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Waikiki Beach Walk-New Owner Q's


Nov 1, 2011
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Hi TUGers. I found this site yesterday, but it turns out it's a little after the fact. I know very little about TSs, made an impulse buy, and now I need help. I did spend a few hours reading the 10 articles, but I wanted to get clarification on some things.

I need help making this decision and I only have about 24 hours to make it. I'm leaving the country tomorrow and thought it would be easier to mail a letter before we go. I'm sorry for the length of this post. Thanks for bearing with me.

We got roped into a TS presentation--enticed by the incentives, at the Wyndham Beach Walk in Waikiki. As an airline employee, myself, my wife and two kids under 5, take full advantage of our flight bennies. I have relatives on Oahu and we make frequent visits. I'd say we visit at least every other year, but sometimes will fly out twice in one year.

We didn't think we'd really buy in, but we were convinced. We ended up buying an EOY one-bedroom, 154k points, for about $12k. MFs, I believe, are running us $33/mos. So, almost $800/week in MFs per visit.

Here are my questions/concerns:

The salesperson said that buying into Waikiki would give us trading power. Does that just mean we bought more points than if we had bought a week on the mainland somewhere? What exactly is trading power?

If we don't use our week, we can sell it back to Wyndham for $699. Is that true? Is it really as easy as picking up the phone and asking for a check?

I asked point blank if I would be able to get a week, with adequate notice, EOY over Christmas. Their reply was "yes." If I understand correctly, after referencing the chart, I need more than double the points to get this peak period. Basically, they meant "yes, you can get that week, just not at the point level you are purchasing." Maybe that's why the salesman kept say I'd be back for more points. BTW, we don't think we'd actually want to be here for Christmas, I was just curious if it was even a possibility. More precisely, we often travel at off peak times since we mostly fly standby. We've taken trips Europe in March and May, Sydney in May, and Thailand in June.

We want to be able to trade into one-bedroom condos all over the world. Waikiki is nice, but the lure of Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific is greater. In fact, we thought we would rarely stay in the TS we actually bought. We also travel spontaneously and thought we would use another part of the program I haven't seen anyone else mention. Supposedly we can book excess inventory on short notice for $244 or $299 a week. Since we are the type of people that would plan a trip anywhere in the world with only a week or a month's notice, we thought this program would be a perfect fit for us.

I asked why we would buy retail instead of resale and was told the following:
Buying retail in Hawaii would allow us to take advantage of a 2 for 1 offer. Offered only to people who buy into Hawaii, we would get a week in Waikiki EOY and get an extra week in a different resort for "only" $169. Is this really an exclusive program?

Buying retail would get us bonus points (nice, but not permanent), temporary VIP, and all current and future points purchased counting toward VIP. I guess I don't understand the benefits of VIP. Why would I buy points at 10 times the resale price just so I can earn VIP? I feel like I'd be better off buying up a bunch of points on the resale market. If I want an upgraded room, I'd just use the points that bought for little or nothing.

So here's the bottom line. I want confirmation that I'm doing the right thing by rescinding the contract. I believe that our family, if we even need a TS, should buy off the secondary market.

If we do buy resale, how would we be treated differently, if at all, by staff at the TSs?


TUG Review Crew: Rookie
TUG Member
Sep 11, 2007
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Northeast USA
Rescind NOW!

You will get the same great vacations at a lot less money. VIP benefits have little value for a regular go on vacation 1 or 2 times a year.

Plus, they regularly down grade those VIP bennies all the time.

Karen G

Aug 17, 2004
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Henderson, NV
Resorts Owned
Once owned these: FirstFairway@Walden X 2; Lawai Beach; ManhattanClub; PuebloBonitoRose; 4 South Africa--now timeshare-free
I know very little about TSs, made an impulse buy, and now I need help. . . .I want confirmation that I'm doing the right thing by rescinding the contract. I believe that our family, if we even need a TS, should buy off the secondary market.

If we do buy resale, how would we be treated differently, if at all, by staff at the TSs?
You definitely are doing the right thing. You have just this one chance to rescind so do it exactly as instructed in your contract. Then take your time and learn a lot more about timeshares. Resale is the way to go, especially now that it's a buyer's market. But, you might even rent for awhile as there are many opportunities for rentals at less than the annual maintenance fees.

As to your last question, you would not be treated any differently by staff as a resale buyer.


TUG Member
Feb 10, 2011
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I dont know the special benefits of Hawaii ownership,

but I can tell you the temporary VIP is not worth paying for...First of all its temporary...The idea is to get you hooked, and then in two years when the benefit is over, they will be happy to sell you another 250000 point(about $35000) to make it forever. So to get VIP you will spend close to $50k

We can tell you that its not worth it but you should decide that yourself...Rescind then study this stuff..If after you do your homework you still want to buy retail (i doubt it) then do it...the developer deal will still be there

I bought retail at Bonnet Creek; pretty much the same deal as you...168000 point eoy contract, with enough bonus points to get to VIP for 2 years. Thank god my wife had the good sense to insist we rescind the next day.....We like the product, I discovered the secondary market and since then have purchased over 700000 points resale. the total purchase price has been under $1000 and my monthly mf is less than what the mortgage payment would have been if we hadnt rescinded....700000 points vs 84000 points a year

You know what to do...Rescind now.....study this thing, and then decide what to do


TUG Member
Jul 15, 2010
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Miami,& EVER (Everglades National Park)
My stock answer to any buyer of any real estate who has the slightest qualms about their decision is always RESCIND NOW. That's what recision periods are for.

In your case, it's a no-brainer. Do it today and then take your time, research thoroughly, and make a decision at your own pace.

You'll save thousands buying resale. Or, if you decide you want to purchase direct for whatever reason, you can always do that at a later date.