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time share sale

  1. E

    Help getting rid of timeshare points > Capitol Vacations

    Hello, I'm trying to help my parents get out of their timeshare with Capitol Vacations. I logged in, and it appears they have 792,000 points (Silver Owner). Looking at the bookings page, a several night stay in Florida would only take 5,700 points. However, my parents cannot pay the fee's...
  2. searay

    Dikhololo 1-bd Units

    I have 3 1-bd Dikhololo units I'd like to offer if anyone is interested. Bought them in 1999/2000 and have gotten a lot of great trades through RCI. We are not into making money on them but maybe someone can enjoy them as much as we have. It's just that we are older and not able to travel as...
  3. AW1988

    Need guidance: Hilton Grand Vacation Timeshare out of Vegas - Wesley Financial, LT Transfer, etc

    Hello Tugbbs community! I have come to ask for a deep help, and offer the sincerest gratitude to any and all whom can help me. I truly mean that. So without further adieu: To keep a long story short, back on 8/31/2013, I along with my x-girlfriend made a terrible mistake when we were younger...
  4. Grammarhero

    $10 Williamsburg Plantation resale TS or just rent?

    Been looking and considering Williamsburg TS for 3.5 weeks now. I love the place and can come back yearly. Here are what I’m considering 1) Williamsburg Plantation, EY week 30 7/27/19 to 8/3/19, 4LBR/4BA/F12, $10 sales price, $874 MF, buyer pays closing and transfer costs (TUG ad attached) 2)...
  5. P

    Wyndham timeshare worth

    Hi Everyone, I bought a timeshare from Wyndham last year but I realized that it's doesn't work for me because I like to do road trip and hiking stuff for my vacation. I am planning to sell it and I am wondering how much is my timeshare worth if I want to sell. I have silver vip membership...
  6. L

    Can I sell timeshares

    hello everyone. I own an apartment in a resort in Turkey. I want to ask can I contact a timeshare company to sell my apartment as different shares and still be the owner of the apartment? Also to take maintenance fees from the timeshare owners? Sorry for the dumb question I am new to this.
  7. A

    Newbie questions on selling a timeshare

    Hi, just joined your site. I have a timeshare resort associated with RCI; we've never stayed in the actual resort itself, but have used the points to travel to many different places over the years. Now we want to dispose of timeshare, in the process of simplifying our life. I've been reading...
  8. Greatdeal

    Timeshare Selling questions

    I have had a local individual want to buy our timeshare. And have read the sections and am getting mindblogged from all the info. If there is anyone who has sold their time share by just buying the online sales kit, please offer me advice. We are giving our timeshare away and paying closing...
  9. J

    **FREE**Grandview Las Vegas- 1 Bedroom- Week 22 Even Year

    **Make an Offer.**Grandview Las Vegas- Week 22 Even Year- 1 Bedroom. Maintenance fee: $200 Title Transfer: I will pay all transfer fees with LT Transfers.* LT Transfers will record the deed in your name(s) and send you documentation to provide to the resort that confirms you as the new owner...
  10. R

    Advice on selling our timeshare

    Good morning, My wife and I have purchased a time share with (now) Diamond Resorts in Virginia Beach, VA. When we bought it, we purchased it from Gold Key Resorts. This company was later bought by Diamond. When we purchased the timeshare, we got a deed for the "property". Diamond has tried HARD...
  11. K

    Red week

    Has anyone had experience with a timeshare company called Red Week?