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worldmark timeshare

  1. Clifbell

    Review of the one bedroom Worldmark Surfside in Ocean Park Washington

    If you stay here ask for a 3rd floor room because they have a better ocean view. It is so worth it to sit on your deck in the afternoon and watch a sunset. Or have early morning coffee and stare at the ocean. Located about 3 hours from Seattle or 2.5 hours from Portland Oregon in the beach...

    Charlotte Sellers - Surefire Vacations??

    Has anyone purchased anything from Charlotte Sellers. She is from Surefire Vacations, but has a gmail.com email address. I've been a victim of fraud before, so I am very leary now. I am trying to buy WorldMark points - and she has some for sale that I'd like to buy. She said that I can pay...
  3. T

    New pricing or sales tactics / pushing mainly RCI

    Just went to a WM presentation at a resort in California. Credit cost The sales pitch was 3.50 a credit lock in for 1 year as everything is changing in June 20th 2020, with prices set to skyrocket according to them -$5+ figures being dangled around. Walked away with some flyer guaranteeing a 1...
  4. G

    Cancelling a Worldmark Reservation last minute

    Hello, I have a reservation for Feb 3rd - 9th at one of the resorts and I now have a work obligation so I can't make it. I tried to cancel my reservation online but it says that there is no cancellation and that I won't be refunded any money for my stay. Has anyone successfully canceled a...
  5. R

    13 month booking changes

    There used to be a trick to front run high demand locations before the 13 month mark by booking a throwaway studio at a low demand location and continue with the reservation past 13 month window to the high demand week. This seem to have changed this year. As per the new rule, both locations...
  6. TUGBrian

    Reviews and Ratings of Worldmark Resorts on TUG

    Worldmark Timeshare Resort ratings and reviews also added a new query to show the highest rated WM timeshares here: https://tug2.com/timeshare-resorts/default.aspx?Top-Rated-Worldmark-Resorts&top=Worldmark
  7. TUGBrian

    Welcome to the Worldmark Forum on TUG

    Announcing the brand new Worldmark Timeshare forum on TUG, I know many of you have requested this for awahile, and we hope this will soon become the be all end all for Worldmark Timeshare information on the internet! Also welcome your moderator Steve! :wave: