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timeshare resales

  1. TUGBrian

    Dont forget to update Marketplace Listings for 2024!

    As 2023 comes to a close, many listings posted as full year floats or similar for 2023 will need to be updated to reflect your available usage in 2024! Be sure to update your listings in the marketplace asap to update your 2023 dates for 2024! or as applicable, please mark any 2023 listings...
  2. L

    Preferred Timeshare Resales?

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has purchased a resale through Preferred Timeshare Resales? And is it better to purchase a resale through a broker who has listed for someone on Redweek, or directly from an owner who is selling on Redweek? Thanks so much!
  3. TUGBrian

    Timeshare Users Group Marketplace tops 47 Million dollars in completed listings!

    Just broke 47 Million here this week (April 2020)! This is the dollar amount total for Timeshare Classified ads actually marked as sold or rented in the TUG Timeshare marketplace....every one of them commission free! http://ads.tug2.net any TUG member can post a resale or rental ad in...
  4. TUGBrian

    $29,000,000 in succesfully sold Timeshares!

    A wonderful milestone for the TUG Timeshare Marketplace as we have now reached more than $29,000,000 worth of Timeshares sold by TUG Members! We all know selling a Timeshare in this market is difficult, but have proven every single day for the last 20+ years that owners CAN sell themselves...
  5. TUGBrian

    TUG Timeshare Marketplace breaks $38 Million in completed listings!

    Broke 38k earlier this week! This is the dollar amount total for Timeshare Classified ads actually marked as sold or rented in the TUG Timeshare marketplace....every one of them commission free! http://ads.tug2.net any TUG member can post a resale or rental ad in minutes, all online thru the...
  6. TUGBrian

    Preview of new marketplace page!

    Just wanted to post here to give some a quick preview of one of the new pages we are creating within the marketplace to make it easier for folks to browse the thousands of active ads we have and find what they are looking for (as well as to result in much higher search result rankings in major...
  7. TUGBrian

    TUG Marketplace breaks $33,000,000 in completed resales and rentals

    Another milestone for TUG, as the Timeshare marketplace has now crossed 33 million dollars in completed resales and rentals for owners! still proving year in and year out that Timeshare owners can indeed sell and rent themselves, without falling victim to scammers, and without paying huge...
  8. TUGBrian

    2016 statistics from the TUG Timeshare marketplace!

    http://tug2.net/timeshare_advice/timeshare_sales_rental_history.html include the top 25 timeshares sold and rented for all of 2016, as well as the top 25 posted resale and rentals! hope everyone enjoys the data each year!
  9. P

    How to search for best reselling companies?

    I don't see the search function we had in the old system! We no longer plan much travel and so must sell our Hilton property. Any information on the best company to use would be helpful. I think this information is here somewhere.....? thanks Anita
  10. TUGBrian

    TUG gets some love from north of the border!

    Canadian news site article about timeshares, mentions resale and TUG! well done! https://canadianfinanceblog.com/buying-timeshares/
  11. TUGBrian

    Free Timeshare Ads - TUG Timeshare Marketplace!

    Ok folks...its been a long time coming but we have now arrived! Now available for public use is the latest and greatest Timeshare Classified ad program provided to you FREE by TUG! First and foremost to use this new program to post for sale, for rent or for exchange ads, YOU MUST BE A TUG...