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rci account

  1. T

    Ocean Pines by Capital Vacations FREE ?!?!

    Helllo! We have fixed week 18 in a 2 bedroom unit (A2) available. It's currently in RCI points and the 2021 points are available for this year. You may stay in RCI or simply use the week and unit in future years. We can transfer the 2021 points to you or book a week in your name somewhere. The...
  2. S

    Interval international membership. Without timeshare ?

    Hello I am new member to tug. I wanted to ask what is the best way to be able to be a member of interval international without owning a timeshare ( I have RCI membership and I use it to buy the extra vacation /last minute deal) I would like to do the same thing with Interval international. I...
  3. Grammarhero

    Can Bank Weeks from RCI Resorts with Wyndham RCI Account?

    I know Wyndham TY come with RCI memberships. I have two other non-Wyndham TS resorts participating in RCI. Am I able to bank them using the Wyndham-affiliated RCI account?
  4. E

    Wyndham Resale Points + RCI Membership - Not included?

    I am currently in the process of purchasing resale points for Wyndham club... discussing with the broker and other sales agent attempts, I was told that I would automatically get a RCI membership for becoming a Wyndham member and will have access to last call, etc... However, today I called...
  5. VanX

    RCI offering to merge 2 separate accounts

    Hi, We have 2 separate RCI accounts for 2 timeshares and RCI has always said we could not combine them, when I asked previously. Now they are offering to combine them but are adamant that one specific one has to be collapsed. In my opinion the one they want to collapse is the more valuable...
  6. rboesl

    Isn't this a privacy issue?

    I recently received a card in the mail from RCI Travel Packages that I needed to make a phone call the activate to get complimentary savings dollars. I went through a long discussion with the person who was activating my card. What he was describing was eerily familiar. It sounded like the Vida...
  7. rboesl

    Premier Rewards, LLC

    Anyone have any experience with this company? I received a cold call from them last week. Their sales pitch made it sound like they were affiliated with RCI although it's clear from the agreement they sent they are not. Basically they are offering to lease my unused RCI points for a percentage...
  8. D

    Wyndham / RCI contracts puzzle, help appreciated

    Hi everyone, Im kind of new to time-sharing and most of your discussions and articules have given me a good broad idea of how they work and where the potential hazards may be. However, after reviewing for several hours the discussions in this forums I would deeply appreciate if you experts can...
  9. D

    Do I need points deposited in RCI to be able to search availability?

    I am a new resale owner and I'm trying to access the RCI portal but all it allows me to do is deposit points and I don't seem to be able to search RCI availability?
  10. R

    RCI Transfer

    [I'm sorry, but advertising/soliciting is not permitted in the discussion forums. I suggest that you post a want Ad in the TUG marketplace. For a list of other sites with resales, see the list at the top of the Buying, Selling, Renting Forum.]