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Rescinding Bluegreen Purchase

Jun 30, 2016
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Greetings -

Mark me down as another person happy to find TUG in time. :D I am in the process of rescinding a Bluegreen timeshare purchase of 7000 points EOY including charter benefits for 10K. Any reason not too? (Edit: to note that the specific resort for this offer was Bluegreen at TradeWinds)

I made a developer purchase almost 16 years ago now at Palm Beach Shores through RCI. We use the heck out of that week, but I promised myself not to do that again. Made it through many, many sale presentations to get the free goodies without pulling the trigger over subsequent years, but this one sold us. Our one issue is a typical problem for families in locations void of greater 'choices and options' in closer proximity to our residence during peak season. My spouse is a teacher, which helps flexibility, but we're still tied to the school calendar for travel. Options a plenty for us in Florida (which we're doing next month) or Gatlinburg/Shenandoah Valley/Branson/Poconos for a shorter/full day drive with some advanced planning. However, finding a place at Boyne Mountain (or any Michigan locale) during the summer, which is only a 2 hour drive for us, has proven difficult if trading a full week through RCI. Thus, this sales presentation found a weak spot, selling us on the flexibility that the charter membership can offer with the ability of using Bonus Time to make shorter trips to Boyne and have more options through Bluegreen.

For those interested, the original offer was 20,000 points every year for 40K (ugh, choke). They came back with a second offer (don't remember the exact details), but something like 12,000 for 20K. Finally, the offer for 7,000 EOY for 10K, packaged with an Extra Vacations Getaway week through RCI and a round trip airline certificate for up to 2 coach-class airfare tickets. It also included payment of the first year of maintenance fees (somewhere around $600?, interestingly listed nowhere that I can find now in my introductory package...grrr). I'm sure I am leaving out some other 'perk', but that is the nuts and bolts.

A couple of questions for those familiar with Bluegreen...

* I compared my offer with the Pinnacle site and noted that this offer is in line with the Price per point resale offers on pinnacle. Ex: pinnacle is currently selling 7000 points EOY with charter benefits for $9100. Including cost of transfer and closing, that puts it in the ballpark of $10000. This seems to be a more recent trend (?), as advice in recent years suggested pinnacle was the way to go if looking for charter benefits with purchase.

* This could simply be my timing, but it appears that the price per point on resales that include charter benefits through pinnacle tend to increase as the number of points your purchasing decreases. I see the suggestion if you want points to be tied to charter benefits is to buy the lowest points possible to get entry, then add points through resale. Is the slight markup BG/Pinnacle's attempt to counter this?

* I guess I'm just not sure how to value the charter benefits without using it first. It seems this all comes down to whether you want charter benefits... Otherwise, just by cheaply through other resale means. How does it compare to the Last call/Extra Vacation offerings found on RCI. I imagine the flexibility of travelling without the commitment of a full week can be quite nice at times. Absent of the charter benefits, will my ability to trade into a place like Boyne through BG during the summer be just as difficult as through RCI? I find it tough to answer these questions without the ability to dive into the Bluegreen site and dig in to see what options would exist. I wish there was a trial period :(

Guess I need to keep a closer look out for resale and renting options if I want to go to places like Boyne or Hershey.

I'm sure I'll have more questions... and probably left some details out. Again, what a great site, thanks for saving me thousands. :whoopie:
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Dec 19, 2008
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There isn't going to be a lot of bonus time availability during prime time unless you create yourself by booking with points at 11 months and then cancelling during bonus time and then booking with bonus time.

Also fyi you do get bonus time on resale but only at the specific resort associated with your contract. If you are flexible within the summer time and book when the booking window opens up at 11 months you will be able to get time at Boyne.


Mar 24, 2006
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Welcome to TUG!

So glad you found us in time to save $10k!

cant wait to see how great your future vacations are with that much extra in the bank to spend on them! =)