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Seating code to determine availability


TUG Member
Jun 14, 2005
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When I use a website that tells me the number of seats left on a flight, it has various letters and then numbers by the letters. Is there a place that would tell me what the letters mean. I know F3 would mean 3 seats are available in first class. But, what is Y, B, M, A, H Q, etc.? BTW, I am flying on Delta if that is necessary to know to answer this question. Thanks so much for your help. (I'm trying to figure out the likelihood of being bumped.)


TUG Member
Jun 6, 2005
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Central California
Try Bumptracker

My personal opinion is that, if you're asking, you won't get VDB'd.

Best advice is to be prepared with what you want and what you'll take and how long you want to delay....and not having checked bags is a plus.

For a singular tutorial, read this thread on FlyerTalk, and pay special attention to posts by "JerryCrump". You'll see why I made the comment I did at the top.

Good luck!