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Dog Etiquette question/poll

What do you think about pets going in your yard

  • Its fine as long as the owner cleans up after the dog

    Votes: 57 52.8%
  • Absolutely not under any circumstances, keep your mutt off my lawn! your neighbor was right!

    Votes: 39 36.1%
  • number 1 is ok, number 2 is a nono

    Votes: 10 9.3%
  • a sack of walnuts

    Votes: 2 1.9%

  • Total voters


TUG Lifetime Member
Jun 6, 2005
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Good to know shrubbery is OK. I was feeling a bit guilty but my boys rarely mark empty patches of grass. They are all about the shrubs, trees, rocks, fence posts, etc.

As you can see, our yard has some obvious bare patches but that is from some wild play, not bodily fluids.




TUG Member
Sep 26, 2006
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No. Cal
Resorts Owned
Newport Coast Villas
Shadow Ridge
First of all let me say I love dogs. I have always had a dog or two and couldn't image life with out one. That being said except for the fact that the guy way over reacted I can understand why people get upset when animals come and mark their spot. It is just a couple ounces from one dog that then calls to the next dog that comes by to mark with a couple of more ounces and so on. It is canine nature. Once you know that the dog has gone and done his business in a controlled area you can teach him to "Leave" other areas alone. Your walk will actually become more pleasant because he won't be constantly pulling you to mark. You will be leading him instead of him leading you. My spoiled baby that follows me around like my shadow. :)

I agree totally and would like to share my perspective as a corner house owner and a service dog owner:

1) As a homeowner of corner property I am deeply offended when someone lets their dog poop in the yard. But if they pick it up it is gone. If the dog marks or pees, it does invited the next, and the next, etc. Also, if there are dogs in he house or yard it may get them upset and barking. So, I believe you should not let your children or your dogs walk or soil on others property (but I cast my vote for the first as the second one said said "under any circumstances" and what if it was a puppy? what if we were standing there talking? what if my guests just got there and drove 4 hours? I want to be reasonable).

2) As an owner of a Service Dog, I can tell you that dogs are easily trained to relieve themselves in acceptable areas. "Leave it" and "Off" are the comands. We walk our dog 2 times a day while at home and of course she travels with me as well. I could never imagine letting her just go (pee or poop) on a lawn. That includes timeshare lawns!! We always ask where they would like us to take her. (NCV has a square of grass in the parking lot area of the building we always request-this makes it convenient for us and no one is walking or playing there and it does not disturb other plants or shrubs)

Male service dogs are taught NOT to mark. (Can you imagine a person in the store letting their service dog mark:eek:)

BTW: During this last year, my service dog and I have stayed in 4 timeshares; taken a 10 day cruise; gone to Universal studios (yes, she did go on some rides) and Knotts Berry Farm without her relieving herself anywhere she shouldn't)

Brian, your walks with your beautiful boy will be much happier when you set the pace, and he knows where and when he can go, and he learns to "leave it" when going by others 'pee mail':eek: Judging from those paws, he looks like he still has some puppy in him so he will learn quickly:cheer:
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TUG Member
Sep 6, 2005
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Brian, just move to to the country in Oklahoma where we don't stress over such trivial matters. (Moving here may not make you live longer, but it will sure seem like it! :D )


Jun 6, 2005
Reaction score
Gotta Love Those Pound Puppies!

Have one myself, and looking to adopt another. One neighbor gets very upset (loves his lawn) if the dog pees or poops on his property. Of course...every chance the dog gets she runs over to his side to do her business. I just take the hose and wash the area down as soon as she does. He's a good neighbor and I like to keep it that way :D The other neighbor has a 10" rat he calls a dog....roams free, pees and poops all over my yard, and has left a 6" yellow mark the entire lenght of my house wall which is closest to his house. Not happy about it and really would like to kick the owner lol but let it go. Seriously if that was the biggest thing I have to worry / get aggravated about I'd have it made. :D

I try to confine my dog to my yard until she gets her business done, then take her for a walk. If she absolutely has to go while on the walk, I try to find some "community" property where she can go.

I have noticed that during the hot Florida summers, if we don't get frequent rain, there will be yellow, burned out spots where the dog peed. Don't bother me :cheer: I like the dog better than the grass :D