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[ 2012 ] Two Calls from Wesley Financial re my "Complaint" about Wyndham


Aug 7, 2012
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Got a call from Wesley financial. I am not sold on how it works yet but I haven't felt like they care if I do this or not. I told the guy I wasn't interested in the beginning and he said thanks and let me go. I called him back a day later. He went through what they proposed. I am not new to Wyndham or Fairfield and have been pretty disgusted with the whole deal. I use it but was taken this last time. I have an appointment for a call from their attorney. Keep you posted.

This is a far simpler matter than all the speculation here warrants. If you enjoy the use of your timeshare, have more money than you know what to do with and are not annoyed with the incessant urging to upgrade with each use.........more power to you and good luck!

However, if you feel you were misrepresented or not fully informed at the time of purchase of ever increasing maintenance fees in perpetuity and have come to realize that you own a depreciating liability that you do not want your heirs saddled with...........do something about it. The best solution? Designate this financial boat anchor in your Last Will and Testament to the timeshare salesman that sold it to you.


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Mar 21, 2007
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New England Coast
A theory...

I wonder where they are getting that phone number from?

Fwiw, I have long believed that rogue RCI employee(s), presumably without the knowledge or consent of their higher ups, have "leaked" owner info. Whether for money, or out of spite as disgruntled employee(s), or for some other unknown reason, who knows? With Wyndham owning RCI outright and Wyndham ownerships also having associated RCI membership, those two databases surely interconnect quite seamlessly.

I base this (admittedly unproven) theory upon my own direct, first hand experience. In yesteryear, I belonged to RCI, which somehow always had a very specific misspelling of my name in their records, which I never bothered to correct. This was the one and only place where I ever saw that particular misspelling of my name. I also have (and have always had) an unlisted, unpublished home phone number, known to RCI.

Oddly, I used to get timeshare-related junk mail and junk timeshare phone calls at home, any and all such mail and phone calls to my unlisted number reflecting that particular RCI misspelling and / or consequent mispronunciation of my name. No other mail or calls unrelated to timeshares ever reflected that name error and not too long after I let my RCI membership expire, all such unsolicited timeshare junk mail and the junk timeshare calls to my unlisted number essentially ceased.

Concrete proof? Certainly not.
Mere coincidence? Unlikely. :ponder:
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Jun 6, 2005
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The Centennial State
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This Wesley Financial in Nashville just called me on our chimney cleaning business phone number. I thought he was trying to sell me advertising for our business, and so I was trying to be polite to get him to get to the point. He said, "Do you still own your timeshare?" Took me totally off-guard. I said of course we own several. He said he could get us out of it.

What? I am not in timeshare mode. It's my busy season answering the phone. I don't sit in the shop all day with the phone lines just hoping to talk timeshare.

I should have said, "I didn't call you to help me with my timeshare, nor would I!!!" So don't call me with your stupid lies.