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  1. H

    😭😭😭 help!!! [Hilton Timeshare]

    Desperate!!! Our family recently suffered medical issues and had to have multiple spine surgeries. Due to our new limited finances, limited energy, little time resources, we've been trying to convince HILTON (HGV) to do several things - 1st attempt, Forbearance - 2nd attempt, buy back deed -...
  2. B

    Received Intent to Foreclose on a Resort No Longer In Business

    Hello all - I received an intent to foreclose on Driftwood Worldgate Resort in Fl deeded in Osceola County. I was paying my MF online as it was schedule for bi-annual payment. When I tried to use the resort, I could not get in contact with anyone. The telephone number would go into someone’s...
  3. VillaHoliday_42

    LEGAL EXIT STRATEGIES PLANS WANTED! HVC DO Owner Exit programs don't exist!

    Looking for Hyatt Vacation Club Desert Oasis (HVC DO) DEED owners in the process of 'give-away', deed-back or in foreclosure. OR thinking about ‘give-away’ or considering foreclosure please note - the following applies to HVC DO DEED Weeks only. Not Platinum Point only owners. I own DEED red...
  4. I

    Debating default on my newly bought timeshare

    Good morning Ya'll, Like a lot of people (though that doesn't make me feel any better) I fell for the BlueGreen sales pitch. We planned to say no so we didn't do any through research beforehand and by the time a big enough red flagged hit us it was already passed the rescind time. If...
  5. A

    HIVC Foreclosure/Deedback Question

    Hi Everyone, Silver leaf suckered me and my wife into a timeshare at Apple Mountain, GA in 2012. By the time we came to our senses, the rescind period passed and we just decided to suck it up and payoff the mortgage. We paid it off by 2017 and since then we have just been paying maintenance but...
  6. P


    Has anyone experience of foreclosure? How long after defaulting did the timeshare company foreclose? And what was the process?
  7. J

    Successful Removal of foreclosure from credit before the 7 year?

    Hi All, I made a huge mistake in 2015 in purchasing a timeshare from Silver Leaf resorts. I was single, no kids, and had a large amount of disposable income. My situation changed about a year later as I went back to school full time to get my bachelors degree. I defaulted on my payments and...
  8. Y

    Advice needed - walk out of mortgage tied to HGV Florida T/S

    Hello, I'm a 22yr old non-resident alien resided within the US, in 2019, I was hyped by salesman along with my parent's approval of it (it was really dumb of me to not do any researches first, which is my fault). Up till now, I did not realize that this was a corporate scam and now I'm unable to...
  9. M

    [ 2019 ] Letting timeshare foreclose

    I have week 44 at Williamsburg Powhatan Resort (2 br lockoff). I purchased on Ebay in 2006 and most often have traded in to RCI for 2 weeks and vacationed elsewhere. Due to familiar obligations, children are grown, and our advancing years, we are no longer able to take advantage of yearly away...
  10. I

    Walked away from HGVC

    We got out of our HGVC timeshare in 13 months. After a year of having it and never using it we tried to sell it and was told it's was only worth $3k at the most and we paid $25K. We financed $22K through Hilton. We had a 2 bed 2 bath at Par Soleil. After hearing this I stopped paying and...
  11. I

    Foreclosure reported? Sheraton

    Hello, I came across this site when trying to research and get questions of my own answered about my Sheraton timeshares; I actually have 2 one in Florida and the other in the Bahamas. I was wondering if anyone knows if I stop paying my maintenance fees and if it was foreclosed on would it end...
  12. L

    Need SC Attorney for Wyndham Loan Default

    Does anyone know a good, reasonably-priced SC attorney that can handle my Wyndham timeshare loan that went into default/possible foreclosure during my marriage separation. Resort Funding will no longer allow me to send in payments and no one is communicating with me from Wyndham. Thanks.
  13. M

    Unpaid Maintenance Fees

    We are in the process of trying options to give away our week at Maverick in Ormond Beach. (Thanks for the good advice in this forum - we are posting on the boards here and have contacted the HOA). But, I have a general question that I'm having trouble finding an answer to. We do not have a...
  14. B

    [2018] So I want out. And don’t care about my credit.

    Before I get into the nitty gritty of it, I have read a lot of threads pertaining to this subject. I also have looked into the laws of the state in which my timeshare is in. I have a deeded Westgate timeshare in Florida. I want out. I know I won’t get my money back. I’m a Canadian citizen, I’m...
  15. 2

    Anyone had luck deeding-back to Spinnaker (Hilton Head)?

    We have a 3-BR unit at the Cottages on Shipyard Plantation. We've only been there once since we bought it, and are now unable to travel at all. We've tried selling, giving it away, to no avail. The kids don't want it either. A couple years ago it seems there was a new rule put in place that in...