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Selling HHV to fund DVC Aulani


Dec 25, 2009
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Is 160 points enough for your Aulani stay? I'm staying in a 1-bed island view this weekend, which is the lowest season and its costing me 74 points. 160 points don't go along way at Aulani. Is your HHV an anual 1-bed. Doesn't seem like a fair trade. You can rent DVC points from owners for $10-13 a point, so I might suggest you rent some points for a first stay? As others have posted in your other thread, Aulani may have a completly different feel in a couple years. Renting or doing a direct exchange with a DVC owner might be the way to go for now. If you're interested in a trip report for Aulani send me a PM next week.


Hi Steve,
How do I go about renting or finding a DVC owner to rent DVC Aulani? We would love to plan a trip to Aulani in the future. Thanks!


TUG Review Crew: Expert
TUG Member
Jun 4, 2010
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Mansfield, TX
Resorts Owned
Palace View Branson (4 Lockouts), Grandview (Points), CMV (UDI), DVC (SSR 25)
You're going to be spending a ton of money upfront. Don't neglect to factor that into your cost calculations. Many people just look at their MFs and think "320 points at $6 each -- it just costs me $2k to stay there a week", without considering the sizable opportunity cost (and/or financing cost) of the $30-40k the spent on the points.

One of my wife's big concerns is losing HHonors Gold status and Elite status. How much consideration should those be given in this decision process?
If you have the Hilton Amex credit card, you can pretty easily obtain HHonors Gold status w/ $20K annual purchases. With the Surpass Hilton Amex ($65 yearly fee), you can obtain Diamond status w/ $40K annual purchases.
Exactly right, and what I was going to suggest. That's how I earn my Diamond status.

You can also earn status through stays (or nights). Gold is 16 stays or 36 nights. Diamond is 28 stays or 60 nights. Award stays count, too.

FWIW, I wouldn't value elite status (especially Gold) all that much, depending on where you stay. If you stay at Hampton Inns or Embassy Suites, the benefits are pretty much worthless (because everyone already gets breakfast and there usually aren't any rooms to be upgraded to). As an elite member, my favorite Hilton brand is Hilton Garden Inn, where status gets me a good, free breakfast. Upgrades aren't all that common domestically, but most international travelers have good success.

Reading this thread, I sure am glad I have the flexibility to travel in the off season. My cost to exchange into a 2BR DVC unit or a 2BR HHV Lagoon View unit is a fraction of what the maintenance fees would be. Plus, I've seen what airfare to Hawaii costs close to Christmas. Yikes.


TUG Review Crew
TUG Member
Jun 17, 2010
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Huntington Beach, CA
Resorts Owned
HGVC King's Land 2BR Premier 23.040K Points.
I would not give up Elite considering what you paid to get it, soak up all the perks you can. There may be an Aulani owner that would like to try HGVC and do a trade.


TUG Review Crew: Veteran
TUG Member
Jun 6, 2008
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HGVC SeaWorld x 2, HGVC Las Vegas Strip x 2, MVC Mountain Valley Lodge, MVC Legend’s Edge
I am really intrigued by the widely divergent opinions expressed on this thread. Everyone has made very good points and I respect all the opinions posted previously. Here are my two cents:

I think it would not be in the OPs best interest to sell HHV resale inorder to purchase DVC direct from the developer. I think it would be much better financially to continue trading via RCI using HGVC points. If the OP wants additional weeks, I think it would be far superior to purchase DVC resale or another HGVC resale.


TUG Member
Jan 15, 2009
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H-Town, The Republic of Texas
I'll throw in another idea: purchase another timeshare from an alternate company that has resorts in HI, e.g. Marriott or Diamond (DRI). I'll admit I don't know a lot about Marriott other than they have a few HI resorts to choose from. I own several DRI units and a few years ago converted my deeded units into THE Club points for < $3000. This has allowed me to trade for many years with DRI resorts, including two pretty nice ones on Kauai and Maui. I see DRI as a nice compliment to my HGVC Points since HGVC concentrates on Oahu and The Big Island. You can get DRI units pretty cheap and the key is to buy a deeded week with them and not direct points as the MFs on those go up too fast. One can buy a DRI Las Vegas unit for practically nothing and they have reasonable MFs, compared to HI units. Here's an example of one for sale:

You can probably find similar deals on TUGs BB as well. If you were in The Club, a unit like this (Polo Towers) would get you 7-10 days in a 2BR unit on Kauai when traded via points. Best of luck in your decision.