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timeshare cancellation

  1. P

    Cancel Timeshare Contract after Rescission Period

    Hello all, I made this account due to inability to find anything specific to my situation thus far. Backstory: I signed with HGVC in May 2021. My contract entails 3,520 points every even year of the platinum season at Las Palmeras. I have monthly payments of $189, which I have always paid on...
  2. R

    Cancel Contract from 1991

    Hello guys, my mother signed a contract in 1991 for a Timeshare apartment from Westgate Resorts. The contract is for 99 years. She is not a US citizen, lives in Chile and is 67 years old with no income. She can only use 1 week a year on fixed dates, and she has been paying almost USD 1,500 a...
  3. V

    Leading Vacations Club--Need Opinions

    I'd like to know what you all think. I got sucked into a 1.5 hr presentation, that included breakfast, so I thought how bad can it be--I'll just eat slowly and just ask for my freebie at the end. Everyone was so nice and chatty, and then the price dropped dramatically, we shook some guys hand...
  4. M

    Timeshare contract cancellation

    We own multiple timeshare properties and need to get out of the contracts soon. We have had limited success selling. I am looking for specific recommendations to one of those companies that promote contract cancellation. Does anyone have any experience with one of these companies?
  5. K

    Florida statutes 721.07 (6)

    Hello Members, My first question in the forum. What does the sentence "While you may execute all closing documents in advance, the closing, as evidenced by delivery of the deed or other document, before expiration of your 10-day cancellation period, is prohibited." in the Statutes 721.07(6)...
  6. T

    Yikes! They almost had us!!

    Hello all, On January 29th, my husband and I purchased a timeshare is Orlando, at Westgate Resort. My husband and I both had Birthdays coming up and wanted to treat ourselves. Boy, what a joke!! We booked a room at Westgate to stay in while we were in Orlando for the NFL ProBowl. Early Sunday...
  7. F

    Winterfield Funding

    Anyone familiar with this group or had any experience with them? They are located in Fort Worth, TX. They deal with extricating owners from their Timeshares and was wondering if anyone here could comment on their services. Thanks! Keith
  8. TUGBrian

    DRI suing more "cancellation firms"

  9. margiemosley

    Attended A Meeting Last Week With Timeshare Relief Team Inc.

    Received a phone call from a marketing group inviting us to attend a meeting regarding updates on our timeshare at one of the local hotels in our area. It included a free dinner. My hubby and I decided to attend. In reality, it turned out to be a consumer advocacy group making a sales pitch...
  10. R

    Trying to rescind. Is Saturday a business day?? Please advise.

    Hello everyone. I am in the process of trying to rescind or escape a new purchase. (HGVC; bought straight from Hilton because I am a fool.) I have already learned a lot and, for the benefit of other newbies, I will post on ongoing thread about my experiences to see if it helps anyone. What...
  11. TUGBrian

    Hundreds of Timeshare Owners have found TUG & saved Millions of dollars cancelling timeshares!

    2/2023 UPDATE: AMAZING MILESTONE TO HIT 20 MILLION DOLLARS! This sticky will serve as a reference for threads from folks who found TUG in time to rescind their new Timeshare purchase and save thousands by discovering the resale market! note these are just threads that CONFIRM a member has...
  12. DeniseM

    How to rescind (cancel) my timeshare purchase?

    How to Cancel a Timeshare Purchase - Free timeshare advice article