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exit timeshare

  1. E

    Please help ☹️

    Hello everyone, me and my wife think we made a horrible financial mistake and signing for the BlueGreen vacation club points while we really can’t afford to add expenses to our budget. We live in Florida and tried to go on a little get away by going on a staycation to one of the bluegreen...
  2. V

    Help get out of Timeshare

    Hello new here, if a go to a timeshare foreclosure can they take away my house?
  3. B

    Moness Country Club - Cedar Club Exit offer

    I received a letter from Moness Cedar club offering a no fee club exit. Membership gives access to the accommodation at Moness as well as the RCI banking and exchanging system. Text of letter below. Any thoughts on this no fee exit offer? ————————————— Text of Letter EXITING THE CLUB WITH...
  4. M

    Stop Paying Bluegreen Maintenance Fees Affects Credit Score?

    Been Bluegreen owners for a while, but we can no longer afford the maintenance fees. We've been trying to re-sell through Pinnacle but no luck. I've been renting out points on my own but don't recoup the maintenance fees. Bluegreen informed us that to get out of our contract we need to pay a...
  5. J

    I need a guide to help me decide how best to exit

    As a general overview, my elderly (90) dad informed me that he was tens of thousands of dollars in debt to Worldmark by Wyndham for a series of purchases of timeshare points he never used and never will use. He cannot travel, and none of his family members want this debt or to vacation in...
  6. M

    Help— I Want Out of my Grand Vacations Timeshare

    Hi! My partner and I went for it in November and purchased a timeshare. It’s been six months, and we have finally decided this makes no sense. Every time we sat down over the past few months to review it again, we concluded that we made the right decision- I think we just wanted it to make...
  7. T

    Stuck in my membership—HELP!!

    Hi everyone, My husband and I became Diamond Resorts members a couple years ago and since then we've slowly become aware of how useless our membership is. We only have 2,500 points/year (because that's all we could afford), but that's essentially a useless amount of points and makes no...
  8. J

    Advice on Getting Out

    in July of 2019 we purchased a timeshare at the Enclave in Myrtle Beach. Since that time we’ve had a HUGE regret because it was a bad financial decision for us. We’ve had some financial issues arise since we got home from that trip and now we are worried. Of course we were not told we had a 10...
  9. rboesl

    Diamond Resorts Pleased to Announce Settlement with "Timeshare Exit Attourney"

    Saw this on a Facebook page for Diamond Owners. Kinda seems like an oxymoron but I guess you can't look a gift horse in the mouth. The interesting thing to me is that Diamond is pursuing several other exit companies as well. This win should give the a solid foundation in that effort...
  10. H

    Is this a scam company

    Am looking to exit my timeshare contract and ran across this company, vacation ownership consultants on Facebook. Does anyone have knowledge or experience in dealing with them. Are the legitimate?
  11. rboesl

    Newton Group Transfers

    I recently received a letter in the mail from this company. Had never heard of them before but in reading the letter I realized they are a timeshare exit company. But, there is a statement in their letter I thought I'd ask about. It states: "....an owner who may be affected by new Timeshare...
  12. J

    Grandview Las Vegas [Need advice about giving it away]

    I am the deeded owner for Grandview Las Vegas, 2 Biennial (even) paid in full, 200USD maintenance. I gave up my RCI membership and so have no points to offer. I am exploring options to exit my timeshare as my family situation has changed and I do not see myself using it going forward, so do not...
  13. M

    Exit Attorneys are they legit

    We want out of our Sheraton Vistana Cascades odd/even year timeshare. It was purchased in mid 90's. Heard an ad on exit attorney Solomon Cross in Winter Park FL that they would be able to get us out of the contract as they deal directly with Sheraton. First thing is of course they want an...
  14. T

    Lake Okanagon Resort, Kelowna BC, Canada, need advice

    Hi, We've been with LOK for about 10 yrs. Since then they've changed owners several times. We heard they were under receivership and advised them that we were no longer paying maintenance fees as a result of this. Last month a new company that bought them over called and said we owed 3...
  15. gmmj

    Anyone had experience with © 2014-2017 Redemption & Release CA

    We have a couple timeshares we don't want anymore but don't want to pay more to give them back so the resort/management can sell them again. This Redemption & Release is an ad I saw. Any thoughts?