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Welk Insurance... Scam? Scheme?


TUG Member
Jun 9, 2005
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Murrieta, CA
My wife is an extremely savvy shopper, and she's good at avoiding high-pressure sales. But....
We banked our week, and my wife got a call from the Welk Resort saying they cannot finalize the banking of our week until they speak with her. She called the Welk finalize and spoke with a man named Kenny Hawkes who was able to squeeze our week into II and "waive the $50 fee since we were banking so late." And, "Oh, since I have you on the line, would you like to renew your vacation insurance with us... I see that you had it before."
My wife does not do much with our timeshares, but the words, "I see that you had it before" was enough of a hook to make her bite. Kenny even told her she had "90 days to cancel." She said she needed to talk with me, her husband. The guy said he could only offer the $89 deal now, and it would not be available later. (I cringed when she told me this.)
When she told me she agreed to this on the phone, I told her to cancel it.
She's been through the ringer... call after call, routed and told they will call her back. She was told they were refunding her money, and... we never saw the refund go through. She called again today to inquire about the impending refund and they said they don't see that request.
She's been told she needs to reconcile this through the insurance company from Welk. And, the insurance company says she needs to reconcile this with Welk.
After spending 20 minutes on the phone today and getting angry, the man she was talking with told her he would look into it more and call her back by the end of his shift. We received no call.
Is this a scam? Scheme? What's the best way to fix this?


Jun 6, 2005
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Resorts Owned
WKORV, WKV, 2-SDO, 4-Kauai Beach Villas, Island Park Village (Yellowstone), Hyatt High Sierra, Dolphin's Cove (Anaheim)
Dispute it with your credit card.


TUG Member
Jan 14, 2013
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All insurance has a cooling off period. When the docs arrive find how you cancel.