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maintenance fees

  1. J

    Deed paid completely, but stopped paying maintenance fees for Mexican timeshare

    My aunt owns a Mexican timeshare that she paid off completely in 2003 after purchasing it in 2002. After paying it off, she received from the resort a Certificate of Membership and Promissory Note that stated it was paid in full. The deed expires in 2027. In 2017 she wanted to get rid of the...
  2. Bob & Mary

    Letter from Ocean Walk Resort Condominium Association, Inc RE: 2024 Maintenance Fees

    Fellow Ocean Walk Owners, Have you read the recent letter from the Ocean Walk Resort Condominium Association, Inc.? I found it confusing and less than helpful. Apparently, the monthly maintenance fees are increasing over 1000%. Yes, that is more than a ONE THOUSAND PERCENT monthly increase. In...
  3. Clifbell

    Timeshare Traveler Episode 155... Buying a Second Home Vs Timeshare

    In this video, I wanted to look at the comparison between buying a second home or using your timeshares as an alternative. I looked at several criteria. How long each year would you stay in your second home, did you always want to go to the same place, whether capital appreciation was...
  4. S

    Does anyone else believe Holiday Inn Club Vacations is ripping off its Timeshare Owners?

    Hello All, I have been a happy Timeshare owner since 2003. I bought into South Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC a 1 bedroom unit based on RCI points. At the time the resort was owned by Burrows & Chapin. The maintenance fees started were $450 the first year and the benefits were great: free...
  5. S

    Buying HGVC resale if I already own

    I already have 7000 annual HGVC platinum points at Las Palmeras. If I found and purchased addition platinum points resale for the same resort, Las Palmeras, will this keep my maintenance fees lower (obviously higher then 7000 annual points) compared to buying resale at another resort? I'm...
  6. TXTortoise

    MF Impact of Reduced Occupancy/Closure?

    This got lost in another thread, but I would be interested in thoughts on how the reduced occupancy, or possible temporary closure, at a resort might increase or decrease maintenance fees. While hotels are at a reported occupancy level of 10%, timeshares have steady income in the form of MFs...
  7. momofthreeplusone

    Hurricanes and Maintenance Fees

    Can anyone with experience tell me what happens if a hurricane hits the resort you own weeks at? The realator I have been talking with said damage is covered by the resorts insurance, however I am wondering what happens, typically, with maintenance fees? Also, if the resort cannot be used due to...
  8. E

    MF for Hacienda del Mar

    I just received my invoice for the 2020 maintenance fee for Hacienda del Mar. As mentioned in the sticky, there was a 50% increase over 2019, and it is now around $2300 annually. Because of the hurricane, we have not been able to use the resort for the past two years, and since our contract is...
  9. H

    Deciding to buy more points? And value question

    I have been toying with the idea of buying additional HGVC points because we are traveling so much now that I feel like the points disappear faster. We currently have 2 EOY odd contracts, each with 7000 points. One is at Elara and one is at Tuscany Village. How did you know that you...
  10. R

    2020 Maintenance Fees

    Polo Towers Las Vegas 2 BR, Lock off Platinum Week 5 Floating - EY Deeded 2020-Real Estate Tax 20.15 2020-Reserve Fees 137.97 2020-Operating Fees 989.54 2020-Total 1147.66
  11. E

    Wyndham Owners update meeting

    Hi everyone, New owner via Tribute / Ovation but have some knowledge of the ways of the sales presentations having dealt with two with my parents. Was vacationing at the Great Smokies Lodge this past weekend and was told I had to attend a meeting to go over the new levels. At the meeting I was...
  12. G

    Marriott Newport Coast Villas - Board of Directors Election Ballot - Request your Vote [MERGED]

    If you are an owner at Marriott Newport Coast Villas you should have received your election ballots for the board of directors by now. Please vote! I am running as an independent owner because I think it is important that we have more transparency rather than have annual maintenance fee...
  13. T

    Advice on Keeping or Selling Old HGVC Las Vegas Flamingo TS

    Hello all, My mother and father purchased a 5000 point HGVC timeshare (January Home Week) from the developer for the Las Vegas Flamingo property around 1997. It's completely paid off by now but the maintenance fees are killing us. It's around $1250 per year + the finance and late fees since we...
  14. P

    Lowest Maintenance fee for Wyndham properties

    Aloha, can someone pl. guide me as to which wyndham location has the lowest maintenance fees Thanks in advance
  15. C

    Bought 57th Street NYC this week and can rescind - should I?

