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  1. E

    What to buy?!

    My husband and I recently sat through an HICV timeshare presentation in Gatlinburg. We liked what we heard but we are extremely glad we didn’t buy now that I’ve found this site. However, we are still very interested in buying one resell just don’t know what would be best for us. We are avid...
  2. Love2Vacation

    Selling using RedWeek

    I have signed up for TUG and listed my timeshare for sale (free) under MARKETPLACE and the BARGAIN BIN area. I also have my timeshare listed with RedWeek. Has anyone else used RedWeek? On TUG, I listed as an individual and then plan to refer any buyer to RedWeek. Is that how it works?? Or...
  3. H

    Anyone want to outbid me?-Valdoro

    I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I made the mistake of tipsy eBay-ing over the weekend. I bid on a Hawaii deed, two Vegas deeds, and a Valdoro (Colorado) deed. I won both the Hawaii and one of the Vegas deeds already and the Valdoro one closes in a day and I'm so so hoping I get outbid on...
  4. E

    No Refund After Bluegree ROFR From Online Seller

    Back in March, I won an ebay bid for a 20k points bluegreen TS. After winning the bid, I started working with "A Family On Vacation" to purchase the TS and transfer the deed. After a more than 5 months of waiting, bluegreens decided to exercise ROFR. Since at this point my purchase contract was...
  5. W

    Verifying a vistana reservation purchased on ebay (Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas)

    Hi All, I recently purchased a timeshare on ebay for a 1 week rental @ Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas(Vistana Property). Payment was fully submitted via ebay and the seller was prompt in his response. He asked for my name and later said that he has changed the reservation to my name...
  6. way2slow

    Question about Bonnet Creek rental

    Hi! There are a couple of Bonnet Creek rentals on Ebay that I'm interested in for late December. My problem is that I'm only 99% sure that I will have that time off due to a project at work that may or may not be completed by then. I don't own a timeshare so I'm not sure what the rules are...
  7. Rolltydr

    Need advice on ebay auction for Wyndham Smokey Mtns

    I’ve been watching an ebay item as wife and I are looking to add a resell contract to our current CWA contract. Does anyone have any experience with ebay seller ‘orlandots7’?
  8. SteelerGal

    Resales in Summer

    Are resales normally slow in summer months on EBay, Redweek, etc? I’ve noticed less offerings and higher prices.
  9. SteelerGal

    Hyatt Carmel on Ebay

    I was looking into the 2 EBay Auctions for Carmel. It indicates 1B6 as Unit. Thanks asked the seller and indicated the same based on Estoppel. Is this legit?
  10. Rachman

    How do escrowed eBay Sellers make money?

    I was looking to purchase a timeshare on eBay and see the bid for a few ideal Timeshares were only $1. In addition some are offering gift cards and closing costs paid in full. What is in it for these unattached sellers/brokers (ex. J&J Timeshare & Timeshares4U) who have no affiliation with the...
  11. rayreavis

    Cheated out of first year use of resale

    Buyer beware. I bought a resale at Oakmont in Pigeon Forge, TN through the seller named timeshares4u on eBay. It was a good deal, cheap maintenance fees, and it's a property my daughter and I will enjoy for several years. The problem is the timeshare was listed as *FREE 2019 USE* in the title...
  12. dryden

    Help with selling ski week on ebay.

    Hi All, I own [a timeshare week]. It has come time to sell it. It is listed in the Marketplace and I'm considering putting it on ebay as well. I'm looking for someone who has sold via ebay before to get an idea of Do's and Dont's outside of what I've read on the website. Any replies would be...
  13. G

    So you can Rent your regular week, but not an exchange week?

    So, If I am reading the forum correctly; most resorts will let you book your regular time (week for example), and rent that time out directly. Correct? But, If I book a week and deposit it for exchange, then I cannot rent out what I exchanged for. Correct? Lastly, then if I get the exchange...
  14. Shankilicious

    Buying more points resale.

    Ok, so I've owned with Welk Resorts for 3 years now and overall, after a rough start and learning how to best utilize my points and bonus weeks etc, we have been making positive ground on our investment. My questions that I can't find a direct answer to on here are these: 1-If I buy more points...
  15. A

    Newbie Needs Advice!! Points/Ebay purchase Questions

    Hello friends! I have been considering ownership for sometime now. My husband and I were sucked into a Wyndham preview package of some sort. We paid around $3k for 400,000 points to be used in 2 years. We had an awesome honeymoon in Oahu at the Wyndham Waikiki beach walk!! We ended up throwing...
  16. CindyinSD

    Ebay purchase of Welk Escondido points with HP Consultants

    i just won a bid on eBay for 540k Welk points - the seller is Larry Hansen with HP Consultants. The ebay ad stated seller would pay all closing costs. Larry sent me an invoice for 1/2 the sales price and a blank contract to sign and return. I asked him to fill in all the blanks first (missing...
  17. md8287

    EBay poll...Private listings

    I have never understood why some sellers use private eBay listings (where you can not see, or even figure out, other bidding action). I have heard sellers say it protects the bidder privacy but don't buy that given the bidder name scramble. I have heard buyers say it is done to allow fake bids...
  18. S

    Marriott Ko olina ocean view

    I'm shopping on eBay and currently the winning bid for MKO every odd year 2br 2 ba. ocean view for $4300. Since I'm new to this can someone help me with the following questions: 1. Does anyone know how to verify if the unit is a lock off? It's just me and my partner vacationing so we won't ever...