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big island

  1. D

    Hawaii -Kona Big Island - Feb 11 - Feb 25 >> 2B 2B >> Pick your days inside those dates (2023)

    Rules say $115 per day so there you have it. :cool:Want to visit for 6 days or 9 days or? Let's chat and you could catch midweek flights within Feb 11-25. Resort does have taxes and a fee for A/C which total about $25 per day (not included in the $115). You'll need to put a CC down for that...
  2. Clifbell

    Two Bedroom WorldMark Kona Review in Kona Hawaii

    About 15 miles from the Kona International Airport sits the WorldMark Kona. This is a smaller resort with only 64 units which is why it is so difficult to book. But it is a lovely place only a little more than a half mile from the edge of Kona and all the wonderful restaurants and night life...
  3. Clifbell

    Review Bay Club Two Bedroom Plus by Hilton Grand Vacations In Waikoloa Hawaii

    This room is huge. Over 1400 square feet. The living room is huge, the bedrooms are huge, and the kitchen is amazing. I happened to get a free upgrade from a standard two bedroom because I am an Elite member. Located 20 minutes north of Kailua Kona, Hawaii (Big Island) in Waikoloa, Hawaii...
  4. D

    Please help me with pricing to sell Hilton Hawaii Kohala?

    Hello, I am new here. The last kid is about to leave for college and my husband and I won't travel to resorts anymore. Could people give me an idea of a realistic selling price for Kohala - Hawaii by Hilton Grand Vacations? It is a Platinum with 7000. 2Br 2Bth 12600 points saved for next year...
  5. B

    Point Chart - HGV Ocean Tower, Waikoloa Hawaii

    Sharing what I believe to be a complete points chart for Ocean Tower within Hilton Waikoloa Village, Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii (The Big Island). As of August 2021, this property remains under active conversion from the original hotel rooms to HGV's timeshares, so there may eventually be additions...
  6. Blues

    Big Island Early May 2021

    My wife and I have reservations for early May at two different HGVC's in Waikoloa in early May. We're flush with points due to the pandemic, and we booked it as a place holder back when HGVC was not charging for reservations. So cancelling is totally cost-free. Haven't booked air yet, but...
  7. mayamart

    Likelihood of getting RCI exchange on Big Island Jan/Feb 2020?

    Has anyone had luck in getting an exchange on the Big Island in Jan or Feb, on RCI? I put up a week at my home resort Hotel Xcaret Mexico, for a week at a resort on the Big Island (Ongoing Search). Am I out of my mind or do I have a chance?
  8. Crercuda909

    Any Hawaiian island

    We are looking for accommodation from November 8 to 15 or even until the 22 . Can begin a day or two before or say or two after if it fits yours accommodation schedule Any Hawaiian island is fine Minimum one bedroom , We are a husband and wife . Thanks
  9. Crercuda909

    any hawaiian island Nov 9 to up to two weeks

    hi we are presently in maui, have booking until Nov 8. We are looking to extend from Nov 9 up to two weeks, Very flexible on dates and any island works ,Even a 4 days , a week or 10 days is fine We are two retired adults no pets, no children. Let us know what you have , thanks
  10. SteelerGal

    BI- Only RCI

    We already own on BI however I need to put together a surprised Bday celebration next yr. As I await for TS to close to join II, is there any BI TS in II? I only currently have visibility through our RCI TS which we are selling. TIA.
  11. M

    RCI - Weeks Exchange on Big Island, Hawaii Fall 2019

    Hi - First time poster here. I have an on-going search with RCI with dates ranging from mid-Sept through mid-Dec 2019. The resorts in my search are: 1) Bay Club 2) Kohala Suites 3) King's Land and 4) Mauna Lani Hotel. I created my ongoing search 2 weeks ago and I got a match at Bay Club...
  12. taterhed

    Keep it or Catch and Release?

    Just matched my first RCI OGS: 26 Jan 19 @ HGVC Kohala Suites, 2br (BI) I can still cancel today....I'm thinking of cancelling this exchange and holding out for King's land.... Lack of gym in facility, grills, bar, rest. etc.... Any thoughts?
  13. NiteMaire

    SFX Hawaii Trade: Happy Exchanger

    Previous to today, I had not exchanged through SFX. I signed up last year for a 3-year "Diamond" membership when I forgot to deposit my Colonies at Williamsburg 2BR with II until it was well within the flex period (less than 1 month until checkin) . I called SFX and they took my deposit with no...
  14. M

    Big Island Suggestions

    Staying at King's Land for a week in June with our 19 & 17 y.o. daughters. First time to Hawaii, and hope to visit Oahu for a few days before flying back to the states. Would love to get some island veterans' opinions 1. What are the "don't miss" sites on the Big Island? 2. If staying at...
  15. R

    New MVC on the Big Island

    Has anyone been able to book a stay at the new MVC on the island of Hawaii that opens in 2017? Has MVC actually started converting units into timeshare villas? We are planning to go in 2018.