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Why this forum for (PAHIO at) Kauai Beach Villas (KBV) exists

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Jun 8, 2005
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Mercer Island WA
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Pahio Kauai Beach Villas, Pahio Shearwater

The following resolution was adopted unanimously by the entire KBV Board of Directors on 11/19/18:

Resolved that the Kauai Beach Villas (KBV) Interval Owners Association (IOA) Board of Directors (BOD) authorizes the establishment and ongoing utilization of a KBV Forum within the Timeshare User Group (TUG) forum system (https://www.tugbbs.com/forums/index.php ). The KBV Forum is to be accessible and administered in the same manner as the rest of the TUG forum system. This KBV Forum does not require any contract or funding between KBV and TUG. The KBV BOD accepts the TUG expectation that the KBV BOD promote the use of the KBV Forum within TUG to all KBV IOA members in KBV’s email and US Postal mail communications. In addition to the standard TUG posting rules (available on https://www.tugbbs.com/forums/index.php?help/terms ) which apply to the entire TUG forum system, KBV Forum specific rules and protocols are to be established by the KBV BOD. These KBV Forum specific rules and protocols shall enable the KBV BOD and/or Resort Manager to cause certain posts to retain priority visibility. While the means of establishing priority visibility may change, the initial method will rely on the use of stickies and rules restricting posting within stickies only to authorized representatives of the KBV BOD. In cases where conversation about the topic in the sticky is anticipated, a link within the sticky to a non-sticky thread may be provided for general conversation in the related non-sticky thread. Authorized representatives may include KBV IOA committee members explicitly authorized by the KBV BOD. This resolution may be posted in its entirety in one of the stickies in the KBV Forum.

A bit of history:

An online survey from the BOD to all KBV owners in September 2018 revealed that over two hundred owners were willing to serve on committees using virtual tools; more than another hundred were willing to share their expertise but were not interested in serving on a committee. These large numbers present a communication challenge. The BOD adopted a resolution at its October 11, 2018 meeting that committees be established open to any member of the KBV IOA and authorized to use no cost internet services such as may be available from providers such as but not limited to Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter or TUG. The first committee authorized, named KBV IOA Public Square, is to be an online discussion forum for any / all owners to share thoughts with editing / moderating limited to enforcement of civility rules to be established and protocols to enable posts by the BOD and/or Resort Manager to retain priority visibility. The BOD reviewed the rules and conditions for participating in TUG ( https://www.tugbbs.com/forums/index.php?help/terms ) and concluded they were adequate and the means to enforce them were well established. Soon after that board meeting, communication with TUG Administration began in order to determine what would be involved in having TUG host such a forum with the customized capability of enabling posts by the BOD and/or Resort Manager to retain priority visibility. We determined that the simplest solution would be establishing KBV Forum specific rules that limit posting within a sticky thread to only KBV BOD authorized representatives. In order to enable open conversations about whatever is posted in such stickies, a separate thread open to posting by all Tuggers would be created and the link to the open thread included in the sticky post. This solution requires no customization of TUG software or technology but does rely on everyone except authorized representatives cooperating in not posting within stickies themselves but instead using the separate thread indicated in the sticky. Another consideration was whether to limit the KBV Forum to current owners at KBV. Given that the BOD would never intentionally post confidential data on any unsecured internet site, it was concluded that considerable effort and cost could be avoided by allowing the KBV Forum to be open to the entire TUG community.

The KBV Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR) authorizes the BOD to appoint committees in Article V Section 7. The CCR addresses additional details about committee membership including potential conflict of interest and circumstances when indemnification applies. Committees are also addressed in the By-Laws 3.14

While providing infrastructure for KBV committees was a major motivation for starting this KBV Forum, it is hoped that owners can connect with each other in pursuit of their common interests in KBV without the formality of a committee.

Use this thread https://www.tugbbs.com/forums/index...n-about-why-this-forum-for-kbv-exists.282381/ for comments about this post
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