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  1. B

    Hgv max cabo Collection

    Hola. Just turned down 'opportunity ' to pay $25 to move our 12k us collection points to cabo collection. Told our maintenance fee would drop from $2400 to $1800 this year and likely never go up whereas US will go up 5% or more per year. We will recoup the $25k in less than 10years and be...
  2. K

    Diamond resorts: Cabo Maintenance Fees

    Anyone hear if Cabo maintenance fees are substantially increasing? We’ve been advised to spend the money to change our ownership from the Diamond US Collection to the Cabo Collection and recoup the cost in 2yrs. It makes some sense if fees stay low. . Just hard to know what to believe.
  3. A

    New buyer at HGV Max

    Hello Friends, I just bought an HGVMax membership at Cabo Azul (The Diamond Property, at 5000 points)and have few days to rescind. I want to ask few questions to the group to ensure I am making the right decision. It appears that we could almost always buy the timeshare in the secondary...
  4. K

    Diamond offered to lower/eliminate maintenance fees if I buy more points

    I have a silver membership with diamond. Diamond rep says if I pay another $65k over next ten years, I’ll have a deeded ownership and pay less (in monthly payments) than I pay now for annual fees. I will be upgraded to platinum and he says I’ll never never have to pay maintenance fees again...
  5. F

    Diamond resorts Hawaii collection recent mortgage

    Hello, We recently moved from the US collection to the Hawaii collection. During this move we incurred a hefty mortgage in which we regret. We missed the 7 day rescission period by 1 day and now essentially bound to this mortgage. I am seeking a way out of this and have reached out to the...
  6. F

    Purchased Diamond - Should we Rescind?!

    Hi all! We have been diamond owners for the last 3 years. This is the first year we’ve used our ownership. We’ve taken 2 vacations and on this one we purchased or “upgraded” from term ownership to full ownership and purchased an additional 7,500 for $2.68 a point. In addition, we added in club...
  7. F

    Diamond Sampler Reservation Cancel Fee - $75

    Hello It is with embarrassment that I say I purchased a DRI Sampler. Waste of money and all the lies. Anyway I am where I am. We had a reservation for April, nothing much 4 days. We decided to not go. I booked in Oct 19. There is a $75 cancel fee. Which just irritates the S*^t out of me. Does...
  8. S

    [ 2020 ] What happens once we submit Rescission Letter to Diamond Resorts?

    My mom is already a DRI owner and last weekend at a sales presentation she got talked into buying more points to solve a problem that points don't solve. (Topic for another thread...) I have found this forum to be so valuable in helping understand how to get her out of this situation, so THANK...
  9. Grammarhero

    Diamond Now Require Seller and Buyer Affidavits

    this past summer, apparently Diamond now requires buyer and sellers to sign and notarize transfer affidavits. Check out the screenshot! Wonder if this is just stonewalling, or Diamond forcing sellers to use their Transitions program.
  10. S

    Diamond Premiere Vacations Collection

    Free points to good family. 4250 points per year in a EOY even plan. I live in Europe now, so I cannot use the points. Annual fees about $950. Many locations in Arizona (Phoenix, Tucson, Sedona, Scottsdale, Payson, Pinetop) plus Mexico and Miami, Estes Park and South Bend, Las Vegas.
  11. S

    Pay another year or default?

    Diamond does not accept Transitions if you have the points from a third party. I can pay up again for points I do not want, or I can let it go without paying and cast myself to the winds. Which is better?
  12. 5

    Diamond Resorts deeded ownership to US Collection

    We’ve been Diamond owners for 13 years. We have a deeded ownership at Kaanapali Resort. Our maintenance fees have gone up from $900/ year to over $1500/ year and we also pay dues of over $350 / year to be in The Club as we exchange our week in Hawaii into points to use at other resorts. We’ve...
  13. RNCollins

    Modern Honolulu to become a timeshare

    Modern Honolulu to become a timeshare https://www.travelweekly.com/Hawaii-Travel/Modern-Honolulu-to-become-a-timeshare By Tovin Lapan / Hawaii / Travel Weekly / travelweekly.com / May 13, 2019 “Diamond Resorts will convert the Modern Honolulu from a hotel to a timeshare apartment building and...
  14. A

    Diamond Questions

    I am soon to be 50. I am considering long-term options. Ideally, we would love to have vacation homes in Hawaii, California coast, Sedona, Alder Creek Tract on the way to Tahoe, and be able to take trips elsewhere. I've been thinking about this for the last 5 years. Each time we travel...
  15. B

    Apollo acquisition of Diamond Resorts

    I came across an article on your website about the above acquisition of Diamond. I cannot find that thread to make a comment about a recent call I had from a very nice gentleman representing RCI with a Diamond/Club Silver and Gold Membership. He told me that with the recent acquisition of...
  16. sb_sparky

    I have many Diamond Timeshare points-How can I rent to someone to help pay for our maintenance fees?

    Hello, My husband and I bought at Point and Poipu in 2004 (15,500 points) and paid sky high Maintenance Fees for the water intrusion project for several years. We live in CA and there is very limited availability on the west coast. We always end up at the same locations available, Palm...
  17. WBP

    [2017] Why NOT to make a voluntary ARDA financial contribution this year, with your maintenance fee payment

    The stories of how ARDA, a trade association that represents the interests of timeshare developers, and alleges to represent the interests of timeshare owners, increase in number and magnitude every year. It is clear, ARDA'S most influential constituency are timeshare developers, who are one of...
  18. ConcernedOne

    I will inherit DRI ownership & am concerned.

    I need help deciding if the pkg. my parents have is worth what they have invested and will invest. They are DRI Platinum members and recently purchased Hawaii package. They also own in Williamsburg VA and Sedona AZ. Maintenance fees are $10K/year, plus they are paying on the big balance...
  19. M

    Newby needs help with Diamond Resorts

    Hi, I have zero experience with timeshares and I'm trying to help my aunt out with her Diamond Resort timeshare at Kaanapali Beach Club. Apparently it's the Hawaiian Collection. My uncle has always taken care of this and he passed away unexpectedly last month. She's receiving maintenance...