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  1. F

    Looking to connect with Spinnaker Palaceview South Branson owners

    Even though they say they have no deed back on their website, I called them and was told I could deed back for $500. As we own it every other year, I figured there was no urgency, so I sat on it. They then contacted me and said they would waive the $500 fee. That all sounds great except now I'm...
  2. F

    Spinnaker, Palaceview South Branson Deedback

    Lot's of odd, conflicting information I've been reading. Pre-covid they had hired a new Manager to deal with delinquencies. I recently read they were at 7-15%. This indicates a downward spiral (having already been through a resort bankruptcy, that's a huge red flag). Years back, they were not...
  3. T

    Completely FREE! Week 37 Spinnaker at Shipyard Hilton Head Island includes Free Golf!

    Spinnaker at Shipyard on Hilton Head Island - week 37. This year would be FREE for you! Fees are already paid for this year. We will also pay closing costs! Annual fees after this year are $1441. 2 bedrooms, sleeps 6. Couch in living room pulls out to bed. 2 1/2 bath. This year the week is...
  4. E

    Spinnaker Resorts

    Are there any benefits in purchasing Spinnaker Resorts Palace View Resort from the developer that you do not get buying resale? If I purchased Palace View Resort in Branson, have you been successful trading to other Spinnaker Resorts such as Hilton Head? How successful have you been in...
  5. T

    Marriott aligned with Spinnaker?

    At our sales presentation, we were told that our home resorts, Spinnaker, will be able to select Marriott resorts in the future. This will require paying a fee of $8,000 or more to convert our weeks to points, or making a new Spinnaker purchase for points, rather than the weeks we have now. We...
  6. M

    being ripped off? [Deeding back Spinnaker timeshare]

    I am doing a deedback for my spinnaker timeshare EOY (even). I was quoted a processing fee of $750.00 over the phone by the rep for the resort. When she emailed me the specifics, she added on a $1,500.00 calling it annual usage fee. Since we are getting rid of the timeshare during the odd year...
  7. T

    Spinnaker at Hilton Head

    Has anyone heard a rumor that Wyndham is buying Spinnaker at Hilton Head including Waterside and Blue Water?
  8. R

    I know better... but got sucked in anyway... will cancel. Spinnaker

    Just rejoined TUG. Was member years ago. Unbelievably I fell for the spiel again! We've owned at Waterside Hilton Head since 2001. We've used it and enjoy the resort when we go. Since moving to Texas last year, our usage will certainly decline I believe. Recently Spinnaker called and...
  9. 2

    Anyone had luck deeding-back to Spinnaker (Hilton Head)?

    We have a 3-BR unit at the Cottages on Shipyard Plantation. We've only been there once since we bought it, and are now unable to travel at all. We've tried selling, giving it away, to no avail. The kids don't want it either. A couple years ago it seems there was a new rule put in place that in...