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Marriot Time Share


Dec 26, 2015
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San Francisco
Hey All,

New to this site. My Wife and I have a Marriot Time Share out of Palm Dessert Ca. that we have had for 20 years or so. We use it mostly on our home location, cause they never have Maui or some higher end place available, even months in advance. This has made us a little skeptical on owning the Time Share. My question is : Should we try to sell ? We have received a flier from [link deleted], not sure about that. If we sold, is there a better and cheaper way to travel, renting a time share from of this group ?

Thanks for your time, great site... George
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Jul 26, 2006
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Massachusetts and Hilton Head Island
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Marriott Barony Beach and SurfWatch
Hi mrlazerworks!

I have edited your post to delete the name/link of the company which has contacted you, because the TUG Posting Rules do not permit advertising in the public forums. Generally the TUG consensus is that you should be wary of any companies that offer unsolicited services to dispose of your timeshare. It may be a good idea for you to ask in the Ratings of Timeshare Related Businesses forum if any TUGgers are aware of this particular company, for a start. Please note you cannot post a direct link to the company in that forum, either, but you can name it.

If I were looking to get rid of a Marriott timeshare I would begin with an inquiry to Resales Operations because Marriott is and has been buying back/brokering their Weeks, and in many cases what they offer is more than what can be had on the external resale market. There's no guarantee that any certain Weeks will be eligible or that any certain price will be offered but it's worth the day or two it will take to get a response. All of the information you need is in that link.
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Jun 6, 2005
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Lake Tapps, WA
We have great success trading our TS ( Both Marriott & non Marriott) for great places like a 2 bed Westin in Maui, a 2 bd westin & Marriott in Kauai BUT you must be looking ( or deposit and ask for a trade) way more in advance than 3-4 months. I'd guess that most of the time we get a trade about 6-8 months before checkin.

Personally IMHO I'd spend the ~$2500 and join the DC (Marriott point vacation club) and use your pts to either reserve at a different Marriott resort or use pts to go back to your own resort in a different season.

DO NOT buy more pts because you can rent pts from other DC owners for the same cost as the MFs on pts you'd buy.


TUG Member
Feb 24, 2012
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Marriott Willow Ridge (x2), Ko Olina week 51 (x3) & 52(x2)
My suggestion would be for you to put an on going search with Interval for Hawaii. I've traveled to Hawaii multiple times every year through exchanging in II and there is availability. I search just about every day and I see availability on a regular basis. Currently there is plenty of availability in Ko Olina, O'ahu in April and beginning of May in 2 br units. It would be much cheaper than enrolling for DC points and you would get more out of it. With the number of points you would get, you might get a week depending what season you have vs possibly 2 weeks in Hawaii if you lock off your unit and deposit both halves so you can make two exchanges.


TUG Review Crew: Expert
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May 20, 2006
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NE Florida
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Marriott Grande Vista
Marriott Harbour Lake
Sheraton Vistana Villages
Club Wyndham CWA
The Palm Desert properties are great properties and great traders too. I don't know what season you own, but the only reason you shouldn't be able to get Hawaii Marriott's to trade is because you are not putting in an ongoing search to trade. All of the weeks that you see online on the II website are leftovers after all of the ongoing searches are matched. Put in an ongoing search for when you want to travel at least 12 months in advance, and you are likely to be successful. The only time you might not be is in peak winter or peak summer requests.

Definitely don't pay anyone to try to sell your timeshare. You can sell it very easily for free on your own. Your timeshare has some value, the post card you got is from companies that have no other goal than to swindle you out of your hard earned cash.


Tug Review Crew: Rookie
TUG Member
Jun 9, 2005
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Plymouth, MI
Since you bought your week 20+ years ago it was probably at some of the lowest developer prices. Like Bill suggests, investing another $2500 to join the Destinations Club will open many more opportunities to your timeshare usage.

The annual DC fees also includes your membership to II.

Your comment "We use it mostly on our home location, cause they never have Maui or some higher end place available, even months in advance" got me to wondering how you approach exchanges with II. Do you only search for current availability or do you try an ongoing request?

An II rep once told me they can't give what they don't have. Combining that with the fact that inventory changes in a flash, you would have more success with exchanging if you made a plan for an ongoing request.

For example, when I have wanted a high demand week at Ko Olina the following year I first reserved my week during a high demand time and immediately deposited it into II so it would be there BEFORE the Ko Olina folks reserved their weeks and would be depositing them for their II exchanges. My week was in II just waiting for the deposits and I got a match almost exactly on the day I requested one year ahead of the trip. I've used this same method for other resorts and it's worked many times.