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Washington, DC Transportation Advisory (as of March 23, 2020) (Mainly commuter-oriented)


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Jan 10, 2010
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Fairfax County, Virginia
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Wyndham VIPF & PresRes, HVC/DRI (Gold), Quarter House (4), Resort on Cocoa Beach (2), HGVC Tuscany Village, HGVC South Beach-McAlpin, HGVC Parc Soleil
Transportation Advisory Update: COVID-19 Update - Summary of Regional Public Transportation Services (including new PRTC/OmniRide services) as of 12:00pm, Monday, March 23, 2020.

The following are the regional public transportation updates as of 12:00pm, Monday, March 23, 2020 - please note the latest **NEW** weekday operation information regarding PRTC/OmniRide services. There will be PRTC/OmniRide services at the Pentagon. The D-400 Dale City-Mark Center and L-300 Lake Ridge-Mark Center will not operate beginning Wednesday, March 25. Please note that 7M is operating weekday service every 30 minutes. For the latest and most current information, please visit the websites of the respective transit agencies.

PRTC OmniRide (https://omniride.com/)

NEW - Effective, Wednesday, March 25, OmniRide will make changes to some of the Express commuter bus routes. No changes are currently anticipated for OmniRide Metro Express, OmniRide Local or OmniRide Access paratransit services.

OmniRide Express Changes: The following routes WILL NOT operate as of Wednesday, March 25:

- D-400 Dale City-Mark Center
- L-100 Lake Ridge-DC
- L-300 Lake Ridge-Mark Center
- MC-100 Montclair-DC
- RS-South Route 1
- Tysons-Woodbridge
- 601 Manassas-DC
- 543 Stafford-DC

The following routes will operate on Friday service levels, starting Wednesday, March 25:

- D-100 Dale City-State Department
- D-200 Dale City-Pentagon-Rosslyn/Ballston
- D-300 Dale City-Pentagon-L'Enfant Plaza-Navy Yard
- L-200 Lake Ridge-Pentagon-Crystal City
- MC-200 Montclair-Pentagon
- 602 Manassas-Pentagon

The following routes will continue to operate regularly scheduled service:

- 611 Gainesville-Washington
- 612 Gainesville-Pentagon-L'Enfant Plaza-Navy Yard
- 622 Haymarket-Ballston-Rosslyn
- 942 Stafford-Pentagon
- 60 Manassas Metro Express-Tysons
- 61 Linton Hall Metro Express-Tysons
- Prince William Metro Express-Franconia-Springfield
- 96 East-West Express
- All OmniRide Local and OmniRide Access paratransit services

Please see OmniRide route maps and timetables https://omniride.com/service/schedules/.

WMATA (www.wmata.com)

- Metrorail:

- Operating Hours: Weekdays 5AM-11PM, Sat/Sun 8AM-11PM Trains will operate every 20 minutes on all lines except Red Line.

Stations serviced by multiple lines will see trains arrive every 7-10 minutes. For example, Rosslyn, served by the Blue, Orange and Silver lines, will have train service to DC about every 7 minutes.

Smithsonian and Arlington Cemetery stations will remain closed until further notice to keep non-essential cherry blossom travel off the rail system at this time of national emergency.

- Metrobus:

Metrobus 7M will operate weekday service every 30 minutes.

Buses will run on a modified Sunday schedule. Supplemental trips will not operate; however, some routes that provide weekday-only service to essential federal workplaces have been added to the schedule.

Visit wmata.com for a list of routes that are - and are not - operating this week (https://www.wmata.com/service/statu...operate-modified-sunday-schedule-march-23.cfm)

IMPORTANT: Bus operators are granted the authority to bypass bus stops to maintain safe social distancing aboard the vehicle.

- MetroAccess:

All subscription trips remain canceled. Please limit all travel to only the most essential.

Alexandria Transit (DASH) (www.dashbus.com)

- As of Thursday, March 19, 2020, DASH implemented an Enhanced Saturday Operating Plan on weekdays. No changes are anticipated to weekend service. To view the DASH weekend schedules visit https://www.dashbus.com/schedules

Arlington Transit (ART) (www.arlingtontranist.com)

- ART 41, 42, 45, 51, 55, 77 and 87 will operate on Saturday schedules with the following changes:
- ART 42 & 87 will terminate at the Pentagon instead of Pentagon City
- ART 45 will start 1 hour early at 6:30 am
- ART 43 will operate every 20 minutes from 6 am to 11 pm following its weekday route
- All other ART routes will not operate.
- STAR service will continue to provide normal service. Passengers are requested not to schedule medical trips if showing signs of illness.

