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  1. R

    Help me get rid of my Diamond Resorts timeshare! Desperate!

    Hi there everyone. I’m new here. My husband and I foolishly purchased a timeshare with Diamond Resorts in June 2021. I knew going into it not to do it and somehow still got persuaded to buy. Little did we know that Hilton was in the process of purchasing Diamond and now we were not grandfathered...
  2. B

    Rescinding Bluegreen Certified Mail Not Signed

    Per the Tennessee instructions for contract rescission, I sent a notice of rescission to the address provided via USPS certified mail with return receipt: ATTN: Corporate Sales Accounting Dept. Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. 4960 Conference Way North, Suite 100 Boca Raton FL 33431 The...
  3. T

    Upgrading to cancel contract?

    Good morning! Sadly I purchased points with Wyndham at the beginning of 2020 and was not aware of my right to cancel so I think I am stuck. However I recently attended an owner update where of course they tried to sell me more points to maintain VIP status. Long story short I declined of course...
  4. M

    Cancel my contract - Help with address needed!

    I did a very bad deal with HGVC today without any researching. I am sending my cancelation letter tomorrow. The contract doesn't specify the address and only refer to " send certified mail to the Developer". I am assuming the development's address would be the one listed in the contract. Is that...
  5. W

    Cancellation proceed time?

    Hello everyone, My husband and I went for an honeymoon last week and was convinced to purchase a Hilton grand vacation ownership in Florida on 12/11. I regretted almost immediately at same day afternoon when we were at Disney.... So we read a lot of threads on TUG forum and took action to send...
  6. jmacjem

    Hilton Grand Vacations / RCI Exchange - Resort not Available Because of PG&E Outage

    Hello, I'm asking for help/advice with the following situation: How do I (best) retain the points I used for a booking when the resort is CLOSED because of a PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) - initiated (power) outage without having to pay a fee? The resort I booked through Hilton Grand...
  7. ecwinch

    Sticky - HELP! How can I cancel/rescind my recent Wyndham timeshare purchase

    How To Rescind Your Recent Wyndham Timeshare purchase This post is designed to be a quick guide on how to rescind your timeshare purchase from Wyndham. If you are not purchasing from Wyndham, or want a more in-depth guide please refer to this TUG advice article...
  8. ecwinch

    [ 2019 ] Instructions on cancelling your recent Wyndham timeshare purchase

    This is a work-in-process on a sticky I would like to create that provides specific instructions on how to rescind a Club Wyndham purchase agreement. Please use this post to provide constructive comments. At some future date I will zap all the comments and make this a sticky. Thanks How To...
  9. M

    Rescinding holiday inn club vacations

    Hi guys! We have a total of 3 timeshares through holiday inn that we want to cancel, so last year we were told we could merge all of them and get one, with that being said could we upgrade then rescind the contract? Or would it convert back to the 3 that we had before? Or should we...
  10. H

    Help with vidanta and private reserve travel club (merged)

    So i purchased private reserve travel collection membership through vidanta for 4500 on the 7th of October. They would not let me see the website so they said i could call them and do a sample booking. I asked very specific questions about using the websites including dates and resort names. I...
  11. J

    Examples of letters rescinding timeshare purchase.

    Purchased from Welk on 09/14/18. After researching a bit on this site I have found that I would like to rescind. The information they gave me on the process is very limited. I only need to send a faxed form to their number to perform this function apparently? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. P

    Cancellation letter "Available for pickup at USPS"

    So long story short, I bought a Wyndham timeshare and send my cancellation letter the very next day (Monday). I had sent the letter certified mail to the PO Box in Las Vegas that was on the cancellation policy of my contract. The letter is supposed to be signature and return receipt. It was...
  13. M


    We followed the typical path as others it appears...succumbed while on vacation over President Week at Steamboat Springs Sheraton- purchased 81,000 for $28k- offered loads of points to use on Starwood- got suspicious when on way home tried to book a week with points (hypothetically, as we knew...
  14. jnbsevy

    Reservation Cancellation - Draconian Policies

    QUESTION: Are the following policies standard in what you fellow TUG members are seeing? They seem overly harsh to us, and out of character for our Vacation Club generally. We'll appreciate your experience and advice. "Modification Policies and Booking Cancellation: ...On the other hand, if the...
  15. A

    TLC Resorts Cancellation

    I have a TLC Resorts timeshare that uses RCI points..im trying to get rid of this thing for months now and have no luck. Im actually giving it away for free and still can't rid of it. Is there a way i can just give it back to them. I tried before but all they keep telling me is that i have to...
  16. I

    Rescind info needed...

    Hi Community! I took the decision to cancel my new contract with Wyndham Resorts Inc. as I'm still within the rescission period. I printed and signed the cancellation letter that I will send today; my question is: Other than the letter, do I have to send them anything else? any...
  17. N

    Rescinded Westgate Timeshare need help

    I rescinded my Westgate timeshare a couple days after I got it, about 3weeks ago. I received a phone call that I have to pay the closing cost of 2,000 but haven't received a refund of my down payment.. Has anyone else went through this? What should I do?
  18. S


    I spoke with Vidanta mangement and they offered me the opportunity to cancel and walk away. I take back any bad things I may have ever said about them. I explained that we were going to sell it and were members of TUG and just needed to know the accurate Maint. fee and when the lady asked...