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exchange companies

  1. L

    Is FS Aviara a good trader?

    Hello, looking at FS Aviara 2 bdrm which can be locked off for two 1 bedroom weeks. Is it a good exchanger in interval? We own NCV but don’t know anything about FS timeshares. Thanks so much!
  2. SteelerGal

    Ongoing Saga w/ a II Exchange

    Seriously I never thought it would be difficult to exchange a week into II. After calls to Vistana(2hrs), it was confirmed that my week was transferred Nov 1st. Well on Nov 9th, I booked an exchange. Easy, right. NOOOOO!!!. I received an email from Vistana telling me the week is not...
  3. SteelerGal

    Vistana and II

    So I reviewing my II account and noticed our Feb 2020 vacation was cancelled. Checked my messages folder and saw nothing. Checked my Vistana account and saw nothing. Checked my CC and charges were refunded. WTH. Well I called II and was notified that a letter was sent and since I did not...
  4. K

    Best exchange company for late exchanges?

    I have enjoyed the wisdom shared on these boards over the years! I have a question that I can't figure out where to post, because it doesn't fit into one exchange company: What is the best exchange company for late exchanges (excluding RCI, which my TS is not on)? I want to deposit a week in...
  5. connect1

    When you book a resort from an exchange company do you view the resorts website?

    Curious, mostly because I do this for a living, and so many of the resort websites are outdated ... When you are searching resorts in RCI, Interval, other exchange companies, or here on TUG, do you visit the resort website or do you base your decision on the photos posted on the exchange company...
  6. Jayco29D

    Elite Alliance Feedback?

    We are able to trade Four Seasons Aviara (FSA) with Elite Alliance (EA). They have a promotion where you can make a deposit and get 1.5x credits and try it for free for one year. I saw they have many great Getaways for cash sale as well as discounted last minute exchanges. FSA has decent...
  7. H

    SFX Exchange Company

    On TUG, most people seem to trade with II and RCI. What do Tuggers think of SFX? Marriott trades with both II and SFX. What is trading power like with SFX? Which one would Tuggers recommend?
  8. MLR

    Banking our Paniolo Greens Week question

    We currently belong to RCI - but we are considering banking our week elsewhere this time. We usually cannot get another week in Hawaii for the TPUs RCI offers us - even for our xmas week! I don't usually do the ongoing search. That is probably the problem. But it irritates me that everything...
  9. M

    Exchange Membership

    My membership to both RCI and Interval have expired - so I need to rejoin one of them. I own at the Royal Sands in Cancun and the Lawrence Welk Resort in San Diego. Any thoughts on which would be a better choice? Are there any promos going on now?
  10. J

    SFX Questions

    I've been trying to search the forums to get info about SFX, but I can't seem to locate anything and when I do a search, I get a message something like "Your seach has too few characters, too many characters, ..." I think I've seen some threads, but just can't seem to locate them now. I, like...