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tax write off

  1. S

    Can we claim Capital losses for tax purposes for giving away timeshares

    I (like many) purchased my time share from the original developer and am just giving it away for almost free. Since this is a loss, can we claim it as capital loss in tax return? Has anyone tried it? Any experiences, pointers?
  2. J

    2020 claim timeshare dues/fees as tax loss or write off?

    Well 2020 isn't shaping up to well for using our timeshare. It occurs to me that a reasonable person might think it should be possible to claim timeshare dues/fees as US tax loss or tax write off. Are there opinions on this. Sorry if its already been discussing. Point me to that thread and...
  3. P

    Tax writeoff on Timeshare rentals

    Aloha, if we give our timeshare on rental, can we get tax writeoff on the maintenance fees. Thanks
  4. H

    RCI/Manhattan Club Question

    Hi Everyone, Hoping to get some advice. Our friends own at the Manhattan Club and are frustrated with the M-Fees. Over $2500. They were told one way to be rid of the property was to donate it to a non-profit - Wounded Warriors. It would go to a good cause and they'd be able to write it off...