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help me cancel my timeshare

  1. T

    Looking to give back timeshare / Vistana/Marriott

    I am brand new to this all but am desperate on some advice/help please. We got coaxed into purchasing a Vistana timeshare exactly a year ago and were BS’d the entire process. I tried to cancel in the 10 day window but they waved an upgrade and free week in my face to get us to stay. Keep in...
  2. K

    Help! Wanting to Rescind GEVC TS Purchased this morning! What needs to be in the letter?

    Hi! My fiancé and I purchased a GEVC/RCI Timeshare/membership program this morning. Immediately after getting in the car, we had second thoughts. I found the info below on how to send a Letter of Rescission but there aren't any details on what needs to be in it. Does anyone else have experience...
  3. L

    My mum got sucked into a timeshare that was poorly translated

    (This post is being updated as the situation updates) My mum got herself into a stupid timeshare, and she is below the poverty line (myself included), the sales person who works for the timeshare was the Spanish translator. The contract was also presented AFTER the sales pitch. The notary...
  4. E

    Please help ☹️

    Hello everyone, me and my wife think we made a horrible financial mistake and signing for the BlueGreen vacation club points while we really can’t afford to add expenses to our budget. We live in Florida and tried to go on a little get away by going on a staycation to one of the bluegreen...
  5. V

    Help get out of Timeshare

    Hello new here, if a go to a timeshare foreclosure can they take away my house?
  6. S

    Parents just bought a $12k timeshare of 8k Bluegreen points

    We are on one of those Bass Pro promo vacations, and the marketing team has won over my parents during the mandatory meeting. They are thoroughly convinced that they have struck gold with their purchase. The salespeople were extremely friendly, which I think is worse than most reviews about rude...
  7. M

    Just bought westin vacation club flex timeshare. PLEASE HELP! I think I made a mistake…

    Just bought westin vacation club flex timeshare. PLEASE HELP! I think I made a mistake… I bought it at the Westin Maui as our home resort but after reading all of the bad reviews online I feel like a sucker. I have 5 days left to cancel and they said I just have to send a fax to cancel it. But...
  8. C

    [Deleted - see note below]

    [DELETED: Soliciting is not allowed in the discussion forums.]
  9. G

    We messed up

    We bought "points" at that horrible presentation from holiday Inn Orando Resorts last year. We are well past our 10 cancelation days, we just kind of forgot we did this in the first place. How do we get rid of it? We tried contacting them but they gave us information on selling through them...
  10. R

    My co-owner left me high and dry and I have no idea what to do

    Hello All, I (co)own property at the Colonies of Williamsburg. I was previously in a contract by myself but upgraded to a new deed with my then partner. Long story short, it was the worst decision I've ever made. They were terrible with money and actively were stealing from me. They made no...
  11. A

    Can I avoid foreclosure?!

    Please, any and all guidance and suggestions much appreciated!! I bought a timeshare while staying at the Holiday Inn Vacations resort at Orange Lake in Orlando last year. I can no longer afford the mortgage payment, life happened and I now have custody of my nephew who is a little special...
  12. 2

    Need Help To Cancel Purchase

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I am running out of time and just found the site so I have not had a lot of time to look through the site. My wife and I just fell for a Holiday Inn Club TimeShare purchase while in Las Vegas at their Dunes resort. We purchased it on the 29th of May. I will...
  13. D

    Should I rescind?

    I went to 84 Main St in Kennebunk Maine to a Capital Resorts timeshare meeting. I ended up walking away with 40,000 points and a Charter membership for $8100 total and mf of 670 a year. Did I make a mistake? He told me If I book within 60 days my points are only half used, that I have access...
  14. TUGBrian

    Hundreds of Timeshare Owners have found TUG & saved Millions of dollars cancelling timeshares!

    1/2024 UPDATE: PASSED 22 MILLION DOLLARS IN CONFIRMED CANCELLATIONS! 8/2023 UPDATE: PASSED 21 MILLION DOLLARS IN CANCELLATIONS! This sticky will serve as a reference for threads from folks who found TUG in time to rescind their new Timeshare purchase and save thousands by discovering the...