] $242 (17.13%) increase. The highest 1 yr increase I've personally ever seen. This is so disappointing. Not sure yet where the increase comes from but what could it possibly be to have an increase of that magnitude? Again another situation where we get no fore warning and it...
  21. fgrosoli

    Marriott streamside resale info

    Good evening, I'm considering by a deed week (week 7) at Marriott Streamside. Any feedback on the property? we do love snowboarding but we never been to that particular property or area. Seems like week floats 1-14 and 50-52 so pretty much will cover all the good winter week. I read is a...
  22. SueDonJ

    Marriott 2017 Maintenance Fees

    * Please limit this thread to only the MF specifics and take discussions/commentary to the discussion boards. Thank you! :) * Owners, please report your Weeks MF's as they are billed (NOT proposed/estimated) in this format: Resort Name/Unit Size (include Season if it's a differential)...
  23. GregT

    ROFR metric / Ongoing ROFR Activity

    *** 5/1/16 - This link to the current, active ROFR database is added with the OP's permission: ROFR Experiences (www.rofr.net) *** All, I have had a few PMs asking me to compute ROFR metrics for various offers, which I am happy to do, and also asking for the history of this unofficial metric...
  24. dioxide45

    Marriott Resort Photos/Videos Thread

    The thread has been updated at OP's request. Once more, Dioxide, thank you very much for your efforts. :) Click here for the current photo and video index.
  25. SueDonJ

    "Event Weeks" at Marriott Resorts

    Occasionally there are first-hand reports to TUG of happenings at resorts that might affect the exchange/rental factors of certain time periods, as well as the enjoyment level of guests who wish to either participate in or avoid such happenings. This Sticky post is a basic compilation of...
  26. SueDonJ

    FAQ - MVC DESTINATIONS Points Program

    (Unless otherwise noted, all links herein will direct to owners.marriottvacationclub.com or to a post here on TUG. Some of the Marriott links will require sign-in to your MVC account. Please PM/email the moderator if links are not working.) ***** SECTION 1. THE BASICS ***** On 6/20/10...
  27. TUGBrian

    TUG Ratings of Marriott Vacation Club Resorts

    Our list of Marriott Vacation Club Resorts in the TUG resort review database. http://www.tug2.com/BrowseResorts.aspx?Top Marriott Resorts&top=Marriott do not hesitate to contact me or the review managers for mistakes/changes/updates/etc to be made to these resort pages! List of all Marriott...
  28. Dave M

    FAQ - Marriott Vacation Club Weeks System

    FAQs This Sticky post is intended to be a listing of factual aids for some of the questions that are frequently asked on this Marriott forum. It deals primarily with the Marriott Weeks system. It does not cover any aspects of the Destination Club points program which Marriott announced on June...