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Rescind DC Points purchase? Please help!!


Oct 15, 2014
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Oceanside, CA
I have a friend that owns [several Marriott weeks.]

Last year she paid around $12k to be able to trade her weeks for destination points. I think they gave her 100 Marriott Vacation Club points with the purchase. The only reason she did this was to be able to rent out the property "easier" she has no intention of using the property other then at [deleted.]
I talked to a couple people regarding this last year and they said that was really expensive. They had done it years ago when it only cost around $1000.

Anyway she just got back from Desert Villas on 12/19/15 and she called me to tell me she had purchased 1000 more Marriott destination points so she would have over 10k points and be allowed access to The Ritz Carlton properties as well as other special benefits. I said wow that sounds expensive for only 1000 points, I told her the $13000 is not the biggest problem how much is this going to cost you per year for the 1000 points in addition to what you are already paying in MF. She did not know. :dead horse: She went on to tell me that the sales person pulled up the Ritz Carlton website and showed her the 3 bedroom unit that she can reserve and then rent out for $22k+ for 1 week and it would only cost her around 2500 points. I am not a Marriott expert but my golden rule is if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

She is still inside the rescission period and I am trying to get her to rescind while she still has time. I told her you have 7 days to rescind and if you want to move forward with this deal after you have thought about it you can always go back and do it at a later time. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Question 1- What benefits do you get for having 10k+ Destination Points
Question 2- Has anyone Rented out Ritz Carlton Vail 3 Bedroom and Rented it out for substantial money ($10k+)
Question 3- Wouldn't everyone be doing this if it was true?
Question 4-I feel like I am taking crazy pills. Does this all sound like BS to you?
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Sep 28, 2011
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Marriott's Grande Vista
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SVV Bella 81k
Here's the first reply: If the deal is here today--the deal is here tomorrow. Rescind now, research and re-purchase if it STILL makes sense. No advantage to finding out its a bad-deal AFTER the rescission period is over.
So, unless she's got a 'business plan' with facts and figures--RUN.

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Jul 26, 2006
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Massachusetts and Hilton Head Island
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Marriott Barony Beach and SurfWatch
Hello ducks33 and welcome to TUG!

This is the third time you've posted the same thing. The first two were moderated/deleted by another moderator, this time I've edited your post to comply with the posting rules.

Rescission is always a good idea if somebody who is still within the rescission period has as many questions as your friend does. My suggestion is that you recommend to your friend that she rescind, read the DC Points FAQ on this forum and then come back with more questions.

Generally, IMO it's not a good idea to purchase something with the intent of renting it to cover/exceed the cost of the Maintenance Fees. There are many TUGgers who do this but there's always a risk, even more so when you're talking about the high-cost/limited-demand inventory that your friend is considering.


Tug Review Crew
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Aug 2, 2006
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Marriott Aruba Surf Club 2 & 3BRs
A RC 3 BR at 2500 points for one week? Either she misunderstood and/or the salesperson misrepresented it, or maybe he was pulling up a real off season week where the point cost is very low, although I'm not aware of it being that low even off season. That said, it will be hard to rent out an off season week, and certainly not for big bucks. Your friend needs to keep in mind that while those flashy dollar signs are attractive, both securing and renting prime reservations isn't always easy. there are many RC Club owners who annually rent out tens of thousands of points; if it were that simple just to reserve a 3 BR for 2500 DC points and rent it out for 22K+, would these people be willing to rent the 2500 DC points for $1250 or so?

Rescind now- learn the system and then make an informed decision. It's much easier to buy than to sell.

Oh- and welcome to Tug! :wave: