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timeshare advice

  1. A

    Help Please. Need advice

    Hi. I am an Australian Citizen who bought into the Silverlake resort in Florida when on holidays back in 2018 which is now owned by Capital Vacations. I currently have 5 years left on the loan of the timeshare but unfortunately through poor service and communication ( I have documented all the...
  2. L

    Help on Villa Del Palmar

    We've been member of VDP for a couple of years now and we've had some great experiences, but with the economy in the US changing so much, everything is so expensive and having older parents that we now have to support, it's become very difficult to keep up with the payments. We are Elite...
  3. Grammarhero

    $10 Williamsburg Plantation resale TS or just rent?

    Been looking and considering Williamsburg TS for 3.5 weeks now. I love the place and can come back yearly. Here are what I’m considering 1) Williamsburg Plantation, EY week 30 7/27/19 to 8/3/19, 4LBR/4BA/F12, $10 sales price, $874 MF, buyer pays closing and transfer costs (TUG ad attached) 2)...
  4. J

    New Timeshare Purchase good idea or bad idea?

    Purchased Timeshare thru HICV- 50,000 pts for $11,700. Points are awarded annually. $408 Assesment Fee. Given a bonus of 100,000 pts. Deeded property is Orange Lake West. Sister and bro-n-law have Timeshare thru same developer and have had it for years. Have been traveling with them, but want...
  5. TUGBrian

    Clark Howard still providing great Timeshare info for his listeners/followers!

    https://clark.com/travel/how-to-get-rid-of-a-timeshare/?utm_source=Clark+Newsletter+List&utm_campaign=90493f68e5-Clark_Daily_Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_afa92deb83-90493f68e5-72989057 so many folks can thank Clark for his years of promoting TUG in helping them find us in time to...
  6. J

    Trying to decide if need to rescind

    Please don’t just commmet rescind without some reason why. Ok we are new to timeshares. We have friends that own them with different companies and we have looked at them multiple times and we are numbers people. We travel a lot and do tend to end up spending a lot on vacations it seems in the...
  7. M

    To keep or rescind?

    My husband and I purchased a time share from HICV this past Sunday, Sept 2 at their Gatlinburg, TN resort. We're in our early 30s and wanting to know if the time share we purchased is worth keeping or rescinding. One of the main reasons we were "sold" in getting a timeshare is bc we both enjoy...
  8. Newbievv78

    Vacation village@pkwy new owner deal or doomed?

    Hey there fellow tuggers! Recently the collector and I ( aka my ever so impulsive fiancée)purchased a vv@p 2 bed lock out unit in bldg 19: first floor: A/Cunit: perpetually deeded unit: red week #17: 92,500 rci points avail: August renewal: first use 2018: maint fee/taxes: $900 (2018paid by...
  9. V

    Leading Vacations Club--Need Opinions

    I'd like to know what you all think. I got sucked into a 1.5 hr presentation, that included breakfast, so I thought how bad can it be--I'll just eat slowly and just ask for my freebie at the end. Everyone was so nice and chatty, and then the price dropped dramatically, we shook some guys hand...
  10. G

    Is it ever a good idea to get a Timeshare?

    I’ve found a lot of information about how terrible time shares are, but are there any good ones? Is it ever worth it if I’m the type of traveler that doesn’t go to the same place often? I like to go to different places. Or is a vacation club a better idea? Any good ones? Thank you!
  11. P

    Does Wyndham make owning more than one timeshare easy?

    i was just wondering if owning more than one Wyndham timeshare is pretty easy to maintain. Are both mf combined each month? Are points combined together on the account? If there are two timeshares and combined they are cheaper than one timeshare with the exact same amount of points, would...
  12. Greatdeal

    Timeshare Selling questions

    I have had a local individual want to buy our timeshare. And have read the sections and am getting mindblogged from all the info. If there is anyone who has sold their time share by just buying the online sales kit, please offer me advice. We are giving our timeshare away and paying closing...
  13. R

    Advice on selling our timeshare

    Good morning, My wife and I have purchased a time share with (now) Diamond Resorts in Virginia Beach, VA. When we bought it, we purchased it from Gold Key Resorts. This company was later bought by Diamond. When we purchased the timeshare, we got a deed for the "property". Diamond has tried HARD...
  14. H

    Getaway Travelers and Escrow Holding Management - SCAM?

    Has anyone done business with these guys? They are offering my elderly parents a lot of money to buy a time share..... cant find anything on them.... seems odd?
  15. B

    Took the plunge... now an owner.

    Buyers remorse has set in. We know we like the three properties we toured in Carlsbad. Been back twice on a VIP package. Signed the papers to buy at Seapointe. Seems like resales on marbrisa are much cheaper than what was offered to us? Could this be based on fixed week vs floating? We have one...
  16. TUGBrian

    Money Talks "Ask Stacy" most asked question of 2016.....

    Help with Timeshares! https://www.yahoo.com/tv/ask-stacy-most-asked-questions-122236686.html nice that TUG gets the first mention/link in the story...hopefully more owners find us before falling victim to upfront fee scammers!