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westgate orlando

  1. K

    Cancellation Process HELP

    Hi, Im for Puerto Rico I singed the contract in Orlando, FL on March 29, 2024. I send in a box by express mail and certificate the suitcase with all the brouchers and with the resccined letter in English and Spanish language. Today I check the USPS # and said that "We were unable to deliver...
  2. B

    Non US Resident help me with cancelling timeshare

    My husband and I foolishly bought into a timeshare at Westgate Orlando when we visited Orlando on September 1st. We are from Barbados. I would like to cancel the timeshare but I am outside of the 10 day period as it is now 22nd October but I have not fully paid the deposit. How do I get out of...
  3. A

    Rescinding a timeshare

    Hi all, Like many I now see here my husband and I feel we have been duped into signing a timeshare with Westgate Palace, Orlando. I immediately had second thoughts and want out. We leave Florida tomorrow and head home to Scotland arriving Monday. I plan to draft the letter of rescission that...
  4. N

    Free westgate orlando timeshare

    Hi, I'm new to all this, last November we bought a timeshare and are not using it so I would like to give it away, the monthly mortgage is $350 and the yearly dues are almost $1000. It has tons of cruises and hotel deals. Let me know if you want it.
  5. C

    New caveats to Westgate Legacy Program??

    I just got off the phone with a representative from the Legacy Program about my exit options and was informed that because I don't use my timeshare often enough, I don't qualify?? Has this always been a thing? I've seen the success stories on here of getting out of the Westgate timeshares, and I...
  6. J

    Westgate cancellation

    Hello I need advice me and my husband regret that we signed for trade off timeshare. We signed on July 19. I wanted to cancel it and we open up with them the MasterCard and had the down payment charged to that card. How do I cancel and stop them from me charging the down payment or any future...
  7. J

    help me cancel!!

    Hello All! I purchased a timeshare through Westgate ome July 6. we did not leave the full deposit and have until September 3 to complete the deposit. we have yet to receive the deed, however, I'm being told that I cannot cancel. am I unable to cancel because I signed the contract more than 10...
  8. I

    Westgate - Club Orlando Sale!?!

    Hello All! I am new to the group and wanted to see if there was any advise for my situation and to see if there were any Club Orlando owners on the board getting the same letter I am. Long Story short - Inherited a Club Orlando Timeshare years ago, have a deeded property there, used it to...
  9. G

    Canceling Westgate (Orlando) Timeshare

    Thank you all so much for your posts! Because of this site I was able to start the cancellation process right away! I have just come back from the post office and sent my cancellation letter certified. I can’t thank you enough for the information. I feel bad for people that don’t fine the info...
  10. F

    Westgate Rescind in process - Question about the funds refund

    Hello to all, and thank you for having me here! As a lot amongst ourselves, I found out about this forum after finding myself into a very very bad position after being stuck for 5 hours on my last day of my vacation in Orlando with a sales rep. I signed, thinking i might be getting a good deal...