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wyndham owner exchange into four season Aviara?


TUG Member
Oct 16, 2007
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SF bay area
Is it realistic for wyndham points to exchange into four season aviara?

I read on worldmark forum that people deposit 400points 60 days out into II and can get four season aviara if lucky. The chance does not seem too slim because quite some people got that...

Do wyndham points have similar flex change arrangement with II, ie using a small number of points to book in short notice and exchange into a good resort?

I'm trying to evaluate between worldmark points and wyndham points. Wyndham points have much lower entry barrier.

I'm not bound to school schedule and am perfectly fine with 60 days window. But I want to get into very nice resorts. Which program can give me better chance to stay or exchange into nice resorts? Wyndham points have several subprograms. If only some subprograms have better chance, please let me know so that I can search on ebay using specific keyword.

If I buy worldmark, I will strictly only use its 400credit-II-exchange feature to get many weeks out of it. So I'm very interested in whether wyndham program has similar feature or not.

I checked TUG advice section but didn't find answer. I'd appreciate your experienced owners' help!

Thanks a lot!



TUG Review Crew: Veteran
TUG Member
Sep 14, 2007
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Hmmm. Well if you chose Worldmark or Wyndam make sure you go to the www.rci.com or www.intervalworld.com to see which program you prefer, then specifically purchase either a Worldmark or Wyndam that is affiliated with that trading company. Also, both programs have nice properties, you also need to go to their program websites to see which has internal trading to resorts in areas you want to travel. That way if you like the internal resorts you will hardly be dissappointed. The Wyndam website https://www.wyndhamvacationresorts.com/ffr/index.do the Worldmark website http://www.worldmarktheclub.com/

Also purchase resale; Worldmark (Points) prices are a bit higher than Wyndam (FSP points) prices.

Do you research...you are not quite ready to purchase. You should learn the ins/outs of both programs. Also, I don't recommend purchasing just to trade, the variations in trading ability can not be relied upon.


TUG Member
Nov 14, 2006
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The People's Republic of Ann Arbor
You might want to ask this question on the II discussion board at forums.atozed.com (a community of Wyndham owners). It might be tricky, and I would not assume it is possible.


TUG Member
Jun 10, 2005
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SOCAL (562)
www.wmowners.com for the Worldmark site

The WM ownership can be affiliated with ether most Wndham resorts are exclusively RCI

I am a Worldmarkowner with ab II account - being tied to school schedules I have not taken advantage of the 4000 point trades -(you typed 400)

If you select Interval you can shop the entire system without depositing anything, oin theory every thing less than 59 days out is available and only 4000 points will be deducted from your account

As to RCI the limit is 45 days

Marriott uses II as there owner exchange so all of the Marriott properties are in II, I believe a majority of them are not released to the non Marriott owbers untl the 59th day or some variation - creating the perception that II has more nicer resorts

Don't know if it's higher airfare or seasonality but the availabilty after labor day seems to be better than anything I have seen recently

my $.02
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