DC Circulator (www.dccirculator.com)

- Suspended fares on all routes during the public health emergency.
- Service has been suspended on the National Mall Route.

Fairfax (County) Connector (www.fairfaxcounty.gov/connector/)

- Operating Regular Weekday and Weekend Service
- NEW - Beginning Tuesday, March 24, passengers will board and alight via the rear door due to social distancing. Passengers with disabilities will be able to access the front door. Fare will be suspended until further notice.

Fairfax (City) CUE Bus (https://www.fairfaxva.gov/government/public-works/transportation-division/cue-bus-system)

- Operating Regular Weekday and Weekend Service
- CUE riders may only board and depart buses through the back door; fares will be waived while this is in effect. Note that the front door may still be used for disabled passengers who need the bus to be lowered and/or need to utilize the ramp.

Frederick County TransIT (https://frederickcountymd.gov/105/TransIT)

- All services are fare-free (though March 28) to eliminate unnecessary contact between passengers and drivers.

Loudoun County Transit/Commuter Bus (https://www.loudoun.gov/bus)

- Operating Full Service on all routes.

MDOT MTA (https://www.mta.maryland.gov)

- Commuter Bus: Operating on a "S" schedule only.

MARC Train (https://www.mta.maryland.gov/)

- Operating on a "R" schedule on all three lines. Only train with an "R" under the train number will operate, with the following additional service:

Penn Line:

- Train 403 (4:45am departure from Penn Station) will operate
- Train 502 (6:10am departure from Washington) will operate and will make all stops
- Train 453 (9:37pm departure from Penn Station) will operate
- Train 452 (10:55pm departure from Washington) will operate Brunswick Line:
- Train 872 (5:00am departure from Martinsburg) will operate and will make all stops, except Monocacy and Frederick.
- Train 875 (4:25pm departure from Washington) will continue west of Brunswick to Harpers Ferry, Duffields and Martinsburg
- Train 877 (4:55pm departure from Washington) will operate.

Camden Line:

- No additional trains. R schedule will operate as published.

Montgomery County RideOn (https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/DOT-Transit/)

- All Ride On services will be temporarily free to all passengers.
- Passengers are now required to board at the rear door of the bus. Passengers can board through the front doors if a ramp is needed to accommodate a disability or stroller.
- Operating on a Special Service plan, about half of a regular weekday schedule.
- Routes 11, 28, 101 (Ride On extRa), 129 and Flex will not operate. Each of the coverage areas of these routes have alternate coverage by other routes that will continue to be provided by Ride On or Metrobus.
- Ride On will be operating the L8 and T2 normally operated by Metrobus on weekdays.
- The Purple Line detour is still in effect.
- Plans for reduced Saturday-Sunday service are still being finalized.

Prince George's County The Bus (https://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/1120/Countys-TheBus)

- Service suspended on Routes 21x, 22, 25, 35s, 51, and 53. Service reduced on Routes 27 and 34.
- There will be no fare charged on TheBus routes in service until further notice.

RTA of Central Maryland (http://www.transitrta.com/)

- RTA fixed route service is operating on an enhanced Sunday schedule during the week and weekend until further notice.
- Buses will run from 8:29 AM till 6:00 PM and provide one-hour headways on the following routes, 301, 302, 401, 403, 404, 405, 407, 408, 409, 501, 502 and 503.
- On vehicles with two doors, passengers are to board at the rear door unless a passenger requires a ramp.
- All fixed route and mobility fares will be temporarily suspended during the service modification.

VRE (www.vre.org)

- VRE will operate at a reduced "S" schedule level. Only trains marked with an "S" on our schedule will operate.
- Amtrak is operating on their reduced schedule, so no cross-honor step-up trains will be offered.



Visit us online at: https://my.whs.mil/services/transportation-management-program

For the latest transportation alerts & advisories follow us on:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/WHSTransportation
Twitter: www.twitter.com/WHS_Transport