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Tahiti Village - newbie


TUG Member
Jan 20, 2016
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Seattle area
So I'm trying to read thru as much as I can about TS and wether it's right for us or not.

We go to vegas at least once a year, sometimes more. Just works for us.

Always thought about TS but with the plethora of rooms, eh, the idea never caught on for me. But now we need/like the notion of a 2 bedroom, away from the casinos, a full kitchen, etc...

So I run across this on ebay -

So thinking this might work for us. Not expecting top of the line resort, but do like what they have to offer. Will give us a go to place every year. Don't plan on converting to points (at least for now).

With anyone with knowledge of this property, I have some questions -

Our problem is, we already have our dates planned for end of June '16. The seller says the process can take up to 90 days - would that leave us enough time (end of mar, early apr) to book a 2BR for June?? or do they sell out fairly quickly??

The ebay seller states that it is a 'floating weeks 1-50). I thought I had read somewhere when ownership changes, the property will revert the deed to the original week listed on the deed. Does anyone know is this is true??

Also, looks like TV is not locked into a specific checkin day of the week, is this correct?

I had asked the seller several questions which he answered the best he could, but could not clarify these for me.

Thanks for any info in advance.


TUG Review Crew: Expert
TUG Member
Jan 8, 2012
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San Diego
Resorts Owned
Sands of Kahana, Desert Springs I, DSV2, Shadow Ridge Enclaves Dlx
I see that you posted on the 20th and it was sold on the 21st. Did YOU buy it?

I've stayed at Tahiti Village and it is a nice place. It is managed by Consolidate/Soleil which also manages another timeshare of mine so I have some insight.

This is a reasonable deal. If you bought it, the seller should be able to put the reservation in your name even if the deal isn't 100% complete. If the deal closes, I think that the seller would still need to put the res in your name.

I noted that this is a 2 BR. You should be aware of whether this is a lock off unit (meaning, you can split the 2 BR into a small 1 BR (Morea) and a regular (Bora Bora) 1 BR. If you can, then you can get 2 weeks of usage.

Did you win the bid?


TUG Review Crew
TUG Member
May 12, 2014
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Orange County, CA
I love TV and think its one of the best resorts in Las Vegas.

Reservation availability tends to be good. In general, owners don't need to plan months in advance like at some resorts except for the highest demand weeks. For instance, I'm looking at current availability and the last 2 weeks of Feb and all of Mar (except Easter weekend) are fully available, and all of April is fully available. But to be safe, as BJRSanDiego said, you could ask to see if the seller would make a reservation for you for June.

Floating 1-50 means you can book any week 1-50 through the resort. You can checkin on any day and stay for as long as you are entitled to. You get 2 weekend nights, and 5 weekday nights, so you can split them up in multiple shorter trips if you wanted. With the 2bd unit, you can book either the 2bd unit for the whole time, or you can split and book each side of the 1bd for effectively 2 weeks.

The unit will always keep its floating designation through the resort. If it were enrolled in RCI Points, the points would not transfer, but you can still book any week through the resort. You can also trade those weeks through RCI weeks if you wanted.


TUG Member
Jun 6, 2005
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Albany, NY
Resorts Owned
We enjoyed our stay at TV thoroughly. I think that much also depends on the room location/view. We had the fourth floor facing the main pool. For us...I don't think that there are any other options. The view that we had provided a Tahitian type experience, (palms, pool, evening tiki lamps and music).
Plenty of sunshine and more than enough lounges.
We had to jockey for position regarding parking, but it wasn't a big deal. However, I would not want to be in the building 5 tower as it its a long ways from the main pool as well as their parking garage.
One rare occasions (depending on wind), the airplanes were quite loud, but again, much depends on the wind and the runway.
The staff was very friendly and helpful and we never encountered a sourpuss. One of the key perks at TV is the constant shuttle to the downtown strip, they also have one to Fremont street and it makes for a great value if you want to have a few drinks downtown. We utilize the shuttle several times, even though we had a car.
I swore I would never take a presentation again, but was browbeaten and bribed into doing so. They promised only 2 hours....but they tried to stretch it (as always). Wasn't too high pressure...but I ended it after about 2:15 minutes. The head of the sales department understood where I was coming from and he ultimately thanked me for my time.
I should have mentioned this earlier, but our room was in very nice, clean and freshly refurbished condition. There was a horrible stain on one side chair and maintenance came and replaced it within minutes.
We truly enjoyed our stay.