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  1. G

    Points vs Weeks

    I owned a week, and was just upsold into upgrading to points (I still have my week but can use its points now). I paid a lot for the upgrade. Did I get scammed? Related and really important question, how many RCI points does an average week in a 2-bedroom unit cost?
  2. TJALB

    What exactly does a week number assignment along with floating mean?

    I'm ashamed to say that I've been buying resale timeshares for years but, never really looked into how the week number affects the timeshare. I know if it's "Fixed" then that's the only week an owner can use. However, if a week number is assigned to a TS and along with that it states...
  3. J

    Owning weeks in RCI

    We bought weeks in RCI at Patriots Place in Williamsburg, VA, ages ago. Now RCI wants us to pay ridiculous dollars to convert to points. We went to the sales pitch and the first guy told us that our maintenance fee was going to go up astronomically to cover all the units in the building...
  4. R

    Shenandoah Crossing Weeks UDI Wanted

    Hi, let me know if you have or know anyone with one of these. I am looking for a weeks UDI ownership deed. I was a long time owner of a couple of weeks, moved and sold them in 2017 and 2018. Now I am looking to get one back. I know a lot about the resort and the ownership, so please only contact...
  5. Naria2004

    RCI Inventory Updates?

    How often does RCI update inventory availability? Is there a best time (certain hour of the day) to search to try to get something? We've made a last minute decision to try to go somewhere this July with some expiring points, and we are specifically interested in North Carolina mountain area...

    Buying weeks to trade with Wyndham for vip points

    I've heard something about being able to trade weeks deeds for wyndham vip points? Does that ring a bell with anyone? If there is already a thread, can you direct me to it.
  7. M

    RCI - Weeks Exchange on Big Island, Hawaii Fall 2019

    Hi - First time poster here. I have an on-going search with RCI with dates ranging from mid-Sept through mid-Dec 2019. The resorts in my search are: 1) Bay Club 2) Kohala Suites 3) King's Land and 4) Mauna Lani Hotel. I created my ongoing search 2 weeks ago and I got a match at Bay Club...
  8. B

    Losing Proposition

    Brand New to Tugs. I was gifted a 13 week (weeks) timeshare; studio.. Attitash Grand Summit. Joined RCI and signed up as a Platinum member. I do not use the timeshare since I own a home nearby. So I put all 13 weeks into the timeshare rental program. If I were to do nothing else with the...
  9. G

    RCI Weeks - TPUs

    I’m trying to understand how the RCI "Weeks" membership program works. I haven’t paid for the RCI Weeks membership fee yet and would like to know more before I do. I am trying to figure out much trading power I will receive for my timeshare week. I have a one week 2-bedroom lock off at Le Reve...
  10. M

    FREE: 1 annual week w/ Grandview at Las Vegas

    Grandview at Las Vegas 1 bedroom - 1 bathroom Fixed annual week 19: 2016: May 6 - May 13 2017: May 12 - May 19 Maintenance Fee: 2017 MF has been paid: $382.50 Usage: First usage for new owner 2017 RCI: 14 Trading Power Points: This deed does not have points, but I believe you can pay to...