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Need help on Board of Directors decision to restrict RCI availability


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Sep 2, 2019
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Inverness at South Padre
I need help on how to respond to Board of Directors decision to eliminate June/July 2020 availability on RCI.

Key Points
  • I have owned my timeshare at Inverness at South Padre since August 2003
    • I purchased my timeshare from Wroman LLC who had a sales office at the resort.
    • At the time of purchase, it was a fixed week (week 30 - roughly the last week of July) for a 2BD2BH Penthouse Unit.
    • At the time of purchase, the timeshare and RCI participation were bundled together. I did not have a choice about RCI participation.
    • Wroman could not deliver that unit and Inverness (managed by ICS Management) assigned a "red week" unit to me. I would have never purchased a Red Week
    • In reviewing my documentation, the only place that a fixed week is mentioned is in the RCI agreement. The purchase contract with Wroman is vague as to the precise type of unit.
    • In May 2005, I received a letter from ICS "congratulating" me on my conversion to RCI points. I did not choose to "convert"
  • Despite these issues, I have been able to reserve a week in July for 13 of the past 15 years
    • I did have to make the reservation one year in advance.
    • All reservations were through RCI
  • When I tried to make a reservation for July 2020 (later June 2020), there was no availability after December 2019. RCI said to contact the resort.
  • When I first called ICS in July, they said availability would not be released till August or September. The customer service person claimed it had always been this way. I pointed out that her statement and my experience did not match. I have documentation from RCI going back to 2012 where I have been able to reserve a week in July one year in advance.
  • I continued to check RCI throughout August but no availability.
  • In the last week of August, I contacted ICS again. This time, the customer service person said the release would be in September but then added that there would be no availability for June/July 2020. She stated:
    • It was my choice to go with RCI
    • That "my week" entitled me only to January - April and I could also get August and September.
      • That is a complete non-starter for me. My wife works as a teacher's assistant and reports back to school generally in the first week of August.
      • Comments about my original purchase being for the last week of July were met with "Wroman lied to you - timeshare sales companies lie all the time" and that Wroman was now out of business.
        • I feel that RCI, ICS Management, and Inverness all benefited from Wroman's actions and that does not relieve them of all responsibility.
    • It was a Board of Directors decision and there was nothing that ICS could do.
    • I could send an email to her that she could forward to the Board requesting a week in June.
      • Since she has changed her story, I don't really trust her.
I need advice on how to proceed.

Despite the initial issues, I was happy with the resort as long I could make a reservation one year in advance. They will still expect their annual maintenance fee ($785) even though I can't make a reservation in June or July.

I know that resale is not really an option. I do not care for deeding the timeshare back to them as I feel that is rewarding their questionable behavior.
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Jun 6, 2005
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WKORV, WKV, 2-SDO, 4-Kauai Beach Villas, Island Park Village (Yellowstone), Hyatt High Sierra, Dolphin's Cove (Anaheim)
Unfortunately, the time to address this was in 2003, when you were not sold the week you were promised. At that time you should have demanded that they transfer the week that you were promised, or cancel the sale. You could sue them, but the resort has deeper pockets and nastier lawyers than you do, so you'd just be throwing good money after bad. I'm sorry, but I don't think there is any way to resolve this.


TUG Review Crew: Elite
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Jul 13, 2015
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Hgvc Anderson, Blue Ride Village Resort
It doesn’t matter what they allowed you to do or what you did in the past. If you do not have it in writing you have no recourse.

You can gather all the information on the weeks you were able to get and ask the board why it is different now. The answer you probably will get is you shouldn’t have gotten those weeks according to your contract, it was an error but it doesn’t hurt to ask.