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Using Interval Int for vacations but not exchanges


TUG Member
Sep 8, 2008
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I apologize up front if this question is in wrong place but I searched and can't find answer. We attended our first timeshare presentation a few weeks ago. It is a resort affiliated with Interval International. We would purchase the timeshare and use it for the week purchased. But we were more intrigued with the ability to “purchase” a week at anytime, for a rate quoted by the salesperson at less than $175.00 for the week, at other timeshares listed in the Interval Int catalog. We are retired and often travel at the last minute in and out of season. If we were to understand correctly we could go somewhere every month of the year (if we chose to) for a week, paying no more than the $175.00 for the unit. We travel mostly in the states. Not looking for all peak times. We’d go to ski country off season, beaches off season, etc. etc. Are we understanding this correctly? What are the chances of actually getting something, not necessarily top notch, but of quality? Does it always have to be last minute or can we find something say four to six months in advance. Thanks for any help you can provide.


TUG Member
Oct 28, 2006
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It sounds like your talking about the getaways and if so they do get some good deals.

That seems like a low-ball price but maybe you were asking the sales person about a studio in lower tier resort.

We only look at one or two bedroom units and would never want a studio.

Seems like you can find prices in high $200 at some resorts.

Also remember because of hassles and pricing many owners not flying and this opens up more units than is normal on the getaways.

The other good point of II is if you buy where you thInk you want to go every year and think of exchanging once in a while they have the request first and this is all we use.

You pay your fee and request your exchange and if you get it great and at anytime you don't you can keep your unit and use it. Also get your fee refunded. :cool:

II also has A/C's which are weeks they give some owners of resorts in damand each each if you deposit early. There is also a fee to use this.



Tug Review Crew: Rookie
TUG Member
Sep 28, 2007
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Apple Valley, CA
getaways aren't quite that simple

First of all, I'm shocked they told you about the getaways. Marriott sales people never tell about these (the only presentations I've been on) because they want people to buy mulitiple weeks.

You don't mention what resort you were at, but whatever it was, you likely can buy it on the resale market and that is what almost everyone here would recommend. So please check out resales before buying anything.

As for the getaways, we actually do purchase at least a couple per year. We live in Southern California and not too far from the Palm Springs area, which we love. Since getaways are readily available there about 9 months out of the year, we take advantage of it! We usually buy a week at a 2 bedroom, 2 bath Marriott property for $450. Since we have two kids, we don't want anything smaller. YOu can purchase the "lock-off" rooms for $199 often. I have never seen getaways for $175 and if they do exist, they would be small units (hotel room) and rare. Personally, if you're going somewhere for a week, you would be most comfortable in a 1 bedroom (which we can get for $350 for the week in Palm Desert).

I don't know how many getaways are available near you in Maine, but I suspect not many. There are many places to go in Florida on getaway though. I usually purchase my getaways 3 months or so in advance, but you can also purchase them last minute, up to 24 hours prior to check-in.

If you really like the idea of getaways, buy a cheap timeshare that's just gets you into the Interval system. Preferably a place you will actaully use but with fairly cheap MF's. Then you can purchase the getaways until your hearts content!

PM me if you'd like me to do a couple of searches for you. Give me regions you'd like to go and times of year.