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Sheraton Vacation Owners In...


TUG Member
Oct 24, 2008
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Denver, CO
I am new to the site, unfortunately not new to stupid timeshare purchases in Mexico (for another day, remember you have 5 calendar days to cancel FYI).

Here goes:
My wife and I took a trip to Cabo San Lucas, and loved it. We'd like to get a timeshare either down there, or with the ability to transfer to a property down there (either thru transfer company or within the vacation network).

I am happy to see that the Westin Los Cabos has been added to the network. We stayed at the Sheraton just down the beach (bought then canceled a TS at Hacienda del Mar which is part of the same property, however not part of Sheraton or Starwood), and it's a great location, I assume the accomodations are stellar.

We'd like to take advantage of that property, or the Sheraton where we stayed. So I see a couple of options, with my impression of pros and cons:

1) Purchase at the Westin
Pros: Buy into property we can use extensively over the coming years, relatively cheap through resale, transfer in-network (I think)
Cons: RTU Timeshare loses value
2) Purchase stateside through developer
Pros: Deeded timeshare, StarPoints
Cons: Expensive
3) Purchase stateside through reseller
Pros: Less expensive
Cons: Transfer of points only if home resort is "mandatory" (not those in CO I am told)

I like #3.

There's a suitable inventory for properties where we can at some point take advantage of the home resort (thinking Avon or Steamboat, CO) for less than developer retail cost (I am assuming this is accurate, 30-50% ballpark reduction I am thinking). Additionally, I could get either 1 or 2 bedroom lockout biennially, split it, use it each year. When we need a 2 bedroom, we'll either use it when we have it, or figure something else out (upgrade potential on a week by week basis?)

There are a number of priority week designations that I have seen:
Fixed + Floating
Platinum Plus
(not sure if all these apply to Starwood / Sheraton)

How do these apply to:
a) Your ability to book at your home resort
b) Your ability to book at another in-network resort
c) Your ability to book through an exchange company (II, RCI, etc.)

No points, not that big of a deal, I bet I could rent the week and use the money for a hotel if need be.

Any assistance would be appreciated. -Scott


TUG Member
Feb 13, 2007
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Hi Scott and welcome to TUG. I would first familiarize yourself with Starwood by reviewing this faq thread.

Regarding Cabo, it is not part of SVN (Starwood Vacation Network) and I wouldn't count on Starwood going ahead with plans there anytime soon given their announcement about cutbacks.

Regarding your questions about purchasing from the developer, I would only consider it if the following apply:
1) You have a great deal of disposable income and are prepared to take at least a 50% loss once the deal is closed.
2) View/week are critical to you
3) You can't be bothered buying the same week on the resale market for many thousands less.

If buying in Mexico is important, visit the Mexico forum for an education on your specific property.

Your indication of preferring to go with buying resale is showing you are on the right track so spend lots of time here, ask lots of specific questions and you will find a lot of helpful answers.


TUG Review Crew: Elite
TUG Member
Jun 6, 2005
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The Centennial State
Resorts Owned
Wyndham Founder; Disney OKW & SSR; Marriott's Willow Ridge and Shadow Ridge,Grand Chateau; Val Chatelle; Hono Koa OF (3); SBR(LOTS), SDO a few; Grand Palms(selling); WKORV-OF ,Westin Desert Willow.
Hi! I am in Denver, too. My husband is a Denver firefighter, protecting the city day and night. :D

I am happy to help you figure out what to do, and I could even call you and offer suggestions. I would be happy to share what I can see in Mexico with my weeks, specifically my Sheraton.