    I bought 57th street in NYC and can rescind within New York's 7 days if I do it ASAP. Looking at resale prices on this and others (possibly Hilton resale site) I am wondering if I should. Here is the deal. I made it approximate since I suspect Hilton also belongs to this web site. Purchase...
  16. tclardy

    New to Tug and Need Advice

    Good morning, everyone. I have been a timeshare owner since 2004 and recently widowed. My portfolio is busting at the seams and I would like to utilize my ownership as rentals to help pay maintenance fees. I own weeks, points and everything in between lol with Marriott, Starwood and Westgate...
  17. A

    Want to buy Orange Lake resale after reading here and renting from someone. Questions!

    Been reading LOTS on here and we have come to the conclusion that with our lifestyle (9 kids) ability to travel in low seasons (homeschooled) that we want to buy somewhere warm, fun and drivable for us. (We are Canadians) We rented Orangelake from an owner here and just got home last week. We...
  18. S

    Hilton MF in Scotland and VAT

    I received my two annual MF invoices for 2019 and I see VAT added onto them. One is for 88.56 and the other is 3.85. Since I don't live there and typically when I travel I get VAT back, does this also apply to these charges? Has anyone tried asking for them to be removed or get the VAT back?
  19. T

    Reducing Maintenance Fees

    I went to a presentation this weekend to try to get more info on the maintenance fees. The sales person says you can use the Wyndham Rewards to reduce the fees, but didn't really tell me the exchange rate. Does anyone know how many reward points equal a dollar in maintenance fees? Thanks in...
  20. F

    HELP! Just bought more Wyndham points...

    My Mom has owned a timeshare for more around 20 years. She started in Fairfield and was grandfathered into Wyndham. We just spent 6 hours today with a representative discussing how to reduce her maintenance fees and get her out of a fixed week in Fairfield Bay Arkansas. She has 670,000 total...
  21. A

    Can resale [Welk] points be combined with developer points?

    I am an owner of Welk Resort Platinum Points, bought directly from developer. I'd like to add to my points with resale points but I want to know if I can combine my developer points with my resale points? For example if I have 300K points and purchase another 240K will they be combined into 1...
  22. G

    Maintenance Fees Debt Collection

    The maintenance fees have not been paid for 9 years, they continue to compound and never went away. They post constantly on my credit report, add the new amount year after year with interest. This has been a nightmare to get out of, to negotiate a payment and to get rid of these two...
  23. P

    Massanutten Shenandoah Villas Timeshare Sale $1 Maint fees paid for 2018 and prepaid 2019

    The Timeshare is at Massanutten resort in Virginia. The house sleeps 10 (3 bedrooms) or you can lock an adjoining door and make it two separate condos and rent one side out. Week 44 - The fees are paid for 2018. And pre-paid for 2019. The current maintenance fees are $713. I'd cover the...
  24. GT1

    Estoppel letter information re: MF posted on eBay?

    Hi! I've had several eBay sellers email me copies of the Wyndham Estoppel letter associated with contracts I am considering bidding on. Looking at the compiled list of MFs in the Sticky posts, even with a certain percentage increasefrom 2017-18, some of the MFs they are listing in their facts...
  25. C

    Do Maintenance fees increase after signing contract?

    We've only purchased directly from developers in the past. (Never again) I have one now telling me that once I sign a resale contract, the resort will often times raise the mf. Have any of you found this to be the case?
  26. B

    Converting between collections

    I am trying to make the decision to rescind converting my points from US Collection to the Hawaii collection. They made it sound like such a good deal, ie: better trading power, because the computer controls what we are(I thought this was old school, I can get it at my reduced price rate that...
  27. WalnutBaron

    2017 Hyatt Maintenance Fees

    Folks, now that we have a Hyatt forum, I want to begin to develop some resources for our Hyatt community of owners. One topic that is continually brought up is Maintenance Fees. So here's a request and suggestion: please look back and post your 2017 MF's for whatever Hyatt property you own...
  28. PacifiCoaster

    Question About Purchasing Marriott Resale at Newport Coast Villas

    We are trying to learn more about possibly purchasing a resale week at the Marriott Newport Coast Villas, Gold Season, Annual. We are not interested in the DC program, because we really like the NCV (having stayed there via II Exchanges and Getaways in the past). We have already read a...
  29. S

    Dollar keeps going up, so why don't mexican maintenance fees adjust for that.

    We love our Hacienda del Mar in Cabo timeshare, however our maintenance fees go up each year based on the Mexican inflation rate. Fees have nearly doubled in 10 years. At the same time, the value of the dollar has nearly doubled. When taking the increased value of the dollar into account...
  30. M

    Occidental vacation club

    Anyone have experience with what to do after purchasing with occidental? We purchased in 2011. Used it once for the complimentary (?) vacation but haven't used it since. We discovered to late that the two reasons for purchasing (1) we needed to turn our other resort into a points system instead...