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Why such a huge difference in listed price of for-sale timeshares?


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Jun 18, 2019
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see, that made TUG worth my $15 membership right there. I didn't know a total lowball offer to SMTN could work. I think I'll try it- can't hurt right?
It all depends on what you want to buy, if you wanted a kierland 2 bedroom platinum and they want 30,000. Offering 5,000 isn’t going to fly. Be within market value. My purchases were SVV Mandatory phase 2 bedroom platinum units.


Jun 29, 2018
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3. Do some simple math: How much annual cash flow is produced by a single timeshare building that contains, say, 40 units that generate an average of, say, $1000 per year in maintenance fees from, say, 2000 owners? As Marriott's exponential growth testifies, the timeshare business can be very lucrative. It's in Marriott's interest to help suppress resale prices. And Wyndham's.

AFAIK all MFs flow directly to each HOA at each resort. As a deeded owner, every year I receive a breakdown of the HOA income and fees for the UDI deeds that I own. The developer doesn’t make any profit at all on MFs based upon what I’ve seen - it’s a simple pass through to the resort to fund resort maintenance.

The gross number of points for each resort is documented and accessible for anyone to reference. The timeshare business is lucrative because of developer point sales and marketing. At least with respect to Wyndham - the profitability has nothing to do with the maintenance fees. I suspect it is the same with other timeshare companies as well. It’s also worth mentioning that most of the timeshare companies carry a considerable amount of debt - so it’s not as lucrative as one would think when you look at how much leveraged debt exists.

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May 16, 2006
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Port St Lucie FL
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I can't "sell to whymdam," (do you mean Wyndham?). This is not an option.
I can give my TS back to them at no cost to me - free and clear - I get no money from them. But I would be free of MF.

"as far as brokers if they find someone that has no clue but seem less expensive than the Developer points they possible could purchase at that price point thinking they got a deal"
NO idea what you mean. Doesn't apply to me, whatever you're trying to say.

As I've already said, I'm selling the only TS I have that is worth anything to one of the Wyndham-recommended brokers, for reasons stated above.
See my last post.
Hi there, if you haven’t deeded your weeks (or points) back yet, let me know; I may be interested


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Nov 11, 2011
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Hitchhiker 71 said it best. Very well written and thoughtful response. Welcome to Tug Archivist. Most of us Tuggers are very friendly people who want to help you out. Sorry some have to lecture. Getting rid of a timeshare can be a headache.