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Considering The Villa Group - Villa Del Palmar


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Dec 29, 2015
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We have been given an opportunity to transfer a friend's membership of 2200 Points (1 BDRM/1Week) and 1700 Points (1 BDRM/1Week) with The Villa Group. The membership is paid in full and maintenance fees current. We currently own a 1-week deed at Hyatt. The point system is different from what we currently have, but we think we can make it work for our family - either way. Does anyone, by chance, have membership with this group. If so, are you satisfied with them and your trading options?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative complaints on-line about The Villa Group, along with ResortCom - making us slightly reluctant to move forward. Hoping for some informative feedback.

Also, one concern: on the bottom of the Transfer Form it states, "Villa Preferred Access membership will revert to a "Premier" membership with 0 points upon transfer to a non-family member...if the transferee is not an immediate family member (which we aren't) of the Transferor, then the Transferred Membership shall automatically revert to a Premier Membership without any Club Points." This is slightly confusing, as it appears this group goes by the point system. If someone can expand on this verbiage, it would be greatly appreciate too. For some reason, a phone number isn't readily available anywhere on the forms.

Thank you, in advance, for any information you can provide.:clap:
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Jun 10, 2015
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Mayan Palace Regency
Threads to read

Dear Linette2u,
Look I in recent threads for the information Beach Bar Bob posted re: the Villa board meeting in the fall and update info
You may want to PM - private message him or some other owners who are in that thread .
I only know what I have read here - but it sounds like a very usable system once you learn how - so this could be a good opportunity .

I was reading : for information - as we may wish to exchange into a Villa property one day .


Mar 24, 2006
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hi lanette, use this search page to find endless info about VDP!


Welcome to TUG! Sure glad you found us before buying!


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Aug 21, 2005
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Palm Springs of Washinton
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This isn't a good deal because of the membership reverting into a premiere membership because.....

1. This contract change means that you will pay a maintenance fee based on points for a premiere contract.

2. The amount of time left on this contracts RTU is very long compared to a premiere contract. Most premiere contracts will expire in the next 11 years. Most points contract will have close to 30 years left on them.

3. You can only reserve 10 months out with a premiere membership at all of the resorts except Puerto Vallarta where the window is 24 months. This is because premiere contracts have a home resort and all resale premiere contracts have PV as a home resort. The reservation window at the home resort is 24 months.

I have premiere contracts that begin to expire in the next 8 years. This is part of my exit strategy. VDP's are easy to rent so I am not concerned about the expiring RTU's on these contracts.

Bottom line, don't do it as they are not worth it. Find a resale gold winter week contract or if one ever pops up again, snag a premiere winter week.