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hyatt residence club

  1. tahoeJoe

    Redweek Question - Selling my Hyatt TS

    I'm trying to sell my Hyatt High Sierra Lodge Gold Week. I posted an ad here on TUG and am considering paying for an ad on Redweek.com but I have a few questions I hope someone can answer: 1) Is paying to advertise a unit on Redweek worth it? Do folks buy TS from that site? 2) Redwee doffers...
  2. C

    New to it all - buying a resale week 52 at Hyatt Pinon Pointe

    Hello all, Thanks to much guidance from all you TUG contributors in my short time as a member, I am buying my very first week and am very excited. I am purchasing a 1st floor week 52, 2 bedroom at Hyatt Pinon Pointe. This is a Diamond week with 2200 annual points. I am not getting a sweet deal...
  3. T

    Very rough "Owners Update" at HRC Coconut Plantation

    We our Legacy owners at the HRC in Maui, Sedona and Coconut Plantation. We attended owners updates for both Maui and Coconut Plantation in March. While the Maui sales center is smooth and they are still selling deeded weeks and float weeks at about 106k plus Covid discounts for two bedroom...
  4. J

    High Sierra Tahoe Platinum Weeks

    Hi all. I’m looking to purchase something in week 26-34 in Tahoe. On most of the resale sites these go for around 20k however it looks like one sold on here last month for around 10k. Was there something different with that sale or would you say 10k is kind of the number I should be looking...
  5. C

    Need a closing agent.

    I know this question has likely been asked many times but I have searched and found nothing. after much back-n-4th negotiation I now need a closing agent for a Hyatt Residence Club re-sale purchase. Can anyone make a recommendation? How much should it cost? Thx
  6. J

    Seeking advice on a trader to access preferred destination resorts

    I am seeking advice on this forum on which trader to purchase if I want to trade for the following resorts for use July 1-July 20 or August 15-August 31. The following resorts are the places I would ideally like to be able to trade for through Interval or otherwise in those time periods: Hyatt...
  7. Ishyjo

    Looking to purchase HKB - suggestions on how to find resale?

    Hi guys, Looking to purchase 1 week EOY at HKB, do you have any suggestions or real estate brokers to assist? What should I look for in terms of average resale price for EOY (e.g., what's my best bang for the buck)? TIA!
  8. NotNew

    Is HRC worth it?

    New to Hyatt; not new to timeshares. However, it seems HRC is very difficult to use compared to the rest of them. Lots of questions.... and will appreciate it greatly if anyone takes the time to answer some/all. Perhaps others will benefit too though... 1. Basically, it seems we can book...
  9. tahoeJoe

    II's E-Trade Plus with HRC points

    Does anyone have experience with using Intervals E-plus on an exchange using HRC points? I have used E-plus with my Marriott weeks and if I confirm a re-trade within 60-day of arrival there is no additional fees for a larger sized unit. Outside of 60-days the standard II upgrade fees apply. The...
  10. M

    Need some advice on exit strategy for HPP

    Hello, I am one of the fools who bought into the HPP sales pitch in Key West a little over a year ago. While I have always wanted to get a timeshare in Sunset Harbor, the traditional week ownership structure did not work for us because my wife is a teacher and this was for her Spring Break which...
  11. W


    1 BED/ 1 BATH or 2 BED/ 2 BATH MAY 23-28
  12. J

    Hyatt Key West Sunset Beach purchase...

    I'm considering purchasing at Hyatt Sunset Beach. My concern is regarding the condition of the property after the recent storms and hurricanes. Do you think there is an impending special assessment that may be imposed? I'd love to get this property, but if a huge assessment is in the...
  13. WalnutBaron

    Do HRC Exchanges Get Priority In II?

    First, I fully subscribe to the TUG mantra: "How can you tell when a retail timeshare salesperson is lying? When his/her lips are moving." That said, I was in a Hyatt owner's update a couple of months ago and the topic turned to exchanges. The sales weasel said that because HRC is now owned by...