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trading power

  1. A

    Where to start

    1) Is there a vacation destination you wish to visit most of the time or on a regular basis? if so where? We live in Texas, just starting a family and a big reason is to get access to II so when thinking of destination we aren't too worried. We travel frequently to Florida and have family out...
  2. P

    Value of RCI Trading Share

    I need to decide if I should be an RCI member by end of year so I can transfer my travelsmart points into RCI which would give me 30 trading power but transfer $250 and membership $99 + booking fee when use it so not sure if it's worth it. What is approximate value range of 1 trading power...
  3. P

    Should I join RCI for 30 Trading Power

    I have points in travelsmart that expire end of year I can transfer over (get 30 in trading power) for $250 +$99 RCI membership. I don't know much about RCI but I'll have 30 Trading power and it will cost me $350 to get set up. Is it worth it to join as is there a fee to use the trading powers...
  4. cindyc

    Trading Power Question, need advice

    I deposited a 2019, Gold Plus 1 bd Sheraton Desert Oasis and have an OGS for Kauai, 3bd in June 2020. My question is this, would my Trading power be better if I deposited the full 2 bd LO usage for 2020 and did an OGS for the same search? I have ePlus on the 1 bd and will get it if I deposit...
  5. Cynic

    Former RCI Employee Willing to CANDIDLY Help

    Hello everyone, I'm a veteran RCI employee, no longer with the company. I'm willing to answer any and all questions you may have about exchanging your timeshare. Much of how the system works is simply not disclosed to consumers, and I'd like to be instrumental in changing that. I'm going to...
  6. T

    Finding a good TS trader to buy

    New to TUG and Forum. Like what I have seen so far! Have owned Marriott weeks and points for 20+ years. Looking to buy a resale week that would be a good trader. Prefer Marriott because I'm familiar with their resorts and system but am willing to consider others. Ideas on what resorts would be...
  7. H

    Marriott Hawaii Trading Power in II

    Many Tuggers say buy where you will stay and I have also read some posts indicating it is getting harder to trade within II since Marriott is trying to save space for its DP owners. We are trying to decide if we should buy a Marriott EOY 2 bedroom lockoff in Maui Ocean Club or Ko Olina or a 2...
  8. B

    Trading Power

    Hi - I planned to send this message out to the whole membership, whomever was watching but I guess I have to actually pick some people to start up this conversation. You were the lucky two but maybe you can invite people to the conversation if you have nothing to say. I am a new member to this...
  9. P

    Advice needed with renting or trading Pono Kai in Kauai

    We are new to the whole timeshare thing. We have only owned our unit for 4 years, and we have only used our home resort. We have a 2 Bdr./ 2 bath condo that sleep 6-8 at the Pono Kai in Kapaa, Kauai reserved for July 26 - Aug. 2, 2017. We were planning on using this year for our family...
  10. R

    Orange Lake Trading Power

    I have checked around the site and couldn't find anything on this, so my apologies if I've missed something. I own 4 fixed weeks at Orange Lake: 2 week 51's (West Village) 1 week 52 (West Village) 1 week 4 (East Village) My weeks 51 & 52 have always had a trading power of between 52-56 points...