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No RCI Notification during disaster


TUG Review Crew: Veteran
TUG Member
Jun 13, 2005
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Okeechobee, Florida
NO RCI Nofication during disaster.

I made reservations in Ft Lauderdale Florida for use on Nov 2005. The reservations were made early in Feb 2005. I paid RCE the normal fee, plus the extra $159 fee. A few days ago, I called the resort to ask a question and was told that the last hurricane blew out all the windows, and the resort will be closed until next year.
The manager asked if I was notified by RCI. I said no so I called them. The clerk was very nice and said she would deposit two weeks into my account and refund ALL my money. lol, what a joke that was,
Yesterday I reviewed my account on the internet and found out rather than have a positive balance, I was a negative $150.00. I wanted to book another place to replace the resort was unusable. I got a resort for $406. I told the person to hold it, and was told that since I had a negative balance, I could not hold a unit. Okay, so in order to have someplace to stay, I had to pay for a negative balance, that neither the clerk or the trouble shooter know why or what it was for.
I call RCI today. My account was credited 1/2 of my total cost. When I asked why not the full amount I was told that on page xxxx in the RCI booklet, it says in case of natural disasters etc.,.............I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told the same thing. I also asked why I was not notified and was told they tried to call me but no one answered the phone. Then I was told it was an automated message, when I told them either I or the wife, or the recorder would have been available, I was told they only try one time. lol, then I was told they have thousands and thousands of people to call....I asked why I didnt receive a letter... at that time I was so disguested I dont remember what was said. I then told them to cancell my 5 year membership. lol I was told that would be taken care of and I would receive a refund based on the time left. lol wonder if its 10 percent or 100 pecent.

What really irrates me is if I had gone to the resort, with my guests who are traveling from Europe, and the clerk said gee didnt someone call you and tell you we are closed. I think I would have smacked someone upside the head.

So if any RCI representatives read this note, please credit my account with $350 in cash, and or coupons.

Thanks Larry.


TUG Member
Apr 23, 2005
Reaction score
Carmel, IN

I am unable to address individual account issues here. Please send a message to feedback@rci.com and enter TUG in the subject line. The Communications Team will make every effort to help.

While I am certainly sorry to hear that no notification reached you before you contacted your confirmed resort, I can tell you that RCI makes every effort to notify members if their resort will be unavailable. When the travel dates are very close, and we have hundreds of members to reach, we do usually attempt that contact via an automated telephone call that can be widely broadcast. For dates at least a few weeks away, we can afford the mailing time to send letters.

One of the challenges we face is re-establishing communication with resorts that may not have phone service or power. Sometimes it is also initially difficult for resorts to predict with confidence when they'll be able to reopen. It is a constant process of communicating with our resorts and members.

I am sorry to hear that this impacted your vacation. Hopefully, the Communications Team will have some ideas for you.